( They are gonna tear her apart )




Jennifer ran towards the gigantic mansion and almost immediately the big gate opened and a car drove into the compound, without thinking twice she ran into the compound also

The security around ran after her and she increase her speed, she ran to the back of the building and hide behind a flowering tree, the security ran past her and she gently comes out, she let out a breath of relief and continue her run, she didn know when she collides into Romeo was wheeling his wheelchair outside

They both falls

”Will my life get any better, ” Jennifer muttered

She stood up and looked at the person expecting him to stand up but he didn

”Will you help me up and stop staring, ” Romeo shouted at her Rudely

She helped him back to his wheelchair

”You didn need to remind me how miserable Im to seat in a wheelchair, I already knew, ” Romeo shouted at her

She kept quiet

”Look at her, you shouldve told the press to come to my house and see how miserable I have become, tell them how I can walk, ” Romeo shouted, his gaze fixed on her

He was filled with rage, the fact that he will never walk again was enough for him and she just add to his problem

”Am so sorry, I didn know…. ”

”Sorry for your life, just look at yourself, leftover sandwich, ” Romeo cut in and she blinked twice

”Did you just call me a leftover sandwich? ” Jennifer asked and he looked at her

”Are you talking back at me? Did you know who Im? How dare you come Into my house and push me down just to remind me how unfortunate I am, ” Romeo shouted, his veins popping up

”I already apologize, ” Jennifer said gently

”I already apologize, ” Romeo said mimicking her

”Did you even look at yourself in the mirror? How can a human being look like a leftover sandwich, ” Romeo shouted and she swallow nothing



”Where is she? ” Maverick asked immediately after his boys returned

”She ran into the Thomsons residence, ” one of them replied

He was already in his car

”How can you let a woman run faster than you? Is this what am paying you for, ” Maverick snarled and they kept quiet

”Get me out of here, ” he added

”Yes boss, ” one of them said and they went into the car and drove off.



”Why are you here? ” Romeo asked rudely

Jennifer cleared her throat

”I heard there was a job interview here so I…. ”

Romeo scoffed

”And you
e coming by now? No, you are coming for a job interview by this time of the day, whats the time? ” He asked and she checked her phone

”7:05 pm ” she muttered

”And you
e coming for a job interview, there is no job for people like you here, ” he said, his wheelchair starting moving away and she blocked his way

”Listen, I don know who you
e but whoever you think you
e, you can stop me from getting this job, ” Jennifer said staring directly at him

”You don know who Im, well then am Romeo Thomson, does that name ring a bell? ” He asked and her eyes widen

”The Casanova, ” she didn know when the words left her mouth

Everyone knows billionaire Casanova

”Yes thats me, the same person you reminded how he couldn use his legs again, now get out, ” he fired

She went behind him and tried carrying his wheelchair up

”What are you doing? Drop me… Guards! Drop me. I said drop me! ” Romeo shouted

”Its either I get this job or this job gets me, ” Jennifer muttered still trying to carry him together with his wheelchair up

”Guards! Drop me psycho, ” Romeo shouted, he tried to stop her but she was behind him and he couldn

”Not after calling me a leftover sandwich, ” Jennifer replied

”I said drop me! ” Romeo yelled out his lungs

”Whats going on here? Excuse me, who are you? ” Mrs. Thomson asked and Jennifer gently dropped the wheelchair

”Mom, shes trying…. ” Jennifer interrupted by stylishly putting a handkerchief on his mouth

”Hi, Mrs. Thomson, Im Jennifer, his new Nanny, ” She replied beaming with a smile

He already called her Mom so she figured out the woman must be Mrs. Thomson for him to call her mom

”What? Who made you my nanny? What a liar! Get out, ” Romeo shouted and she smiled

”I knew this would happen, ” Jennifer muttered and face Mrs. Thomson

”Why were you trying to carry him up and what do you mean by you are his nanny? ” Mrs. Thomson asked

She smiled showing her white teeth

”We were experimenting on how to climb the stairs if the Elevator is not walking, so he was testing my powers, ” she replied, she raised her clothes showing her muscle

”I would have come since morning but traffic ran over me thats why am coming now, and he told me a lot of things already, we get along really quick, ” She added smiling

Mrs. Thomson raises a brow

”Really? ” She asked

”Lier, shes a pro at lying, ” Rome

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