Ye Si Nian was a bit stunned and shook with laughter at his tightly gripped wrist, resisting the urge to rub his forehead.
He glanced back at Qin Shiyue with condemning eyes, “I promise that I’ll come back and when I do, I’ll have nothing to do with them ever again”

“Take me with you!” Qin Shiyue pursed his lips as he looked at Ye Si Nian with puppy eyes as if it were a large dog abandoned by his master.
He was full of disapproval and grievances.

With such pitiful eyes, how could Ye Si Nian refuse?

“Fine! Let’s go together” Ye Si Nian sighed as he interlocked his fingers with Qin Shiyue.
“But you must not make any trouble and need to listen to what I say.” Ye Si Nian said as he lamented silently in his heart.

“You big stupid rabbit!” Qin Shiyue glared at him and said with a harsh tone: “I am your brother! You say I should listen to you?! Do you want to be beaten up?!”

Ye Si Nian rolled his eyes.
He decided that he might as well to play it up!

Lifting his head coyly at Qin Shiyue with his wet phoenix eyes, Ye Si Nian embraced his arm and said coquettishly, “Gege…”

The stupid rabbit’s eyes were alluring and soft, it was impossible to resist it!

Qin Shiyue desperately suppressed the urge to cover his heart and coughed as an impatient gesture: “Forget it, I’ll forgive you this time, but this should not be repeated!”

This stupid rabbit! It’s so coquettish!!!

Ye Si Nian’s expression was calm whilst he did a victory lap in his heart, as if really moved by Qin Shiyue’s concession, he couldn’t help but lean to kiss his cheek.

Qin Shiyue pupil contracted as his body turned stiff for a brief second before quickly regained his composure.

Really…too enthusiastic! How could one bear to refuse!

Qin Shiyue squinted and no longer looked at Ye Si Nian, not realizing that his red-tipped had already exposed his mood…

Every time with this foolish and shy second personality, Ye Si Nian couldn’t help but tease him!

Trying to suppress the coming smile, Ye Si Nian’s eyes went soft with a hint of a smile.
“Gege, I just want to get something.
It’s not like am looking for conflict with others okay?”

“Are you still using this persuasion method? I am not stupid you know!” Qin Shiyue retorted as he strongly resisted, his lips were drawn tight and he impatiently lifted his chin, pointing towards the door: “Don’t be a mother-in-law! Let’s go!”

I just hope that this will be all right!

In Ye Sinian’s heart, the man’s little teeth and claws were very cute, and he said, “I believe in my brother!”

Qin Shiyue’s ear tip was red again, and he looked angry, “Stop saying anymore.
Let’s just depart already!”

Ye Si Nian took a serious look behind him and then they both left, heading towards the original host’s apartment.


Trying to be strong with a smile as the amount in the card shrank was quite difficult for Huang Dezheng who had never really cared about money before.
He could not help but feel hurt.

However, since he had already promised to treat his lover’s father, how could he renege on his words?

The money was originally saved up for a house.
Now that a house was already in place, it would be better to used to do good things than to store the money in a meaningless way!

Reluctantly suppressing the suffocation in the heart, Huang Dezheng unscrupulously put the documents into the folder.
He left the bank counter with an expression full of love and care as he faced Su Yibai.

Hearing that his elderly lover really gave his family so much money, Su Yibai was beyond moved and he was so excited that he threw himself sobbingly into Huang Dezheng’s arms.

“Thank you! Thank you…” Su Yibai whimpered.
Not knowing what else he could say in appreciation.

Realising the effect it had on his lover, Huang Dezheng’s depressed mood became better.
He didn’t care about the mood of others at this time.
He lowered his head to kiss Su Yibai’s cheek affectionately “We are each other’s lovers, what’s the thank you for?”

Su Yibai’s cheeks reddened and he became shy.
He looked hesitantly at Huang Dezheng’s gentle gaze.
With a bit of determination, he bit his lips and whispered: “We… let’s go home first!”

