The power of gossip was never been underestimated.
Huang Dezheng’s reputation for kind and charismatic was far-reaching.
His neighbours recognized him.
The original impression of him was quite good, but he did not expect that he would be well-known not only in public but also in private.
Especially messing about with your own students!

Seeing his white and tender student being dragged by him, notice the way he couldn’t even walk properly.
Hehe! What a scumbag!

The gossipy neighbours recalled the scene they saw through their door’s peepholes and were still amazed.
There was no way.
At that time, the two of them were getting intimate, there was still energy to pay attention to whether the door was open, wasn’t there?

Huang Dezheng did not notice this little detail when he left with Su Yibai in anger.
The time he realized this, it was already several days later.

The campus forum calmness of the past was swept away with an earthquake.
The entire page layout was filled by posts with similar titles! Among them, the top one was the most eye-catching and popular!

“During the 18th of August, School grass[1] Su and Teacher Huang’s cohabitation dog blood drama, here are the pictures and truth”

Huang Dezheng, who was passing by his colleague’s computer, inadvertently caught a glimpse of this thick red line of words, and his heart jerked.
He quietly held his breath as he returned to his office.
His face paled as he entered into the forum he had previously scorned.
With trembling hands, he opened the very hot post.

“It is said that the landlord was shocked when he heard this.
He was not familiar with the school, but the teacher Huang’s reputation in the school was very good.
How could it be that he did not close the door and even did it with a student? What a scum?! But there are pictures of the truth, so it was not nonsense, the pictures are linked below.”

“Fu*k! It turned out to be true!!!”

“The soft and cute school grass together with the male god! Look at the hickey on the neck! Fu*k! It’s too intense! Teacher Huang bao dao wei lao[2]!!”

“After examining the pictures, it truly hasn’t been photo-shopped… Fu*k! What a scumbag!!”

“It should be true… School grass Su never returned to the dormitory and stayed outside, so it turned out…”


“To help the landlord add fire, the photos were taken by a friend who went to the nightclub to play”

” It turns out that Su Xuedi[3] is like this in private! Look at the half-covered chest, the creamy thighs! No wonder Teacher Huang This white flower has a half-covered chest and a chest, and the trough is still pink!! No wonder Huang teacher doesn’t love Jiangshan beauties!!”

“Wow, there’s a reason the number of people who never go to class is so high.
With these two pictures, it seems like our Su Xuedi’s eyes are not very good!”


Huang Dezheng looked at the increasingly unsightly text and pictures on the computer screen, his whole body was shaking in anger!

Who was it?! Who did he offend for him to be framed so viciously?!

He immediately left a message asking the moderator to delete the post, but it didn’t take long for the message that didn’t hide his identity to completely detonate the entire forum!

Fu*k the person involved actually appeared!!!

The forum was boiling with this additional drama and Huang Dezheng got so angry that his liver began to ache.
Not only were the posts not deleted, but his message was even re-posted with screenshots!

These students were really shameless!

[1]School grass: most handsome guy in school.
For the opposite gender it would be school flower.

[2] Bao dao wei loa: Old but still vigorous.
I think that explains it.

[3] Xuedi: junior or younger male school mate.

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