( They are gonna tear her apart )





”911 whats your emergency? ” The woman who seem to be in her 30s asked

”Mommy is sleeping, no matter how I call her….. she won wake up, ” Came a little boys voice from the other end

”Alright, whats your name sweetie? ” The 911 operator asked Softly

”Juniorprince, ” He replied

”Where are you calling from? ” The 911 operator asked again

”New York … New York, ” he replied gently

”New York, ” the 911 operator mumbled

She wave at the person behind her and the person went closer

”That seems like a kid, ” the person she Wave at said

”Yeah, ” she replied, her hand working on the system as she tracks his location

”What are you waiting for, send a unit to their place, ” the other person said and she nodded

”Found his location but I still need to find his house, there are many buildings around that area, I need an insight, ” she said and the other person nodded

”How old are you sweetie? ” The 911 operator asked calmly

”Two years old, ” Juniorprince replied

They could hear his laughter from the other end

”Alright, did you see anything outside your house, we are trying to locate you? ” 911 operator asked

He kept quiet

They exchange glances

”How will a two-year-old kid give you the information that you need, he has already tried calling 911, ” another 911 operator said

”Tracking his IP address, ” the 911 operator said

”Sweetie, did you see anything, like steps, tree? Did you have a bicycle? Or anything, ” the 911 operator asked

”Momma said, climb one and count one, climb two and count two, ” he said and laughed

e doing good, did your mom….. ”

”Found him, ” the other person cut in



Arianna already left after pushing Jennifer down, she took the money and left without even bothering to call for help

”Anybody home, ” A female voice came from outside as another person knocked gently on the door

Juniorprince gently open the door slowly and peeped, the chain holding the door didn allow him to open it properly and his hand couldn reach it

”We are the police, you called us, ” the female officer said and he ran back to Jennifer who was still unconscious

”Momma… Momma wake up, the police are here, ” he said shaking her leg with his tiny hands

The cops already opened the door and came in

”Come here sweetie, ” the female officer carried him as the others took Jennifer out

”What happened? ” The female officer asked gently

”Momma and Arianna were fighting about… About….. About, ” he thrilled off not knowing what to say again

”You are doing great sweetie, how did you call 911, ” the female officer asked

He giggled

”Momma always says, call 911, ” he said giggling

”What a cute kid, ” the officer mumbled

They already contacted Adrian and it wasn long before he arrived, he checked the house but they were already gone so he had to go over to the station and get Juniorprince



Jennifer opened her eyes and slowly looked around, the memory of what happened yesterday came running into her head

Tears build up in her eyes instantly

”Momma, ” she heard Juniorprinces voice and quickly wipe her tears with the back of her palm

”Baby, ” she called, Adrian dropped him on the bed and hugged her tightly

”Jenny, what happened? ” Adrian asked

”Its nothing, am fine now, ” she replied, and just then two cops walked into the ward

”I Am detective Collins and this is my partner detective Roger, ” the first person who happens to be a man said

He pointed at his partner and Jennifer nodded

”We just want to ask a few questions, ” detective Roger said, she goes by her surname

”I had a little misunderstanding with my sister thats all, ” Jennifer replied simply

”Mind telling us how you ended up falling? ” Detective Collins asked

”I just told you, ” Jennifer replied

”Listen we just want to help, ” detective Roger said gently

”There is no way am sending my sister to jail so give it up cos we are done talking, ” Jennifer replied

”I understand you trying to look out for your sister but there are certain things you need to consider…. ”

”You mean like sending her to jail? Thats the last thing I would ever think of, ” Jennifer cut in

”Jenny, ” Adrian called

”Shut up Adrian, there is no way am giving my testimony so that they could use it against Arianna, am never doing that, ” Jennifer said gently

”Your son already consented, ” Detective Collins said staring at her

”Hes just two, am the victim here and what I say stands not what he says, hes just a toddler and won be counted as a witness so give it up, ” Jennifer said and they nodded

”Then you leave us with no other choice, ” Detective Roger said

”Whats that supposed to mean? ” Adrian asked confused

Almost immediately a woman walked into the ward

”I Am Courtney, a social worker, am here for him, ” she said and went over to Jennifer on the bed

”Come sweetie, ” she said and Carried Juniorprince

”Where are you taking him, ” Adrian asked

Jennifer sat up instantly

”We can entrust the sefety of this child in your hands, ” she replied

”You can do that, you can take him away from me, ” Jennifer shouted already on her feet