Huang Dezheng puzzledly examined his redder face.
Su Yibai, who was ashamed glanced away with anger.
It suddenly dawned on Huang Dezheng and he excitedly grabbed his arms, asking, “You…you are willing?”

Su Yibai bit his lip ashamedly, “Well…”

Excited to the extreme, how could Huang Dezheng continue to think of a few zeros in his card? The monkey (Huang Dezheng) hurriedly pulled Su Yibai out of the bank.
They decided against the crowded bus and instead took a taxi back to the apartment.

To tell the truth, it cannot be said that Huang Dezheng only thought with his little brother’s head, after all, every day in the arms of his lover he was afraid of hurting him because of the experience Su Yibai had had to endure.
In fact, Huang Dezheng had suffered very hard throughout this time!

Now that his lover has finally solved the knot, how could he continue to be gentle and endure?!

The door to the room was hurriedly opened as Huang Dezheng quickly removed Su Yibai’s clothes.
He laid the weak-keened Su Yibai, down on the bed.
The action immediately intensified…


The two drove the car in an unhurried manner, and in the middle of the journey, they even went to have a simple and delicious lunch.
It was almost afternoon when the arrived, standing outside the apartment.

Ye Si Nian did not intend to knock on the door, he casually used his key to open the door.
After all, this was the house he had lived in for several years, why should he knock on the door of his home?

Although there must be someone else in right now, and he might see any indecent things by his unannounced presence, but he has never been one to show mercy to those scum males.

As the door opened slightly, Ye Si Nian keenly heard the unconcealed groans and moans inside.
His eyebrows rose in surprise.
After a quick thought, he was also smiling weirdly.
He fully pushed the door open.

He had not expected that this coincidence with his timing! One must know that according to the original trajectory of the story, Su Yibai had only one man, Rong Buping.
Although he and Huang Dezheng were indeed together, for various reasons, they actually did not have a relationship*!

But now…they were actually in the bed together.

Some wouldn’t know what kind of expression to put on.
Ye Si Nian simply kept his face expressionless as he walked inside.

Fortunately, Huang Dezheng was not so careless and did not do this kind of thing in Pei Xiuning’s room, otherwise, he would not be able to maintain his present calm expression, maybe he would be disgusted enough to kill…

Probably did not think that someone else would come in, so the door of the room was not closed at all, it was wide open, and even from the living room, you could directly see the bed and the two people on it.

Ye Si Nian slowly walked into the kitchen, washed some fruits, he took Qin Shiyue to sit down on the sofa, calmly lied Qin Shiyue’s lap, closing his eyes and gracefully eating whilst listening to the sensation cries from the room that was clearing getting more and more lewd.

Qin Shiyue’s face changed.
Compared with the main personality, he was just a temperamental personality.
He doesn’t like to think too much, but obviously, he was not stupid.

When he was abroad, he knew that Pei Xiuning had a boyfriend.
He also wanted to clarify at the beginning, but the stupid rabbit was too cute.
He didn’t even ask anything, and later he even forgot about it!

But temporarily forgetting did not mean that he didn’t care! Instead, he was very concerned! So when he heard the stupid rabbit saying he wanted to come back to the apartment to pack up his things, he had to definitely follow along!

Really! His decision had never been wrong! If this time he hadn’t come along, what if the stupid rabbit was bullied!


Listening to the increasingly high-pitched cries coming from the room, Qin Shiyue reached out and pulled the fruit tray closer, and fed his lover with his eyes fixed on his lover’s face whose eyes was closed.

Although the stupid rabbit on his lap seemed to be unaffected, Qin Shiyue was still unhappy, he must find an opportunity to pack up those two bastards!

The stupid rabbit is his! Even though stupid he could only be bullied by him!

Pillowed on the sturdy and powerful thighs his lover, accepting fruits being fed by his lover, Ye Si Nian only felt comfortable and soon would fall asleep.

