Chapter 8 & 9



”Mom!!! Am dead… Am dead, am a good boy, ask my mom, everyone knows that Romeo is a good boy, ” Romeo added, he already reached the dead end

Jennifer stared at him for a while and closed her eyes, she opened her eyes after a few minutes and take it a deep breath

She turned around and went back to the door, opening it she exit the room, and shortly after she returns with cleaning equipment

”Jennifer, I think you should go, its past 6:00 pm, ” Mrs. Thomson said coming into the room

”Mom! Shes fired, ” Romeo suddenly shouted immediately he saw his mom

Mrs. Thomson raises a brow

”And why is that? ” She asked staring at him

”She nearly killed me, I told you not to hire her but you won listen, she … ”

”Take easy Romeo, today is her first day at work, with time you two will get along, ” Mrs. Thomson cut in

”That will never happen, she tried to murder me with a broken vase, did you even understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? I don like her! ” Romeo shouted

Jennifer didn say a single word, she just carried her cleaning equipment out after cleaning the room

”Romeo, I haven seen anything bad about her, shes just…. ”

”Mocking me cos I can walk, ” Romeo cut in angrily

He was so furious

”How dare she try to scare me? Who the h£ll did she think she is? This is my house and shes nothing but an employee, she answers to me not the other way round, ” Romeo shouted

”Romeo…. ”

”Don call me mom, I said I don like her, so shes fired, ” Romeo cut in angrily

”Well, thats not your decision to make, ” Mrs. Thomson said walking out

”Mom!! ” Romeo called

She opened the door only to see Jennifer standing there

”Maam, I should be going now, ” Jennifer said gently

Mrs. Thomson smiles lightly and nodded

”the driver will take you home? ” She asked gently

”No maam, thanks for your kindness, ” Jennifer replied and slightly bowed

”See you tomorrow then, don be late, ” Mrs. Thomson said and she nodded

She walked out of the house and released a deep breath

”will my life ever get better? ” she mumbled waiting for a taxi




”Where Is my baby? ” Jennifer asked immediately after she went in

”I will see him in court tomorrow, ” Ivan replied, he was standing while she went over to the couch

She sat on his couch, her hand on her chin

”Is there a problem? ” Ivan asked

”I haven heard from my brother, hes not home either, ” She muttered, she threw her head backward resting it on the wall behind

”He was arrested, ” Ivan replied and she sat up

”What? But why? What did he do? ” She panicked

”Will my life ever get better? I always tell him to avoid trouble, why would he be arrested, I don want his name to be in the police records, he won listen, ” She whimpered

”I could get him out this night, but you know the rules, ” Ivan said and winked at her

She glared at him and looked away

”Very well then, he will sleep there till when you ready, ” he replied, he was still standing

Jennifer didn say a single word

Many thoughts ran through her mind as tears started building up in her eyes, she blinked her eyes severally to avoid tears

Just then her phone rang and she checked to see an unknown number calling

She picked up instantly and Adrians voice came from the other end

The call lasted for a few seconds and she turned to Ivan with angry eyes

”You put my brother in jail so you could sleep with me again, ” She said, more like a question

”Jennifer listen….. ”

”I never wanted him to have that kind of record, I never wanted his name to be on the police records, this could ruin his future, ” Jennifer said and he kept quiet

”Of all the things you could do to me why him, why him Ivan? ” Jennifer shouted

”Your brother was furious, he nearly killed me, he punched my face, ” Ivan replied gently

”What did you do that made him furious? Adrian never fight anyone, what did you do Ivan? Do you think locking my brother up was gonna get me in bed with you again? I have been letting you use me anyhow you want but putting my brother in jail is the height of it, you couldn consider that you
e scrolling his sister, and you put him in jail, ” Jennifer shouted and stood up

Ivan Rushed after her

”Jenny, am sorry, we can talk this out, ” Ivan said and hold her hand

A hot slap landed on his cheeks instantly

”Touch me again and I will get you arrested for assault, after using me anyhow you want you still put my brother in jail, ” She said angrily

”The cops showered up during that time I wasn the one that called them, ” Ivan tried to explain

”You could have stopped them from taking him away, you could have done something but you just allow them to take him away, what did you even take me for? A human s£x robot, ” Jennifer snarled angrily

”No Jenny, I love you, I even wanted to propose here I brought a ring, ” Ivan said, he went over to his big table and brought out a diamond ring but she was already downstairs

