( They are gonna tear her apart )

Chapter 16 & 17



Maverick took a step forward and Ivan also did the same, they continue moving closer to each other

Ivan suddenly raised his hand and the whip in his hand went backward, he lashed it at Maverick but almost immediately Maverick lashed his own at Ivan, and the two whips tangled together

Ivan Smirked evily

With a swift move the whip left his hand, Ivan looked at his hand and then at Maverick to see him holding the two whips

His jaw dropped, like what the h*ll just happened? He was holding the whip right now and it tangled with Mavericks own but how he took it from him was what he can explain

”You attacked me first remember, ” Maverick said, he dropped the other whip on the floor and Ivan made to rush toward it but Maverick leashed his whip at him

It cut through his white shirt giving him a cut on his body as blood found its way out, Ivan couldn Cry, he couldn keep quiet either

It was as if his brain has been restored cos the Whip touched his inner spirit, he was still bending down so he slowly lifted his head and looked at Maverick who was waiting for him

He slowly stood up and almost immediately another whip landed on his back and he went back to his knees, the whip cut through his clothes again as blood gushed out

”Wait first, let me get…. ” Ivan was still saying when another whip landed on his back

”Argh!!! ” He cried out in agonizing

Maverick lashes at him again without delay

”Argh!! ”

”What… Why not fight me like a man, ” Ivan shouted as the Whip lands on his body

His body was on fire

”Very well then, ” Maverick replied, and one of his boys came forward

They took the whip away and Ivan stood on his feet with fire in his eyes

”Son of a bitch, ” Ivan snarled and threw a punch at Maverick but he dodge it

He threw another punch and Maverick dodged it, Ivan made to punch his jaw and Maverick shifted by the side and his hand flew past his ear

Ivan gritted his teeth angrily and made to punch his stomach but Maverick took in his belly, his two hands forward as he dragged himself backward

”Cmon, fight me!!! ” Ivan yelled

Maverick chuckled

”I don fight, ” he replied gently

Ivan kick his legs but Maverick jumped up and his leg passed over, Ivan suddenly became angry and started sending punches to his face and Maverick kept dodging with

None of his punches get to him, Ivan bent down resting his hands on his knees as he tries to catch his breath

There is nothing as useless as trying to punch someone but you kept missing, it will exhaust your straight and energy

”Are you done? ” Maverick tapped his back

Ivan didn say a word as he tried to catch his breath

”I will take that as a yes, my turn then, ” Maverick said

Ivan looked up to know what he was talking about Only to receive an unexpected uppercut which took his two feet off the ground

He flew up and falls heavily back down

”Argh!! ” He spits out blood

”I told you Maverick don fight but you wanted me to, ” Maverick dragged him up by his collar and punch his face

His nose busted

Maverick slapped him hard across his face and his head spun, Ivan started seeing double as he tried to maintain his balance

”You touched the wrong woman, f**king with my friend means f**king with me, ” Maverick said

He took a few steps towards Ivan who was groaning in pain on the floor and Ivan shifted backward

Getting closer Maverick grabbed his collar and started sending punches to his face

”Argh!! ” Ivans crying voice covered the whole place

his face was damaged by punches

”I can just kill you right here, right now, ” Maverick said, he pulled out a gun straight to Ivans head

Ivan who was already lifeless didn say a single word

Maverick withdraw his gun and put it back in his trousers pocket, he looked at his boys

”The whip, ” he said, his voice alone shows that he was angry

Thats it, he has always avoided getting angry, the last time he got angry it cost him a lot of pain, he lost someone important to him, and right now he wishes that person would be Jennifer

He started lashing the Whip at Ivan giving him deep cuts all over his body, images started running through his mind as he whip Ivan endlessly


”I will find you and I will kill you, ” the person muttered weakly

”How sure are you that you will find me? ” Maverick asked and chuckled

The person looked weak and was dying

”Why me? Just tell me why? ” The person asked

He went closer to the person, they were just a few inches apart

”It is what it is so deal with it? ” He replied and chuckled

He could hear the clapping sounds of the persons teeth but he didn care, after all, he did what he has to do

”I will find you, even if it takes me years and I will slite your throat and kill you in cold blood, ” Was the last thing the person said and everything went black

Maverick was about to leave when his phone buzzed, he picked up instantly

”Boss, you got the wrong person, our target is right here with us, ” One of his boys said over the phone

He looked at the lifeless person on the floor and his phone falls from him, he took a few steps towards the person but he started hearing footsteps

