ear tip became flushed as he thought hard on how to maintain his powerful and domineering image he couldn’t tell the truth!

“Don’t you have to use your brain to watch TV?” Qin Shiyue turned his eyes and pointed to the TV to change the topic: “The woman who is called is about to discover her life experience! Shouldn’t you be excited?”

Ye Si Nian rolled his eyes.
Did he think that he wouldn’t know why he had changed the topic? If I didn’t clear the traces of your true self for you, you would have already been chased by others!

However, the fact that it would hit his lover’s fragile heart was certain and couldn’t be said.
So Ye Si Nian barked out a haha twice.
He pretended to be surprised as he admired, “Really? I haven’t found it yet! You are so impressive!”

Qin Shiyue proudly grinned and patted his head in a comforting way: “Look carefully next time and you’ll be able to know.
Be good”

Ye Si Nian: “…”


Huang Dezheng’s got out of the car with a dark face, he was unable to believe that the world was so corrupt!

The school dismissed him without listening to his explanation.
He went to the people who he had helped before but, those people turned away from him.
They also commented that he was a perverted teacher! How unreasonable!

What’s even more incredible was that the school has only punished him! He heard from a colleague who told him the truth, that it was because someone above specifically came to the school, that pushed all the faults to his head!

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