Apocalypse counterattack Rebirth (Five)

 The two host and guest ate their dinner happily even though they were not counted to be familiar to each other, but as they ate, their relationship quickly became a lot closer.

Objectively speaking, Ye Sinian had tasted many rare delicacies for uncountable times, but this barely okay snow dragon meat cooked simply got him pleasantly surprised, as expected of their signature dish.

After eating the delicacy, his mood would have naturally change for the better, so Ye Sinian didn’t deliberately tease Qin Shiyue anymore.

The two ate whilst they talked and Ye Sinian even happily exchanged his number from his communication device that was newly developed from the base.
It could be said that he had enjoyed himself to the fullest.

Of course, after inquiring lots of information about Twilight Hues, he wouldn’t need to go through sexual means to get it.

With a perfectly contented heart, he left Twilight Hues.
Outside, Ye Sinian leisurely walks on the street, aiding his digestion while pondering over something.

Qin Ge is Qin family’s eldest son of the first wife, and Qin families’ headquarter is in the capital.
Originally, Qin Shiyue had unexpectedly died, so Qin Ge certainly would not have stayed in Jing city thus Twilight Hues must have changed ownership.

Changing ownership— this should’ve have been a major event in the base, but the previous owner didn’t have the slightest knowledge of it, proving that the news hasn’t been passed out, so no one knows that Twilight Hues had changed master, making him look for Twilight Hue’s owner as the first reaction.

Then that confirms Qin Ge isn’t him.

Ye Sinian pursed his lips.
Under the dim street lights, his slender phoenix eyes flickered.

Figuring out this bit, the remaining suspect is actually not that many.
After all, a person who has the ability to swallow a cake as large as Twilight Hues and even able to protect any news from leaking out would not have a low position and power.

Filtering the data according to the age, height, stature, and etcetera once again, the remaining names on the list are only a few.
Amongst them, the most suspicious is Yang Jun.

Yang Jun, he is that cheap father of his, Ye Liu’s assistant, and also the one that had deep feelings towards the male lead, Li Feiyan.
Yet, in the end, he was unable to compete against Ye Liu.
However, he was unable to compete against Ye Liu, in the end, all he could do was give up, but he had no regrets towards his feelings.
That was man number two.

As man number two, his excellent appearance naturally meets the criteria: he is tall, robust, and powerful, adding to the fact that he treats people kindly makes others be packed full of the sense of security with just a look at him.

Although he had a dispute with Ye Liu over Li Feiyan and left Jing city after the big argument, he is still a winner in life.

But it was a man such everybody praised for being a Mr Goody-goody who ultimately shattered the former host’s nucleus with his own hands, crippled his ability, and thoroughly ruining his life.

Actually, even if the former owner is always against Li Feiyan, he has almost never offended Yang Jun.
This hatred simply popped out of a hole mysteriously.

Ye Sinian’s eyes turned cold.

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