( They are gonna tear her apart )



Arianna could be seen in a car at the school gate

”F**k ” the guy groans and pulled out his d*ck from her

She fixed her clothes and opened her palms, the guy put some money in it and she made to open the door but he Locks it

”Easy pretty, can I get your snap, we could get to know each other, ” he said and she scoffed

e not my type, ” she replied rudely and he raised a brow

”We… We just had s*x a few seconds ago, ” he replied and she nodded

”Thats exactly my point, ” she replied, she made to open the door but it was still locked

”What do you mean? ” He asked staring at her

”If you were my type I wouldn have f**k you, in here… In this car, your first and last name doesn ring a bell, look at your shoes, look at your clothes, looked at your bank account, it doesn have more than $1,520,000, you
e probably here to hunt for a job, I f**ked you because I wanted to, you have fun, I have fun, life goes on. now open this danm door before my boys will blind you, ” Arianna said and the guy was glaring at her

”How did you know how much I have in my account, ” he asked, someone, knocked on the window from outside

The guy looked outside to see a group of boys staring at them

e dealing with the queen of the boys, open the danm door if you don want to go blind, ” she shouted at him and he opened it immediately

”It was nice f**king with you, ” she said and left

”What is she? ” The guy wondered staring at them as they walked into the school


”Have you paid tax? ” A bully asked a new guy

”What tax? ” The guy replied

”You don know what tax means, huh? ” Another bully said and slapped him

”Guys, Professor Williams is coming, ” Arianna said from the stairs and they left the boy instantly

She came down and walked up to him

”Whats the name, ” she asked and cross her hand around his neck

”Johnny Johnson, ” he replied

”Whats a cycle, ” Arianna said and he chuckled

”Thank you for saving me from those guys, ” Johnny said and she ruffles his hair

”When you hear of the queen, who are we talking about? ” someone shouted from behind

They stopped and Johnny looked back

”Ariannnnnnna!!!! ” Many voices came from behind as two hands carried her up

She goes with boys, you can only see her around a girl if one of her boys likes someone then she will make way for him

”Guys… Guys… Put me down, ” she shouted and they dropped her instantly

”Who are all these people? ” Johnny asked staring at them

”My buddies, ” she replied

”We have a new member and his name is Johnny, and Johnny this is Thor, Garrett, Blaze, Mateo, and Oliver, ” Arianna said pointing at them one after another as she mentioned their names

”Nice meeting you guys, ” Johnson said gently

”As far as you
e with the queen, you are highly welcomed, ” Oliver said and Arianna smiles lightly

She can only smile at school but at home, shes a tiger



Jennifer carried her cleaning equipment into the CEOs office, thats where she was assigned to clean, she dropped it and started cleaning immediately

Shortly Maverick came in and that was when she bent down packing out the chips and leftovers under his table

Her knees on the floor, her @ss upward facing him, her back bent low

Maverick just stood there watching her without saying a word, its been said that no one goes Into his office without being f**ked

not all the employees go into his office, he doesn care if you
e a grown woman or not, just avoid going near his office

Jennifer finished cleaning under his table and turned around only to see Maverick staring at her @ss

”Sir, am so sorry for coming late, traffic ran over me, pardon me please, it won happen again. I will just finish it off and left, ” She said all in one word, and he stared closely at her

”The running girl from yesterday, what are you doing in my office? ” He asked, his hand fixed in his trousers pocket

”Why will he remember that, I thought he has already forgotten it, ” Jennifer thought silently

”I remember asking a question, how come I have never seen you if you
e one of my employees and what are you doing here if you
e not? ” He asked and went closer

She shifted backward

”Sir I…. ”

”You can go, get someone else to clean from where you stopped, ” he cut in and she nodded

She carried her equipment and went over to the door only to open it and come face-to-face with Anita at the door

Anitas blood run dry as Jennifer walked past her, she brings out her phone and dialed a number


Jennifer was packing her things to leave cos she still has to go over to the Thomsons mansion when Anita and her two friends came in

”Look at her, the same person I warned never to go near Maverick, ” Anita said rudely

”So you can follow a simple order? ” Shakira asked glaring dangerously at her

”But maam….. ” A loud slap landed on her left cheek instantly shutting her up

”How dare you try to snatch away whats not yours? ” Anita added, pushing Jennifer and she falls back onto a chair

”I will show you what happens to people that never listen, slut, ” Stella said, she brings out a powder container and emptied everything on Jennifers head

Anita opened a bottle of wine and pour it on her head also

Jennifer just sat there as they drained her, tears fighting their way out from her eyes

”Stay away from the eyes of Maverick, ” Shakira said and dragged her out from the chair pushing her down

She falls heavily hurting her knees

They all grabbed a bottle of wine from their bags and started pouring it into her hair while laughing

”You have been baptized, ” Anita added and laughed loudly

”what the h£ll are you many @ss doing…..


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