Chapter 35.02

Chapter 35 part 02

Translated by littlecloud
Edited by mieru mieru


Originally, ger were not allowed to enter the military camp, but Ye Sinian had an imperial decree in his hand, therefore he was exempted from this rule.


When he arrived, what he saw was muscular men with strong copper muscles and iron bones, sweating and shining in the sun, full of masculine aura. 


On the large training ground, Chu Yue and his soldiers were fighting heartily to vent their energy, surrounded by a circle of burly men who were excitedly howling and all generals and officials in military uniforms, watching with excitement as the general once again finished abusing Captain Cheng…


Chu Yue showed an excited smile from his eyes exposed beneath his mask as he swiftly lowered his waist and flashed his huge iron fist.
He suddenly turned over and flashed to Colonel Cheng’s side, grabbed his arm with lightning-like speed, and combined with a swipe of his feet, the other man just fell to the ground before he could react.


The onlookers burst into bouts of laughter.
Chu Yue gasped for breath and kicked Captain Cheng who was lying, facing towards the ground, and said,”Get up! You will wash everyone’s clothes today!”


Captain Cheng seemed to be desperate for life and exaggeratedly covered his face and cried bitterly: “General, I was wrong!!! I don’t dare to make fun of you anymore!!! Those stinky men’s clothes will kill me if I wash them! Please let me go, ahhhhhh !!!”


Chu Yue didn’t bother to care about his cries, and went straight to the side to pick up the clothes he took off, and the cloth towel handed over by his subordinate.
Just when he began to wipe his sweat, his subordinate pointed behind him and whispered something.


Chu Yue’s body froze for a moment, his hands held his clothes tightly, and he looked back to see a certain figure in the crowd.


Facing those sharp and deep eyes full of strong and manly aura, Ye Sinian finally recovered from the sight of fierce men, and withdrew his gaze from Chu Yue’s shiny muscles.
He gulped and quickly recited a few heart-clearing mantras in his heart, then he also can’t stop recalling the sudden thoughts of his own old husband…


He thought of the time when Qin Shiyue practiced supernatural abilities with him at his strong request.
At that time, they were also sweating on the training ground wearing only black vests! At that time, they rushed towards each other, fought hard, got entangled together and made love intensely.
Such a kind of hearty sex, which always filled his mind now.


Alas… He didn’t know when he would find him in this world?


The boy who he had been thinking about suddenly appeared, so Chu Yue was a little nervous.
He pursed his lips and ignored Captanl Cheng who was still wailing, and walked straight to the place where the boy stood under the signal of his subordinates.


When he was a step or two away from the boy, he suddenly realized that he was still naked! The beautiful muscles on his body trembled nervously, and Chu Yue felt embarrassed for a while.
He was just about to put on his clothes, but inadvertently saw the boy’s suddenly lit eyes staring straight at him…


Chu Yue felt his heart move as he remembered that this boy in front of him had confessed his love to him in front of countless people, and then glanced at the small eyes that showed his eagerness to pounce on him, and suddenly felt that his boy might be different from the usually legendary ger who were different to martial arts.


Subconsciously, like a male peacock showing off in front of a female peacock, Chu Yue not only stopped putting on his clothes, but also nodded at him with his upper body naked, his deep eyes looking straight through the mask to the depths of Ye Sinian’s eyes.
He asked softly,”Like it?” 


His low and magnetic voice made Ye Sinian’s heart tremble.
He felt his ears were pregnant! An inexplicable light flashed in his phoenix eyes, he subconsciously raised his head suddenly, and nodded involuntarily.


A smile flashed across his deep eyes, Chu Yue was obviously satisfied with his response, he suppressed the sudden desire to reach out and rub the long black hair of the boy in front of him, pursed his lips and said, “Follow me…”


After that, he turned around and walked towards his tent, motioning for him to follow.


Ye Sinian’s feet moved involuntarily, but for a moment, he scolded himself in his heart furiously.


How can you lose your integrity like that? ! To go as far as to walk away with someone holding his nose like this!


Thinking of his lover whose identity and whereabouts were unknown, Ye Sinian silently exhaled deeply, he must control himself properly!


Chu Yue didn’t know that the boy behind him was chanting the Heart Clearing Mantra in his mind.
He only felt a strong gaze cast on his back.
His muscles on his back tensed intentionally or unintentionally, as he led the way in with strong demeanor.


Ye Sinian gritted his teeth and followed behind, wishing to poke two holes in him with his eyes!


Why was this person so senseless? ! He was a weak ger alright! Although the two have a long-term engagement, he hadn’t entered the door yet! How could he just dangle in front of him with his upper body naked and not even have the slightest sense regarding the fact that different genders shouldn’t have much contact between each other.


Ye Sinian resentfully tore his eyes from his solid and powerful back muscles, and made a decision in his heart.


When he finds Lao Qin in the future, he must let him strip naked in front of him for a day! Then he could finally cleanse his eyes.


After taking the boy back to his tent, Chu Yue realized that the other must be very tired from the journey, and hurriedly ordered someone to prepare a tent for him.


Ye Sinian sat down, and his eyes moved uncontrollably, gazing at Chu Yue, who was standing by the tent door and instructing others carefully.


The man was wearing a copper mask that covered his entire face, making him look even more mighty and fierce.
Although he couldn’t make out his face the man was definitely not bad-looking just by looking at his body.
After all, he was the protagonist of this world.
How could he not have perfect looks?