It was dark, so he didn have a clear view of the persons face, he left through the back door


”Argh!!! ” Maverick yelled, his vein popping out

He dropped the whip and staggered back, he looked at Jennifers door

”Are you the one Im looking for? ” He asked he fixed his gaze on her door

One of his boys came up to him

”Boss, hes dying, should we finish him off? ” The guard asked and with a swift move Maverick grabbed his neck and thew him away

He was once a gambler after he mistook his victims for another person he hasn been himself, he has been looking for his victim but it seems like a mission impossible

Maverick was feared by everyone around him but since he encounter this anonymous, everything took a different turn for him

”Boss, ” another guard called gently

”Take him to the hospital, ” he replied going over to the Limo with a straight face

The guard went over to Ivan who was hardly breathing cos of the whipping, they carried him to his car and Zoomed off



”Jenny, you promise to get PS5 its not fair, ” Adrian said and pouted

”I also need to buy baby food, right Honey? ” She said and Juniorprince giggled

Adrian frowned

”I have been waiting for it all my life, ” Adrian muttered and she chuckled

”My baby needs food, ” She replied and Adrian rolled his eyes

She laughed loudly and Adrian started walking away

”Adrian, are you walking out on me? Thats an offense, ” she shouted, one would think they were the only ones in the store

He ignored her and walked away, she laughed and called an attendant over

”How may I help you, maam? ” The attendant asked and she pointed at the PS5

”Can you help me get that, please, ” she said and the person who happens to be a guy nodded

”Yes maam, ” he said and carried it down

They walked over to the counter, she brought out her purse but someone took it from behind

She looked back to see Anita and her friends staring at her

”Well… Well, look who we have here, the low life and a baby, ” Anitas said in a mock tone

”How pitiful, ” Shakira added

Jennifer kept quiet

”Move away trash, ” Anitas said and pushed her out of the way, throwing her purse away

Jennifer kept quiet, she shifted without saying a single word and picked up her purse

”Momma, ” Juniorprince tapped her shoulder and pointed at a toy

She gently dropped him and he ran over to the toy, he grabbed it and was about to go back when Shakira knowingly pushed him down

”Move away, virus, ” Shakira said rudely

”Momma, ” he Cried out, tears rolling down his eyes

Jennifer finally lost it, she walked over to him and carried him up

”Are you hurt? ” She asked and he nodded

”Am sorry, okay, ” she said and he nodded

She walked over to the shop attendant

”Can I keep him here for five minutes? ” She asked and the attendant smiles widely

”Sure maam, ” he replied and she nodded

”I will be back alright, ” she said and Juniorprince nodded

Anita and her friends were about to go out from the shore after getting what they need when Jennifer suddenly pulled Shakira by her hair

”Ouch… Argh!! ” She winched in pain

Anita and Stella stopped and looked back, their eyes widen when they saw Jennifer and Anita take a few steps forward

”Are you high? ” Anita asked but a thunderous slap shut her up

Stella moved backward

Jennifer closed the store door and took a mob stick that was for sale

”I will buy this when am done here, ” she said to the store owners who were watching, and without a second thought she hit Shakira with it

Shakira was still trying to rearrange her hair that was scattered all over her face when she felt a sharp pain in her back

”Holysh*t, ” she shouted and looked back only to see Jennifer with a mod stick

She made to run but a glare from Jennifer made her stop

Anita used that opportunity and ran out, Jennifer didn bother much about her, she focus more on Shakira who pushed her baby down

”Argh!!! ”

”Ouch!! ”

”My head!! ”

”Arghhhh!!? ” Shakira screamed out loud as Jennifer dealt with her

The security came running to them

”Maam, you need to drop that stick, ” one of the security said

Jennifer looked at it

”I already bought it but I haven paid, but don worry I will pay once am done here, ” she replied and hit the stick on Shakiras head

”Maam listen to me, you have to drop that stick, ” another officer said and Jennifer shook her head

”How dare she touch my baby? What Right did she have to touch my baby, ” Jennifer asked, she hit Shakira again

”Jenny, what are you doing? ” Adrian asked from nowhere

He went over and took the mob stick from her then he turned to Shakira whose body has turned red

e lucky today, ” Jennifer said and walked over to the shop attendant

She paid for all the things they bought and left

”What just happened? ” Adrian who was behind wondered staring at her

Like Jennifer never fight, and she hate fighting, He didn know why she get involved in a public fight