”Jenny, please am sorry, we can go get him now, ” Ivan shouted going after her

e very senseless to think I will ever marry you, its over between us Ivan, this friendship has been broken, I don wanna see you near me again, ” she said and open the door and walked outside

”Jenny, we have been friends for a very long time, it shouldn end this way I love you, ” Ivan said and she stopped and looked at him

”You didn love me, you love my body, am filing a restraining order against you In case you don know, ” she added and left

”Jenny please, Im sorry, ” he shouted but she didn even look back

He watch as she stopped a cab and the taxi drove off



Jennifer get home and everywhere was empty, she went to the kitchen and looked around, she wasn hungry

A few hours ago she was starving but right now she lost everything, she found herself in Juniorprince room and she didn know when tears started rolling down her eyes

She went to her room and dropped her bag, no one was home with her, she checked Ariannas room and then Adrians room, it was as if the whole world was against her

She opened the door and ran out in tears, it was already 8: 45 pm but she didn care, she has no one left, all her loved ones were gone, she don even know how she was going to get Adrian back let alone Juniorprince

The thought that her baby will be adopted by another family and she will be forced to sign her signature is enough for her to be sad, she missed them so much

She ran into the garden park, many people were seen playing around, some were cuddling (coupls) and some were just taking

She sat on an empty bench as her tears flow freely down her eyes, someone offered her a handkerchief and she took it without looking at the persons face

She was blinded by tears

”At this point, I want to end it, I just want to make the time stop for me cos its as if am cursed, ” she suddenly said

The person kept quiet

”How can I be so unfortunate, my father died when he went to get a bracelet as a present for me cos I get all A+ in school, the store was robbed that same day and he was a victim, yes he died and my sister blame me for that, my mom was coming to pick me up from school cos I was feeling sick in the stomach and she ran into an accident and died, my sister blames me for that too, ” she sniffed and wiped her tears with the white handkerchief

”My sister was raped by this person I don even know and she blamed me for that, my little boy is with the government and its also my fault cos I couldn provide my sisters whereabouts, my little brother is in jail cos he fought someone I thought was my friend but little did I know that he was using me for his benefits, ” She didn know when she found herself explaining her life story to a stranger

”Why must it always be me? What did I always do wrong? I just feel like dying right now, ” She added and sniffed

The stranger kept quiet

”Have you ever….. ” She was about to say when she turned to the person and stopped

”Maverick! ” She called shocked

”Thats me, running lady, ” he replied gently

”Are you stalking me? ” she asked staring at him

”Nah, its the other way round, you
e stalking me, ” he replied and she frowned

”I was here when you came, so who is stalking who? ” He asked and she kept quiet and bite her lower lips

”Don do that again, ” Maverick said and she raise a brow

”What? ” Jennifer asked, she was clueless

”Nevermind, so are you ready to die? What kind of flowers did you like so I can bring them to your funeral, ” he asked and she bumped her shoulder into his

He chuckled softly

”Stop it, you should speak positively, ” Jennifer said, she pouted

”I told you don do that again, ” he said and she raise a brow

”What? ” She asked calmly

”Nevermind, ” He replied and his phone buzzed

He stood up

”Friends? ” He offered a handshake

”Uh, boss… ”

”You just called me Maverick a few minutes ago and now you
e calling me boss, what an actor, friends? ” he said still hanging his hand in mid-air

”Yes boss, ” she muttered

”Lets go its late, and its dangerous out here, ” Maverick said and grabbed her hand

Her eyes widen with her mouth wide open, he pulled her toward the limo that was parked in front of them

”Stop embarrassing me and get in before I spank your @$$, ” Maverick said and she blinked twice and gulped nothing

”My house is…. ”

”I already know your place, just stay calm, ” he cut in and she nodded and took in her lower lips

”F**k, ” Maverick cursed and looked out through the window



She gets down from the Limo and they Zoom off, she went Into their house, and shortly after Adrian came in

”Jennifer, ” He called and she glared at him

She ignored him and went over to the couch

”Jenny am sorry, please don be mad, ” Adrian said gently

”Now that you have a record in police custody I think you
e happy, congratulations! ” Jennifer said

”He was saying trash about you and I … ”

”Since when did you become a superman, Huh? If you badly wanted to fight why not fight with your books, A, B, A- B, thats what am seeing here, ” she said going through his note

”But… ”

”Shut up am still talking, ” she shunned and he kept quiet

”You think am being bossy by telling you not to get in trouble right? Jennifers bodyguard thats what you are right? ” She added