The two people in the room ended their fierce battle and did not give him the chance to fall asleep.

The noise finally calmed down, and Ye Si Nian frowned as he opened his eyes.
He got up from Qin Shiyue’s lap and sat up straight.
In a blink of an eye, his body suddenly changed, from a lazy and comfortable posture to an icy contempt one.
There was some slight ridicule within his eyes, and the smile on the lips seemed to be tempting and full of evil intentions.

Qin Shiyue, who sat on the side and saw this scene inadvertently, his eyes widened in surprise and his heart was thrilled.


Su Yibai was weak and soft on the bed, and his white tender flesh was now red full of love and its traces could be seen.

Huang Dezheng sat up with satisfaction and smiled as he carried Su Yibai to the bathroom outside the room.
He couldn’t help but pinch his buttocks.

Su Yibai hugged his neck with a shy face, and when he was pinched, he only twisted his body symbolically.

Huang Dezheng ‘s heart was given a fright, the idea of ​​coming out of the bathroom came out in his mind.
The two figures sitting on the sofa were noted in his eyes.

“How come you are here?!” Huang Dezheng was shocked, knowing that none of them was wearing clothes!

“Here is my home, I am the one to be asking that question.” Ye Si Nian gazed at him with a sneer, his eyes turned to the stunned Su Yibai, looking him up and down, he said: “Who are you? And why are you in my house?!”

“…I…” Su Yibai’s face turned pale and instantly stared at the sofa, looking at Ye Si Nian with a sullen look.
A moment had passed when he finally realized that he was not currently wearing clothes! Screaming and holding Huang Dezheng, he decided to hide behind him.

Huang Dezhen pulled a randomly thrown shirt from the side of the table so that he could cover the lower body of them both.

Huang Dezheng had never been so embarrassed! He gave Ye Si Nian a gloomy look and said mercilessly: “I think it was clear in the email that we have already broken up, and I don’t like being entangled.
What are you doing here?!”


Ye Si Nian eyebrows rose, and he knew that the message that he had thrown to trash without reading was actually about this case!

Ye Si Nian looked at them maliciously and tried to make himself appear more righteous and resigned.
He mockingly raised his lips and slowly said, “Did you… forget one thing?”

“What?” Huang Dezhen impatiently asked.
The more he looked at Pei Xiuning the more he felt his eyes were being tarnished, and he couldn’t wait for him to disappear immediately, so he impatiently said again,

“Don’t talk anymore! I don’t love you at all.
I accepted your request but it was a mistake.
Don’t take it seriously!”

Ye Si Nian’s eyes widened and almost wanted to crack his head open to see the strange brain structure inside!

“So why are you still living here?!”

Huang Dezhen’s expression at once became unreadable.
“What do you mean? It was you who let me move in and live here!”

“Should I say thank you?” Ye Si Nian sarcastically replied “Thank you for remembering that this is my place?! Since you think it was a mistake to accept my request, why do you still live in my house? Oh! I know, are you running out of money? You can’t afford the rent outside, so you rely on living here.”

“You!” Huang Dezheng’s face changed drastically, pointing angrily at Ye Si Nian.
He became so angry to the point of being unable to form words.

In his mind, after Pei Xiuning was rejected, he would naturally disappear as he did before.
He would not come back here and question his right to continue to live here.

After all, he knew how weak Pei Xiuning’s character was, in addition, the condition of this apartment was very good.
It was very much in line with his identity in his heart, so he did not think about moving out!

“What am I? This is my house, now I don’t want you to live in it!” Ye Si Nian arrogantly lifted his chin and continued, “Please leave now!”

“Pei Xiuning! You better don’t regret it!” Realizing that he was indeed at a disadvantage, and since he considered himself to be a highly cultured person, he naturally disdains to quarrel with others, so he could only put down this sentence full of threats with a stern face.
He and Su Yibai went inside the room to pack up.

