After making a plan in his heart, he slowly opened his eyes, his vision blurred for a moment, and after the dizziness disappeared, the first thing he saw was a terrifying copper mask.


He was startled, so Yang Yuzhang had not had time to shout, but his attention fell on the man beside him who spoke in a loud voice.


Captain Cheng saw that the little ger he had rescued finally woke up, and he couldn’t help shaking his shoulder excitedly, and asked, “Are you awake? Feeling better?”


Yang Yuzhang was already hurting like hell.
When the other person shook him, his head became even more dizzy, and he hurriedly replied, “I’m fine!”


Captain Cheng retracted his hand embarrassedly, touched his head, and said, “That’s great! It seems you’re going to the Capital? Do you want to travel with us?”


After speaking, he furtively looked up at the general who was seated on the horse and said nothing.


“I am the son of King Jin.
I really want to go back to the Capital.
If it’s not troublesome, I will thank the Lord!”


It was very safe to be on the road with the army.
Obviously, Yang Yuzhang would not miss this opportunity, and he hastily spoke.
While speaking, he also glanced at Chu Yue.


Speaking of which, although this man was wearing a mask, his body and temperament seemed quite extraordinary..
If he wanted to get out of the trouble of the backyard, it was best to find a helper.
Remembering the fact that men in this world could get married and have children, Yang Yuzhang felt moved, and the eyes that looked at Chu Yue also lit up.


Ye Sinian was anxious.
Although he had not determined that Chu Yue was his lover, he was just one step away! How could he tolerate others coveting him?


So he leaned into the arms of the man behind him unhappily, and said, “I’m tired, let’s go back.”


Chu Yue felt impatient.
All this time, he wanted to cultivate a relationship with his own boy.
Where did he have the mind to take care of these unnecessary people? So as soon as Ye Sinian finished speaking, he pulled the reins and rode the horse back to the camp.


Yang Yuzhang eagerly watched the powerful man leave, bit his lip, and hesitantly asked Captain Cheng who was beside him with a simple and honest face: “Who is that person…?”


Captain Cheng didn’t notice his thoughts at all.
He simply patted his head carelessly and said proudly, “That’s our general, Duke Zhong.
Chu Yue! He’s a great hero!”


Yang Yuzhang’s eyes lit up again.
From the original owner’s memories he did know of the legendary Duke Zhong who commanded hundreds of thousands of soldiers.
Thinking of his power and influence, and thinking of the King Jin manor’s backyard he was about to face, his heart moved.


After all, Chu Yue could be regarded as the one who saved him.
If he hadn’t ordered people to hunt, these people wouldn’t have happened to meet him who was being attacked by bandits!


A life-saving grace…


Chu Yue was capable and heroic, had a high status, and had a good figure.
Afterall, the rumored Duke Zhong, Chu Yue.
had a cold personality, but no one had ever said that he was not good-looking.
If you think about it this way, he was indeed a very good candidate.


Presently, his situation was too bad, the backyard of his house was too dangerous, and he shuddered just thinking about the memories of the original owner, so he must prepare and leave as soon as possible!


But just as his thoughtful thoughts came out, before they took shape, they were extinguished by Captain Cheng’s next words.


“It’s a pity that the general ruined his appearance when he killed the enemy before, but fortunately, Young Master Du is infatuated with our general!” Captain Cheng smiled embarrassedly, and then said, “You see, just now in our general’s arms is Young Master Du.
He is the most beautiful ger in the capital! He and our general have been engaged since childhood, they are a match made in heaven!”


Du…Du Qinghuan?


Yang Yuzhang just remembered the young, beautiful ger sitting in Chu Yue’s arms who ignored him, and his face suddenly paled.
He had to bite the bullet and simply smiled awkwardly, but did not answer as Captain Cheng wanted.

Captain Cheng’s full desire to talk could not be vented, but the ger in front of him really didn’t look good.




Back in the camp Ye Sinian felt annoyed, and he no longer wanted to mingle with Chu Yue, so he turned off the light and went to bed after washing up.
Now, he had to think about how to finally confirm Chu Yue’s identity.


Speaking of which, in the last world, he could only confirm Pei Xiuyuan’s identity when he could see the ring in the invisible state!


But what was the chance for him to see the ring? Because even Pei Xiuyuan didn’t notice the ring on his hand as soon as they met!


So now, how should he prompt Chu Yue to obtain that opportunity?


Ye Sinian slowly recalled his previous life, and secretly made a decision in his heart.


The next day, Yang Yuzhang got up early.
After all, he didn’t suffer multiple injuries, but was just frightened.
After a night’s rest, he was almost recovered.


After deciding he had to thank Chu Yue personally, Yang Yuzhang took out a set of white brocade robes from the baggage that had not been thrown away, and groomed himself well.
After inquiring about the directions to the general’s tent, he excitedly walked over.


The wound on his face had already healed, so Chu Yue no longer had the habit of wearing a mask.
When Yang Yuzhang waited outside the tent, all he saw was Chu Yue who opened the tent and walked out without his mask.


His breath suddenly stagnated.
Truly, the rumors were really unbelievable!


The tall man in front of him had perfect, three-dimensional features.
The light scar did not destroy his beauty, but instead added a devilish charm to his face that was off charts.


He had a good impression of Chu Yue before, but after seeing his appearance this time, he was completely shocked and only felt admiration.
How did he remember Du Qinghuan?


His pale cheeks blushed.
Yang Yuzhang hurriedly bowed to Chu Yue, and said, “Yang Yuzhang is here to thank General for his life-saving grace!”


According to the original timeline, Yang Yuzhang was like this.
Accidentally, he saw Chu Yue’s face under the mask that fit his aesthetics very well, and after the scene of the hero saving the beauty, he immediately admired Chu Yue.