”He said…. ”

”I didn want to hear it, if you are tired of seeing his face and you don want him around me anymore then study hard and become useful, no, try and study hard and see if I will ever go to him for help, of all the things you could do, am disappointed, ” she said

”Am sorry, ” Adrian muttered sadly

”Not to me, apologize to Ivan, you punch him not me, ” she added

”Am never doing that, ” Adrian snapped

”Very well then, this conversation is over, ” She said going upstairs

”Jenny…. ”

She slammed her door at his face



”you have to see this, ” Shakira said, she walked into the room and Anita sat up

Stella went closer Shakira open her phone and showered them a picture of Maverick smiling at Jennifer at the garden park

”Wait, is this real or fake? ” Anita asked, she use her hand to fan herself cos she was sweating

”Its real, remember I told you that I had a date with Collins, we went to the garden park and thats where I saw them, I decided to take a picture as proof, ” Shakira explained

”That witch, I will devour her, ” Anita barked, she clenched her fist tightly gritting her teeth angrily

”Ahhhh, ” she let out a scream and scattered her hair

”How dare she? ” Stella said to no one in particular

”Am gonna kill her, that lowlife that doesn know where she belongs, ” Anita shouted

”We will deal with her tomorrow, ” Shakira said

”Yes, ” Stella added



Arianna walked into the company and the security let her in, she looked just like her sister and from her backside, one would think she was Jennifer

Jennifer was about to go and tidy up her bosss office when she saw Arianna she dropped her cleaning equipment and went to her

”Ari, why didn you come home last night? I was so worried, did you eat dinner? What about this morning have you taken breakfast, hope you
e going to school and didn miss any class, okay? ”Jennifer said all in one word

Arianna squeeze her face and clapped her hands together

”So what are you now? Mom? ” Arianna said in a mockery tone

Jennifer kept quiet

”Anyway, I came to tell you that your childs doctor called, and he said you should go and meet him, and I also saw Ivan, I don know whats wrong with you two but keep him off my line cos I won think twice before wasting him, ” Arianna said and turn to leave

”Ari, wait, ” Jennifer shouted and she stopped

She forgets her phone at home that must have been why the doctor called Arianna

”What now? Huh, are you gonna lock me up? Mother, ” Arianna said in a mockery tone and Jennifer gulped nothing

”I just want to know if you have eaten anything, here buy some food, ” Jennifer brings out a few dollars from the pocket of her trousers and gives it to her

Arianna grabbed the money roughly and hissed

”$5000, are you expecting me to say thank you or what? ” Arianna hissed and rolled her eyes

”Make sure you eat, don spend it all on….. ”

”Hey… Hey, hold it right there, what are you? Mom, Huh? Not like you gave me a million dollars so keep it cool, ” Arianna said rudely and turn around to leave only for a slap to land on her cheeks instantly

It came be from Anita who was blinded with rage thinking that Arianna was Jennifer

Jennifers jaw dropped, she looked at Arianna whose cheeks were red, and back to Anita who was waiting for her

”you slap the wrong person, ” Shakira whispered

”Do I look like I give a f**k? ” Anitas rolled her eyes

”They look identical from behind, I thought she was Jennifer at first till I stare closely, ” Stella said

Arianna touched her cheeks and gently put the money in her pocket, Jennifer understood instantly

”Ari please, just let them be, ” Jennifer pleaded

”What are you doing? Begging her! ” Anitas scoffed

”When am done with you….. ” A loud thunderous slap landed on Anitas cheeks instantly and she staggered back

Arianna grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her closer slapping her again, Arianna spin her around and slapped her again

Shakira and Stella shifted backward

”this slap has a surname, ” Stella mumbled

”Nah, it has a username, ” Shakira whispered

Arianna slapped her hard across the face again and Anita spin around, her hands spread apart as she tries to hold onto something or someone for support

”My ears are blocked, I need a hearing aid, ” Anita said tapping her ears

”I can hear, I need a hearing aid, ” Anita added, her head spinning as she turned around in cycle

Arianna fold her long sleeve shirt and Jennifer went in front of her

”Ari, please thats enough, ” Jennifer said

”Go ask of me in Cornell, the most popular school in New York, ” Arianna said and turned to Anita who was still spinning around

”When am done with you, you will Google for a supernatural hearing aid, ” Arianna said going toward Anita

”Oh no, shes gonna kill her, ” Jennifer muttered



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