He had always cherished his face! How could it not be better to just leave now?! Did he want to stay here and continue to be driven to anger?!

And Pei Xiuning loves him so much, he would certainly regret it! Once he figured it out and begged for his forgiveness, today’s humiliation will definitely be returned!


Was he just going to let them go so easily? Don’t you really want to beat them hard!

When Qin Shiyue had been particularly violent since the two came out of the room, but fortunately, he remembered his promise to the stupid rabbit that he would not be impulsive.
He just had to tolerate and endure it.

But now watching the two men rushing away with their bags and the stupid rabbit did not seem to care about it, so Qin Shiyue couldn’t help it anymore.

Was the stupid rabbit deceived by them? Or does stupid rabbit actually have feelings for the middle-aged uncle and was, therefore, reluctant to beat him?

No, no! Definitely not the latter!

You have such a handsome guy sitting next to you for comparison, stupid rabbits would have to be stupid to look at that person!

So, does that mean the stupid rabbit was deceived?

Right! After all, it is a stupid rabbit!

Thinking that someone would dare to lie to his stupid rabbit under his nose, Qin Shiyue was ready to explode his anger! He abruptly stood up and wanted to walk over to smash them.
He was swiftly stopped by Ye Si Nian from behind.

Qin Shiyue watched as the two men walked out of the door.
Looking back angrily at Ye Si Nian, “Stupid rabbit! What are you doing?!”

Ye Si Nian once again ignored the “stupid rabbit”, and helplessly said: “Of course, to prevent you from running over and hitting people!”

Did you stop me for someone else?!!


Are you really the latter? !!

Qin Shiyue was so angry that his chest was violently going up and down, his eyes were fiercely glaring at Ye Si Nian, who was still holding him.

True! Stupid rabbit is like a child, his eyes were so blind!!!

Ye Si Nian smiled lightly.
How could he possibly let the Virgin Mary go so easily?

This house was bought by him.
He lived here for a few years.
Although he was not very familiar with his neighbours, he was very familiar with their preferences.

They didn’t close the door when they opened the door.
The pair of people who had just forgotten there were doing such passionate and lewd cries.
How could the gossipy neighbours let go of such juicy gossip?

They have been hiding behind the door and secretly watching it.

Such a good show, how could he destroy it before it reached the peak?

Huang Dezheng, who walked out with Su Yibai, who was currently unable to move, must not have thought of it.
His unbearable embarrassment had long been watched by everyone.

He cared about his reputation and image.
When the rumour reached his ears, what kind of expression would he have? He was looking forward to…

However, that was for later.
His current priority was to find a way to coax his stupid lover who was getting mad over his ridiculous thoughts.

Well…how to coax…?

Su Yibai, whose legs were soft and was unable to move conveniently, was pulled along.
A strand of heat flowed down his leg, it looked disgusting.

Su Yibai’s face was pale, but Huang Dezheng, who was angry at the moment, wouldn’t even pay attention to him at this time, so he had to bite his lip and entered the room with tears in his eyes…


Qin Shiyue rushed back to the house without saying a word, he was tempted to blow up, but he was afraid of hurting the stupid rabbit, so he kept suppressing it.

Ye Si Nian also did not say a word, and when he got home, he went into the bathroom without saying anything.

The more he thought about the more frustrated he was! Qin Shiyue was tense like a trapped beast as he moved about in the study.
The desk was already in chaos, and there were scattered documents on the floor.

Just as his anger was reaching the apex, the study door was opened, and the stupid rabbit who had just taken a bath with a towel around his body leisurely walked in.

His body was covered with a thin layer of tight and well-proportioned muscles.
The skin was fair and smooth, the waist, thin but not weak.
At first glance, it was full of explosive power.

His eyes glided uncontrollably as he observed the man’s movement.
Qin Shiyue was frozen in place, his heart almost stopped beating, and a thought flashed in his mind flashed that allowed him to recover his heartbeat whose speed soared to the limit.

