be released, he thought of a good idea.


After arranging the task of camping to his subordinates, Chu Yue glanced at the mountains and forests that were rich in prey not far away, and ordered Captain Cheng behind him, “Go, bring a group of people, hunt some prey.”


Captain Cheng’s eyes lit up, he nodded quickly, and saluted loudly, “Yes! General!” 


Chu Yue, annoyed by his loud voice, stretched out his foot and kicked him, so Captain Cheng strode toward the crowd excitedly.
He brought a group of men who seemed more like bandits and not soldiers and rushed into the mountains and forests mightily.


These people were warriors with an experience of a hundred battles, and many of them were armed with weapons.
Therefore, Chu Yue was not worried that they would be in any danger, so he just shook his head and rode his horse to Ye Sinian’s carriage.
As he came face to face with those phoenix eyes that were filled some sort of curiosity, and his heart couldn’t help but move.
He slowly asked, “Would you like me to take you out for a walk?”


“Riding a horse?” Ye Sinian raised his chin delicately, and his eyes couldn’t help but look at the horse Chu Yu was riding.


Although he knew that the boy was looking at the horse and not himself, Chu Yue couldn’t help but clench his body.
He straightened his back unnaturally and said, “Naturally,”


“I want to go hunting!” Ye Shinian raised his eyebrows and said.


“Yes.” Chu Yue still nodded, the smile on his lips was doting and indulging, as if he would not refuse all his requests.


Ye Sinian looked at his handsome face without the mask, and met his magnetic eyes that were so deep that they seemed to suck people’s souls, causing the tips of his ears to turn red uncontrollably.


Naturally, Chu Yue would not miss this point.
He smiled heartily, and the long scar on the side of his face was dyed with a hint of gentleness.
He held the reins in one hand and stretched out to Ye Sinian on the carriage with the other, and said, “Follow me,”


Ye Sinian’s heart moved, and he reached out his hand subconsciously…


Ye Sinian sat in Chu Yue’s arms with a smile that could not be concealed from the corners of his eyes.
Although they just rode around and didn’t catch any prey on this trip, it was undeniable that he felt very happy.


It was impossible to say for sure, but when he was embraced by Chu Yue, the reassurance and ease that made him relax his whole body made his guess even firmer – this person might be his lover.


People’s appearances could be different, their personalities may change, but the feelings that are engraved in the depths of the soul cannot be changed.


Thinking of the discovery of his secret observation of Chu Yue these days, Ye Sinian pursed his lips, and the joy of finding his lover flashed in his eyes.


Now, as long as he confirmed one more thing, he could completely determine the identity of his lover!


Thinking of this, Ye Sinian couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips slightly, revealing a smile full of anticipation.


But soon, when he heard the noisy commotion not far away, his good mood completely disappeared.


His heart skipped a beat before Ye Sinian could recall what would happen during this time as they rode the horse to catch up with the group of people.


His phoenix eyes swept across the scene swiftly, and when he saw the figure of the embarrassed ger in the crowd, Ye Sinian suddenly recalled what he had overlooked.


During this period of time, he has been wondering whether Chu Yue was his lover or not.
In addition to the fatigue of the long journey, he didn’t even notice that Yanshan was the place where the protagonist shou came to this world.


So…even if Chu Yue was returning to the Capital more than half a month later than the original timeline, they were still destined to meet?


Ye Sinian pursed his lips, and a dark light flashed across his eyes.
He turned around and said, “Put the mask on!”


Chu Yue was stunned.
Although he didn’t know what the boy wanted, he still put on the mask obediently.




Yang Yuzhang was completely shocked at the present.
He didn’t expect that one second he was still closing his eyes and waiting for death, and the next second he was transported to such a magical world.


He was originally gay, and in the modern society, his life was a disastrous failure.
The man he loved not only cheated on him, but also shamelessly asked him to help raise children with his woman! In the end, he even watched him being pushed under the wheel by that woman.


If it hadn’t been for his great blessing to come here, I’m afraid there would have been no Yang Yuzhang anymore, right?


He felt very emotional because his previous life was too miserable, so he had no nostalgia at all, and quickly accepted the fact that he transmigrated.


Moreover, after receiving the memory of the original owner, he was even more fond of this world.
Here, men could not only marry men, but also have children! This was simply too good! But it seems that the fate of the original owner was not very good.
The backyard of their house was too chaotic, and the princess consort’s methods were really sinister.
He had to find a way out of that quagmire!

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