”I feed him well, he goes to school, I pay his medical bills, I make sure he doesn cry, I took good care of him as I should, am a good mother, ” Jennifer shouted tears rolling down her eyes

”He has been exposed to Viol£nce and am afraid keeping him with you might endanger his life, he needs the care and protection of the government, ” she replied walking away

”Momma… Momma, ” Juniorprince called as they carried him out

”Youve got to do something, they can take my boy away, please, ” Jennifer pleaded, staring at the detectives

”Tell us what….. ”

”Am never putting my sister behind bars, ” she snapped and get down from the bed

She walked out of the hospital angrily and Adrian followed her



”Jenny, ” Ivan called immediately after he saw her

”Ivan they took my baby, you need to bring him back, ” she said worriedly

Adrian had already gone home to prepare for school

”Who? What are you talking about, ” He asked staring at her with a confused expression

”The government, you know am a good mother right? I did everything to keep him self, I love my baby, you have to get him please, ” she said pacing around

He went over and hold her hand then he dragged her to a chair

”Seat down and tell me what happened, ” he said and she cleared her throat

”Arianna got viol£nce and pushed me, I know she didn mean to but she did anyway and now they took my boy saying they can entrust his safety in my hands, ” she explain and stood up

”Social worker, ” Even muttered and she nodded

”Sure, I will go get him but, ” he went behind her back

She looked at him as he put his hand on her chest and slide down to her b**bs

She quickly stood you and pushed him back

”Ivan can you ever do anything for me without asking for s£x? Hes just a toddler! Do you have to sleep with me to get him out, ” Jennifer asked and he shrugged

”Am fighting child support, this is a serious case, ” Ivan said and went back to his desk

”Ivan, please, ” Jennifer pleaded gently

”The more you wait the more time we waste, he might be transferred, and it will take days to get him back, ” Ivan said and she kept quiet

”Are you doing or not? ” Ivan added staring at her

She gulped nothing

”Very well then, see you when you
e ready, ” he added and stood up

”Okay, am ready but not here please, ” Jennifer suddenly shouted and he raised a brow

Ivan chuckled

”Good girl, I want it here now or never, ” he muttered and went behind her again

Jennifer closed her eyes as she felt his hand under her blouse, he unhook her bra and she gulped nothing fighting back tears

”I could f**k you all day without getting tired, you
e just… ”

”Stop the dirty talks and get it done with, and go get my boy, ” Jennifer interrupted rudely

He hold her face and tried kissing her but she quickly shift her head away

”Why can you just kiss me? ” Ivan asked and she didn say anything

his right hand pressing her b**bs and his left hand caressing her thighs, he suddenly shove her pants aside and pushed in a finger in her honeypot


1:02 PM


Jennifer ran into the compound panting heavily, she entered the mansion to see Romeo waiting for her by the door

”First day, first late, ” Romeo muttered staring at her

She kept quiet, her head down

He scanned her body from head to toe and frowned

”What are you are wearing? What do you think is your job here? Do you think you are working for a granny monkey? ” Romeo asked rudely

”Am sorry sir, traffic ran….. ”

”Into you, ” Romeo cut in

She gulped nothing

”Traffic ran into you thats what it should be, look at her, over yeast bread, ” he said and she looked at him

”Am sorry sir but am not fat and am not a bread, ” Jennifer said gently her head down

”Then what are you….. ”

”Jennifer, ” Mrs. Thomsons voice came from behind

”Hi, maam, good day, ” she greeted, her head down

”Common in, ” Mrs. Thomson said and ushered her in



4:50 PM ⭐

”Is Jennifer back? ” Ivan asked immediately Adrian opened the door

Adrian glared hatefully at him and hissed, he made to slam the door but Ivan blocked it with his leg

”I just want to deliver a message, ” Ivan said and Adrian pushed him back

”Stay away from my sister, ” Adrian shouted at his face and Ivan laughed

”Whats funny, huh? ” Adrian asked

He folds his fist tightly

Ivan brought out his phone and scroll through his gallery, he stopped at Jennifers picture and turn it to Adrian

”Look at this, ” he said showing it to Adrian

”Get that off my face, ” Adrian snapped, he made to hit the phone down but Ivan quickly withdraw his hand

”Chill dude, just look at it again, look at it as a man, not as a brother, ” he said showing him the picture

