et his hand out, but he couldn’t get it back.
He became ashamed and anxious: “I have a boyfriend!”

“I can wait!” Rong Buping’s eyes flashed with a trace of jealousy, though it was not noticeable.
He said more affectionately, “As long as you give me a chance”

“You…why would you want to suffer…” Su Yibai eyes were filled with a bit of sorrow as he said in a somewhat lost tone.

“I like you, what can I do?” Rong Buping gave a bitter smile, “But I think you have been in a bad mood recently days.
What happened, is something wrong?”

Su Yibai just wanted to shake his head, but suddenly realized that the identity of the person in front of him was the president of Rongshi.
Thinking that Huang had been troubled lately by the fact that he lost his job.
He abruptly brightened up stunned and hesitated, “I… can I ask for a favour?”

Rong Buping’s lit up, he was thoroughly a businessman.
How could he help Su Yibai without asking for something in return? His purpose was to keep approaching until he had Su Yibai finally in his hands.
So he felt good when Su Yibai asked for his help, he asked with great expectation, “What’s the matter? Just say and I will do it for you”

“I… my boyfriend has been looking for a job recently.
Can you let him have a try at your company?”

The light in Rong Buping’s eyes dimmed.
He studied Su Yibai’s hopeful face and nodded slowly, “Of course…”

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