ehand! Otherwise, when he returned to the capital, he could only continue to suffer in that hellish backyard.


Since he could escape death and cross into this world, it proved that he was favored by God! In this case, how could he waste the opportunity given by God in vain? !


There was a hint of hesitation in his eyes, but soon, the eyes he used to look at Captain Cheng slowly firmed up again.


Chu Yue showed him no false courtesy.
He didn’t have a chance at all, but this Captain Cheng was different.
Although he was tall and looked a little sloppy, he heard that his family background was very good, and the most crucial thing was that he saved him.
He had a good impression of himself, and his temperament was very simple and honest.
In the future, it would be easy to handle…


He had no intention of marrying Captain Cheng.
However, if the news of him making friends with Captain Chen or Duke Zhong came out, the princess consort and the concubines and their children in his family, they had to weigh it carefully before they shot him again! With a chance to breathe, he would be able to plan slowly!


He was a modern man with a countless wealth of knowledge in his hands that didn’t belong to this era.
In these ancient times, which were thousands of years behind, how could he be afraid that he would not be able to survive?


As long as he had some time, even if he opened a restaurant in the future, he would be able to make money! As long as he made enough money, he could even escape! As long as there was money, where couldn’t he start over? The worst-case scenario was to leave the capital and go to the mountain village and farm!


The world was so big, as long as he got out of the quagmire of the backyard, what else did he have to worry about?


The more he thought about it, the more excited he became.
Yang Yuzhang controlled his overwhelming feelings and carefully examined at Captain Cheng in front of him with a focus he had never seen before.


Speaking of which, Captain Cheng’s looks were not bad, although he had a beard, but looking at the outline, one could tell that he was also a good-looking person, and…


Yang Yuzhang’s eyes slid down, and he lightly swept the entire body of Captain Cheng.


Moreover, he stayed in the barracks all year round, having a tall and burly stature –  a standard muscular man in modern times.
Coupled with his good family background, if it were in modern times, he would not even have a chance to think!


The more he looked, the more satisfied he became.
Yang Yuzhang’s face turned a little red.
He raised his eyes and glanced at him quietly, and requested in a low voice, “My feet are a little weak, can you help me?”


Captain Cheng was stunned for a moment.
He didn’t have any thoughts of giving or receiving intimacy.
After all, Yang Yuzhang in front of him was a member of King Jin’s family, and one of his nemesis from childhood to adulthood was also the son of the King of Jin.
He wanted to bring Yang Yuzhang back to the Capital only to laugh at that person when the time came.
So, he didn’t realize Yang Yuzhang’s intention at all at this time, and he reached out his hand to help him up.


Yang Yuzhang leaned into the man’s arms, and Captain Cheng frowned uncomfortably, secretly thinking that having the same father, why would that man only fight with himself, not like his younger brother Yang Yuzhang?


But…Captain Cheng frowned and pushed Yang Yuzhang out uncomfortably.
Although that man didn’t look like a ger at all, he felt much more comfortable getting along with him… 


The window paper has been punctured.
Chu Yue also had no intention of concealing it.
He often found an opportunity to get into Ye Sinian’s carriage.
No matter how he was glared at, he had no intention of going out.


Originally, their undisguised behavior in front of others would attract gossip, but Chu Yue and Du Qinghuan were different! They were a well-known loving couple, and others were only secretly teasing and envious at most, but they didn’t feel anything wrong about the couple!


You jest, this Du Qinghuan was someone who had a marriage contract with the general a long time ago.
Although he hasn’t married yet, wasn’t that a foregone conclusion?


Not to mention the appearance of Young Master Du who was the best in the capital, just the loving words he said in public, and the actions of visiting the general from thousands of miles with medicine had moved all the rough men!


After all, everyone knew that ger was weak, and most of them didn’t prefer warriors who fight all year round without any care to their appearances, so Du Qinghuan, who loved General Chu, was like a little angel to them!


They even very vulgarly hope that their general would be able to keep the beauty on his hands.
How could they feel that their close behavior was very inappropriate?


Ye Sinian didn’t care much about other people’s opinions.
Now that he had confirmed that Chu Yue was his lover, he certainly had no idea of ​​avoiding suspicion.
After all, they have been an old couple for so many years, and he was able to say such cringey and nauseous words in public at that time.
What was there to be reserved now?


Between the two of them, Chu Yue was more restrained.
Didn’t know if the words that Ye Sinian said at the time that he could only do things after getting married gave him a huge shadow, but in short, he insisted that the final step could only be carried out on the wedding night. 


Only God knew how hard he endured! He fell in love with the little lover whose whole body was full of sensuality and the glistening phoenix eyes that stole his heart, even if the lower body felt so hard that he almost went crazy.
He just gasped and stopped, lightly biting the phoenix imprint on the back of the lover’s neck to calm down his desire.


His boy had grown up, the fruit was already bright red, and it was the time to pick it, but he wanted to eat the delicious lover at the most special moment – the night of their wedding.
It should be at that moment when they were truly committed to each other!


Ye Sinian also gasped as he lightly touched his lover’s muscles and hooked his lips with a smile.
He wasn’t that concerned about this.
But the tenderness of his lover still made him feel very happy.
Also Chu Yue served him very well and reached the peak every time, so he amused himself watching Chu Yue’s self-torture with the mentality of watching a play, you don’t do it yourself, do you blame me?

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