Ricky and Stacey were inside a

Their room when a guy walks in

”Boss, you sent for us, ” a guy walked into the room and said

”Put up that envelope, I want that person dead by midnight, ” Ricky said

The guy pick up the big brown envelope and opened it, he furrow his brow and looked at his boss

”The little boy? ” He asked, Ricky threw a combat knife at him but he ducked it

”Get out senseless idiot, all the information you need is there, ” Stacey yelled

He nodded

”Roger that boss, ” he said and left instantly

”These Boys are becoming useless these days, ” Stacey said angrily

” I trust Stone, the boy is going down tonight, ” Ricky said and Stacey rolled her eyes

”He better do it, I don need a story, I want Romeo and everything that has to do with him down, ” Stacey added and a figure Walked into the room

Stacey stood up and walked over to the person who happens to be a man, getting close she slapped him hard across his face instantly and he was forced to hold his burning cheeks

”How stupid are you to become a doctor? ” Stacey yelled at him

”Am paying you enough money to eliminate Romeo, why is it so hard for you to do? ” Ricky asked and stood

The person who happens to be a doctor started shaking with fear

”I heard your daughter just got into college, ” Ricky chuckled

”Sir, please don hurt my family, ” the man pleaded

”Whats still keeping Romeo alive? You could have killed him, ” Stacey asked and slapped him again

”I need to take it one step at a time, hes already at the edge of giving up, I will make him go crazy, anything you want please doesn kill my family, ” The Dr pleaded

”Very well then, ” Ricky muttered



1:20 midnight ⭐

Arianna walked into the house to see Jennifer on the couch, even though Juniorprince was sleeping on her lap

”Ari, we need to talk, ” Jennifer said and Arianna didn even spare her a glance

Jennifer dropped Juniorprince on the couch and walked over to Arianna

”I said we need to talk? ” Jennifer said, shes now standing in front of her

”About what? Lemme guess, how you ruined my life? ” Arianna asked and Jennifer shook her head and shifted back a little

”About this family, ” Jennifer replied and Arianna hissed

”I need rest, ” Arianna said and made to walk past but Jennifer blocked her way

”I said we need to talk about this family, ” Jennifer said

”There is nothing to take about, ” Arianna snapped

Adrian was watching them without saying a word, they woke Juniorprince who was sleeping up with their loud voice

Actually Arianna was the one shouting but Jennifer was calm

”Momma, ” He climbed down from the couch with his sleepy eyes and hugged Ariannas legs from behind

he was waiting for her to carry him up thinking she was Jennifer but his butt landed on the floor

Arianna pushed him off her

”Arianna!! ” Adrian called and stood up angrily

”If you call that name again, just try and call that name again, ” Arianna said staring at him

He kept quiet, both Jennifer and Arianna are older than him

He went towards Juniorprince

”Leave him, ” Jennifer suddenly said and Adrian looked up

”What? ” He asked

”Leave him there, if shes going to kill him let her kill him, I will gladly go to jail if that is what it will take, ” Jennifer said and turn to Arianna

”I have tried, for years its been 2 or 3 years now Arianna, Juniorprince is almost three years old and you can let go of the past, what didn I do? I did everything to gain your forgiveness, why do you have a rock heart? ” Jennifer said, tears fighting their way out of her eyes

”Haven I tried enough? Tell me what you want me to do and I will do it, I just want us to be family again, we used to be one buddy, it was all a mistake Ari, I will never put your life at the stack, I love you, please stop hating me, stop hating us and let it go! ” Jennifer said gently

”You have no idea, am leaving with this aftermath, hes inside my head, ” Arianna yelled angrily

Jennifer grabbed Adrians hand going upstairs

”Momma, ” Juniorprince called going after her with his tiny legs

”Am not your mom, thats your mother down there, ” Jennifer replied

The little thing stares at Arianna and then upstairs at Jennifer, he watches till she was out of sight, and he slowly went back to Arianna

”Stay right there, cos I will kill you if you get any closer, ” Arianna said meaning every word

”Please love me, ” Juniorprince muttered sadly with his tiny little voice

He took a step closer

”I said stay back, ” Arianna yelled and he flinched in fear

”Momma, ” he called looking upstairs but he didn see Jennifer or Adrian

Arianna made to walk past him and he quickly hold unto her legs

”Arianna, please love me, ” He pleaded with tears

”Please love me, Just a little!! ” he added staring at her blank face

Suddenly the front door burst open…


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