im and the teacher.
They were exposed, and there are many pictures as evidence.
If we don’t help, his reputation may be completely ruined…”

After listening to the assistant’s description, Rong Buping was furious!

The beautiful memories of that night made him have a good impression of Su Yibai.
Su Yibai was pure, innocent and kind in his heart.
He was also a simple and hard-working child, how could someone be slander such a person viciously?

Rong Buping’s face turned completely black.
He was already so busy that his heart was not comfortable.
At this moment, he heard that the pure and innocent white moonlight in his heart was so slandered, how could the anger in his heart be held back?

“Surely someone deliberately framed it!” Rong Buping interrupted the assistant’s words and sneered, “Go to their school, and say that Su Yibai is my person.
If you don’t want to get into the lawsuit, they must delete it!”

The assistant’s face flushed with embarrassment.
Since he came over to talk with the boss about this.
Naturally, he checked the ins and outs of the matter beforehand.
According to the photos and various other signs, it could be inferred that those things are true.

Su Yibai did live with the teacher for a long time and did work in a nightclub, and there were indeed many people who saw them being driven out…

No one blackened Su Yibai!

“It’s just that the deletion of the post would be of little use…” The assistant coughed aloud and said: “They are both on the cusp of the storm.
Just deleting the posts would be counterproductive.
We can direct attention to the teacher instead.”

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