Ye Si Nian was getting closer and closer, and Qin Shiyue, who only had a theoretical experience, wanted to step forward into his (Ye Si Nian’s)arms, but Qin Shiyue’s brain was blank, and he didn’t know where to start…

Intensely attracted to his lover who was stunned, he pressed his naked and exposed skin on the man’s thin shirt and gently rubbed on them.

The man’s reaction was very interesting.
Ye Si Nian pursed his lips and pushed the man slightly on his shoulder to make him sit down on the large chair.

Smiling as Qin Shiyue raised his head to look up at him, Ye Si Nian’s index finger hooked up his chin and he bent to kiss the tense tightly-close thin lip.

Effortlessly prying his lover’s lips open, Ye Si Nian invaded his soft tongue constantly wreaking havoc in Qin Shiyue’s mouth.
He licked and played with Qin Shiyue’s sensitive mouth before his lover finally reacted.

The breathing became more intense, his lover’s strength also increased, Ye Si Nian hummed and pulled away from Qin Shiyue’s mouth and gently licked his lower lip.

“I want you, Qin Shiyue.”

Looking at his lover’s suddenly large eyes, Ye Si Nian smiled smugly, kissing his earlobe and licking his ears he murmured slowly, “I want you… Qin Shiyue… I want you……”

If one could hold back at this time, would he still be a man?!!

Qin Shiyue slammed down Ye Si Nian’s thin waist, suppressing his desire.
His voice was hoarse with craving, “Stupid rabbit, do you know that you are playing with fire?!”

Ye Si Nian raised an eyebrow and replied to the question with action instead.


With his long leg stretched, Ye Si Nian sat on Qin Shiyue’s lap, lowering his head to nibble on his throat, he felt his slight trembling and repressed gasp.
He flexibly untied his clothes and put his hands on the well-defined chest.

No longer be a man!!

Qin Shiyue made a beast-like roar and kissed Ye Si Nian’s fragile neck hard.
The hands clinging behind him tore open Ye Si Nian’s towel.


The next afternoon Ye Si Nian sat up in bed sourly and examined the various traces all over his body.
He was full of regrets.

He really underestimated the enemy’s fighting power!

The two personalities were frightening! They being virgins who were almost thirty years old was also dreadful! The combination of the two resulted in being tossed from yesterday afternoon to this morning was scary!!!

When Qin Shiyue and Pei Yiyuan took turns in battle, who said that having a double personality was amazing? !!

Complaining in his heart, Ye Si Nian saw the door being pushed open, and Pei Yiyuan came in with a gentle smile like a spring breeze.

“Woken up? Are there any uncomfortable place in your body?” Pei Yiyuan went near the bed and knelt on one knee as he reached out and placed Ye Si Nian into his arms.

“No.” Ye Si Nian gave a serious thought about it.
He felt that the communication last night was really hearty and he enjoyed himself.
It was normal for the muscles to be sore, and it was obvious that he was clean and dry now, so he decided to praise instead, “I felt very good last night!”

“It will get better in the future!” The performance of the first time last night was affirmed.
Pei YiYuan felt a little proud in his heart.
He bowed to kiss Ye Si Nian’s lips.
“Yes, Qin Shiyue wanted me to ask how you intend to deal with those two?”

Speaking about the incident, the second personality was embarrassed to come out himself to ask.
Ye Si Nian’s lips twitched and said: “I decided to sell the apartment.”

“That’s it?” Pei Yiyuan raised his eyebrows, he also had no good feelings for the two people.

“Don’t underestimate the power of gossip…” Ye Si Nian shook his head with a smile and said, “Otherwise, you just wait and see! Without me, they are well able to kill themselves!”

“Then I’ll wait and see.” Pei Yiyuan’s arm wrapped around him as he lifted Ye Si Nian up to carry to the bathroom.
He did not care and decided to change to a more important topic, “I just went out for a walk and bought your favourite.

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