Adrian looked at him and frowned

”Whats this? ” He asked

”Tell me the truth, if shes not your sister, will you stay away from her? Look at her back view, look at the front view, shes pretty too, am sorry bro but staying away from your sister is what I can do… Shes danm hot, you know what I mean? Shes super…. ” A punch landed on his mouth instantly bursting his lips

Ivan laughed and shifted back but Adrian pounced at him

”Son of a b*tch, stay away from my sister, ” Adrian shouted sending punches to his face, Ivan covered his face with his hands and bent his head low

”If you talk sh*t about my sister am going to kill you, stay away from her, you can have Arianna all to yourself but Leave Jennifer alone, ” Adrian shouted still punching him

The cops showered up and pulled them apart, they handcuffed Adrian and take him to the car while Ivan adjust his clothes

”Sir, are you alright? ” A cop asked

The neighbors called the cops

”Yeah am fine, can I talk to the kid, ” Ivan asked the cop nodded

He went over to Ivan in the car

”You just add another day for me, I will f**k her senseless this evening for your sake, thanks bro, ” Ivan said and grinned

”You worm, I will kill you, am gonna kill you just watch me, stupid, ” Adrian yelled, he tried getting down from the car but they hold him down

The cops Zoom off



”Jennifer! ” Romeo yelled loudly

She came running into the room

”Sir, ”

”How dare you give me a hot coffee, did you want to kill me? Huh? ” Romeo ranted angrily

”Am sorry sir, ” she muttered and left with the coffee

Shortly she returned with another cup of coffee

Romeo sips a little and spits it out

”Its too cold, are you trying to kill or poison me, ” Romeo shouted

”Am sorry sir ” She muttered and left

She returned with a warm coffee and gently placed it on the table

Romeo took and sip from it

”Sugar, ” he squeezes his face and spits it out

She left and return with another cup of coffee

”Ahhh, you should have said that you can find milk anywhere in this house, there is no milk, ” Romeo shouted and throw the coffee at her

She flinched in fear as the cup crashed on the wall beside her

She gulped nothing as tears build up in the corner of her eyes

”What happened? ” Mrs. Thomson rushed in immediately

”What happened is that I don like her, shes trying to poison me, ” Romeo shouted rudely

Mrs. Thomson looked at Jennifer and then back at Romeo

”Jenny are you alright? ” She asked after seeing the broken cup beside her

”Am fine maam, he didn mean to, am sorry sir, ” she apologize and hurriedly left

”Romeo, what has the innocent girl done to you, you could have wound her, how could you throw a hot coffee at her, ” Mrs. Thomson asked

”I don like her, this was all your idea, not mine, ” Romeo snapped rudely

”Throwing hot coffee at her is out of it, ” Mrs. Thomson shunned and he rolled his eyes

”Take her back, I don like her, ” Romeo rolled his eyes

Shortly Jennifer return with learning equipment, she started cleaning all the mess and it wasn long before she finished

Mrs. Thomson left already, she took out the trash and return to asked him if he need anything

”Sir am…. ” She stopped when she came back into the room to see everywhere scattered

She looked at Romeo and then at the floor, her blood dry instantly

He has been sending her around since she came and now he scattered the whole with pieces of paper, Broken frames, turn clothes, water spry, a broken vase

She folds her fist tightly gritting her teeth

”What are you standing there doing, get to work, ” Romeo shouted at her Rudely

She turned around instantly

”Where did you think you
e going? Come back here, ” Romeo yelled, one would think hes going crazy

She walked over to the door

”I said, come back….. ” The rest were stuck in his mouth when she locked the door

The room is soundproof, his mother won come running to him cos she won hear him, she came the other time cos the door was open

Jennifer started walking towards him and she rolled his wheelchair back a little

”Where are you going? ” He asked and furrowed his brow

She ignored him, her fist fold tightly

”Jennifer listen…. ” He stopped when she picked up a broken vase

”Mom! Mom!! Jennifer listen I use to be a good boy you can asked my mom, ” he said rolling his wheelchair backward

”Mom!!! ” Romeo screamed out his lungs

Her face was blank

”Jennifer you can ask my mom, I use to be a good boy, I don like trouble, I can do anything, ask my mom, ” He didn know when the words left his mouth

She didn say a single word

She hold the broke frame tightly still going towards him, her face was strong and he could hear the clapping sounds of her teeth

She was looking all dangerous

”Mom!!! Am dead… Am dead, am a good boy, ask my mom, everyone knows that Romeo is a good boy…..


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