Unlike other ger who avoided him, Yang Yuzhang looked at him with no fear, but full of admiration, so Chu Yue found that he was unique and naturally became interested in him.
On the way, he greeted him, and washed his hands to make soup, so he gradually developed affection with him.


But now it was completely different.


Now that he had Ye Sinian, aside from that weird possessiveness, Du Qinghuan was his fiancé who was deeply in love with him! They had a marriage contract from childhood, and Du Qinghuan also traveled thousands of miles to visit him on the frontlines with healing medicine.
After that, he didn’t even care about the wound on his face at all.


Besides, his boy was beautiful, naughty but cunning.
He was the best! He liked him so much, so how could he be interested in others when he had a lover like this?


Chu Yue was impatient.
Before his face was injured, he couldn’t count how many women and ger always came to him, so he was sensitive to such people.
And this Yang Yuzhang in front of him behaved just like them!


Moreover, at this time, he was about to wake Ye Sinian up.
Thinking of how he would be drowsy when he would wake up, his heart felt itchy and soft, so he didn’t have a good face toward the person blocking the way in front of him?


He gave him a cold look and said ruthlessly, “I didn’t save you.
The one you should be grateful to is Captain Cheng.”


Yang Yuzhang’s body froze, he just stepped forward to explain, but unexpectedly his foot slipped, and he fell toward Chu Yue, who subconsciously stretched out his hand to help him.


So, when Ye Sinian came to look for Chu Yue this was the scene he saw.
He stopped abruptly, the smile on his face faded instantly, and his face became cold.


He didn’t know what the sudden pain in his heart was about, but it was obvious that he was extremely disgusted by the picture of the two standing together.
Ye Sinian’s eyes darkened, he clenched his knuckles tightly and he noticed there was a burst of searing pain on his ring finger.


When he saw Yang Yuzhang reaching out and trying to hold Chu Yue’s hand, Ye Sinian’s temper finally broke out!


He took a few steps forward and pushed Chu Yue behind him, his eyes shot sharply at Yang Yuzhang, whose face was blushing.
He examined him with disdain as if he was looking at a cheap product.
His voice was as cold as ice, “What are you trying to do?”


Yang Yuzhang’s blushing face turned pale, he opened his mouth, but didn’t know how to refute.
The person in front of him with such a beautiful face was the fiancé of the man he wanted to seduce.
He looked up at Chu Yue unwillingly, and felt that a strong man like him would definitely be very impatient with such a jealous person, but what he saw made him feel cold.


He saw Chu Yue staring intently at the beautiful young man standing in front of him, his eyes were full of joy, and there was not a trace of impatience and disgust as he imagined.
It was the kind that wanted to hold Du Qinghuan into his arms fiercely.
His eager eyes made Yang Yuzhang tremble.
His eyes were slightly red, and his face seemed to have been slapped dozens of times.
He just turned around and ran away quickly.


At this moment, Ye Sinian was a little furious.
He shook off Chu Yue, who was trying to grab his sleeve, and turned around, his phoenix eyes flashing with anger.


His sharp eyes shot at him like a knife, matching his gorgeous facial features and his chest heaved up and down.
Inexplicably, Chu Yue’s heart was throbbing too quickly as an unprecedented tremble swept through his body.


How dare you flirt with others as far as the eyes can see!


Ye Si Nian’s mind was full of anger that his person was coveted by others, he felt like a lion whose territory had been invaded, and he forcefully dragged Chu Yue into the tent.


The curtain was put down, he threw off Chu Yue’s hand, and pulled his collar toward him violently.
His voice was cold, but every word was domineering with unprecedented strength as he enunciated slowly, “You! Are! Mine!!!!”


As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly came back to his senses and realized what he had done on impulse.
Before he could figure out why he was so angry, he was surprised by Chu Yue’s actions.


Chu Yue felt that he was going to fall in love with this cute little lover who was waving tender, pink claws like a little milk cat with jealousy.
As he embraced the person in his arms, his eyes shined with happiness.


Seeing the boy’s red lips pursed tightly in anger, he couldn’t help lowering his head and biting on it, then chuckled in a low voice, “Little fool, I love you!”


After that, he deepened the kiss.


There was an accurate burst of heat on his ring finger, andYe Sinian’s body froze.
The excitement and joy of finally confirming that the person in front of him was his lover quickly hit his heart, but he always took revenge! Thinking of the scene he saw just now, Ye Sinian took a fierce bite on the tongue that had penetrated into his mouth.


“Hmm!” A suppressed groan burst out from the tightly fitted lips.
Ye Sinian only felt the iron-like arm bound to his waist tighten suddenly, but unexpectedly, Chu Yue who was bitten did not push him away at all, instead held him tightly in his arms with a force that could break his bones if was much stronger.


The little milk cat turned out to be a rabbit that bit people when it was desperate! The fire in Chu Yue’s heart couldn’t be suppressed and He deepened the kiss fiercely.


Lips and tongues were entangled with each other, and a deep bloody kiss could easily provoke the deepest desires of the heart.
Even Ye Sinian was also aroused with enthusiasm at this time and kissed back hard.


The passionate kiss gradually descended downward.
The man kissed softly as his  scorching breath was sprayed on the sensitive skin behind Ye Sinian’s ear.
The ends of his slightly upturned phonies eye flushed.


However, he hooked his mouth wickedly and reached out to hold something hot and hard, a hint of malicious light flashed in his eyes.
He bit the man’s earlobe, and lightly opened his red lips and reminded him, “You can only do it after get marriage~”


Feeling the body of the man whose face was buried deep in his shoulders stiffen, Ye Sinian raised his eyebrows proudly.


Dare to flirt with others? I’ll give you a lesson you will never forget!

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