Thinking of his appearance, Ye Sinian finally remembered his purpose of coming all the way here.
Feeling a  little embarrassed, he took out the medicine given by the Emperor from his bag, and stroked the smooth surface of the delicate porcelain bottle with his fingertips.
He quickly stood up and began to say to Chu Yue, who was walking towards him, “General Chu, this is the medicine given by His Majesty, would you like to use it?”


He had already scanned the medicine with the system, and it was worthy of being called a precious medicine from the Royal Palace.
The results showed that the effect of this medicine was indeed very beneficial to cure Chu Yue’s injuries.


“Call me Chu Yue,” Chu Yue replied in a low voice.
He stood in front of Ye Sinian, reached out and took the small porcelain bottle.
When Chu Yue’s beautiful, slender fingers covered in a thin layer of calluses touched his fair palm, Ye Sinian frowned uncontrollably.


He blinked, and calmly retracted his fists to his side, trying to ignore the feeling where he felt the tip of his heart was scratched by a cat’s claw.


Chu Yue looked at the porcelain bottle between his fingers, and curled his lips disinterestedly.
In fact, his appearance wasn’t ruined to the point that couldn’t show his face to people.
Moreover, he didn’t care much about his appearance, so he wore a mask to prevent others from sizing him up. 


But according to what he heard, all ger cared about this aspect very much…


Previously, he didn’t want to frighten the boy and planned on letting him rest, but when he met the pair of phoenix eyes that were shining like stars, he suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Help me apply medicine.” 


As soon as he finished speaking, he was surprised.
He knew about the injury on his face.
It was really very hideous.
What if he scared the vulnerable and harmless looking boy in front of him?




He stared at the infatuated boy in front of him hesitantly, but unexpectedly he had a sense of certainty in his heart.
He felt that maybe the boy in front of him wouldn’t let him down.


Hearing his words, Ye Sinian silently rolled his eyes, secretly complaining that this person was domineering, but apart from these, he didn’t have any emotion of fear and disgust.


Simply a joke! Thinking that he slaughtered zombies like chopping melons and cabbages, what kind of injuries and appearances had he not seen? Wasn’t it just a small scar? It was a piece of cake!


Ye Sinian’s fair and delicate fingers gently removed his mask.
Chu Yue actually felt nervous, which was something rare.
He looked into the eyes of the boy in front of him, unwilling to miss even the slightest change of emotions in his eyes.


And yes, Ye Sinian didn’t disappoint him.
He took off the mask without paying much attention, but in a  moment, his relaxed expression instantly changed, and his eyes focused on the hideous scar that extended from the corner of Chu Yue’s left eye to his cheek.


His fingers trembled.
Suddenly, Ye Sinian felt a little pain in his heart.
An immeasurable amount of killing intent and anger filled him.
He asked him in a frosty tone,”Who did this?”


Keenly aware of the distress and anger in the boy’s eyes, Chu Yue also felt sour in his heart.
He could feel that he was cared for and protected by someone in his heart.
He opened his mouth, wanting to say that the grass might have already grown on the grave of the person who hurt him.
But in the end, he still didn’t want to interrupt the emotions that eased him.
He couldn’t help but reach out his hand and embrace the boy in front of him into his arms.


Leaning on the man’s broad chest, he could feel the man’s explosive muscles under his palm and his breath was filled with the other’s aggressive aura.
Ye Sinian was stunned for a moment and finally came back to his senses.
He pushed the man’s hands, that shackled him, away.
He was surprised.


On one hand, he felt that his lovers in the last two worlds were just characters that had nothing to do with the plot, and this was supposed to be the case everywhere.
On the other hand, he was confused by the overwhelming sense of happiness and satisfaction when he was in his arms just now.


If this person wasn’t his lover, shouldn’t he be disgusted? You must know, the time when he met Lin Chen he wished to stay far away!


This… What was the situation now?


Ye Sinian was perplexed.
He peeked at Chu Yue on the opposite side from time to time, but found that he couldn’t confirm his lover’s identity just by looking at the other person.




Now, it didn’t really matter if the person in front of him was not his lover and who he was with, but what if he was his lover? How could he watch the hero save the beauty and stay with someone else other than him.


Don’t even think about it!


A cold light suddenly flashed as Ye Sinian narrowed his eyes, forcing himself to endure the sudden killing intent in his heart.


Seeing the boy in front of him who shyly pushed him away, then lowered his head, Chu Yue was also very distressed.
He didn’t know what was wrong with him, but he behaved like a beast.
He really wanted to hug the thin-skinned and tender boy in front of him into his arms and bully him.
He wanted to kiss his bright lips fiercely.
And then, he wanted to hide him in his arms so that no one could see him, and even… he even wanted to press him under his body and wanted to ravage him…


He could imagine how soft his lips were, how charming his body was, and he could even imagine how passionate the other would be!


He didn’t understand what was happening to him because before he was obviously not very interested in such things!


Chu Yue glanced at him secretly again, took a deep breath silently, suppressed the strong sense of possessiveness and pleasure that suddenly appeared in his heart, and said seriously, “Give me the medicine,”


Ye Sinian hesitated for a moment, because he was still not sure that the person in front of him was Lao Qin, but now he was Du Qinghuan who was infatuated with Duke Zhong, Chu Yue.


Because of the speculation that the person in front of him might be his lover, Ye Sinian subconsciously took extra care as he treated him, and looked at the scars on his face very seriously, his movements were extremely gentle, trying his best not to hurt him.


Chu Yue felt his heart beating violently but his face remained calm.
He even caught the other’s hand said with a righteous and stern expression, “It doesn’t hurt anymore.
You don’t need to be so careful.”


Ye Sinian glanced at the hand held by the man, where his silver-white ring was wrapped around his ring finger.

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