ily suppressed his anger and violence.


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The warm breath blew against his ear, Qin Shiyue frowned appearing unhappy, but the tip of his ears turned uncontrollably red.
He curled his lips and rubbed his lover’s hair with his big hands: “Stupid rabbit, don’t be cheeky! “

At the top of a towering building in the centre of the city, Rong Buping slapped the table sharply and yelled: “Let him roll for me[1]! Why doesn’t Chen Guang drop dead!”

 [1] To Roll: Get lost!

The assistant timidly lowered his head, thinking of Vice President Chen who had participated in the underground activities of the Love Home Orphanage many times, and his heart was full of resentment.

It’s just a matter of having fun.
The man even played with a teenager who didn’t know how serious he was and died as a result.
He was even so stupid to be photographed! What was even more hateful, in order to cover up his foolish behaviour, he even started to work inside the company.
A piece of sh*t! As a result, many senior executives in the company were also implicated in this major incident!

You know, the truth this time was too serious! They wanted to use all means when the videos and recordings were exposed online, but the people who exposed the videos were so high-tech that they couldn’t suppress them at all!

Now, almost everyone in the country was paying attention to every step of the matter.
Vice President Chen and those involved in senior management cannot escape!

Naturally, they don’t care about the lives of these people, but the key was that the clear connection in the transaction records that have their positions in the company!

There were so many people involved that were from Rongshi! Black-hearted enterprises!!!

The public scolded, and the government officials were ambiguous in the past.
The competitors took the opportunity to attack, and Rong’s stock price plummeted!

Rong Buping has been so busy over the past few days, thinking of the so-called uncle who dragged Rong to this point, he couldn’t wait to blow him up! How could I help him?!!

“Tell her! It’s too tricky for me to get involved!” After venting his anger, Rong Buping loosened his tie angrily, and said maliciously: “If she loves my uncle as she said, she will go to Rong’s old house to find the old man! She’ll see if he can save Chen Guang! “

The older Rong was, the savvier he became, how could he step into the bottomless mud for an illegitimate child who may not even remember his appearance?

The assistant criticised in his heart, but he did not dare to touch the tiger’s beard whilst in fury.
He only dared to nod his head cautiously, and walked out of the office quickly.

In front of the company, Chen Guang’s wife, who was stopped by the security guard, was still making a ruckus.
It was a headache to think about!

The assistant walked into the elevator with a gloomy face, and suddenly felt that if one had to die on their own, no one could save them! Just like Vice President Chen, who was taken away by the police from his mistress in a hurry, was raised by Rong’s family and he would not think of doing such a thing…

In the vacant office, Rong Buping was smoking cigarettes with a dark complexion, looking down at the plan that was spread out on his desk, with an obscure expression.

His plan to let Chen Rong steal back Pei’s plan to enter into the domestic market was just a whim, no matter how strong Rong might be, he couldn’t really stop the footsteps of a large international company.
What he had previously thought of was to take the opportunity to make a trip and disgust the legendary elegant and bright President Pei.

After all, Yancheng Port’s water was too deep, and there were too many interest groups involved, and if it was to be developed as soon as possible, it would definitely take some means that cannot be brought to the surface.
He never thought of getting involved in it before.

But now, can he use this to divert public attention to Pei …

The phone rang suddenly, and Rong Buping, who was disturbed by his thoughts, answered the phone with a dark face.

“The boss isn’t good! We won the bid! It was Pei’s pit!” On the other side of the phone, the young man’s voice was almost terrified.

“What do you mean!” Rong Buping’s face was dark, and the empty hand subconsciously squeezed the plan on the table.


He heard Rong Buping’s anger almost concealed, and the voice on the other side of the phone was even more panicked.

According to the plan received by Chen Rong, they knew Pei was ruthless and had to win Yancheng Port and the psychological price was very high.
As an old rival company, Rong’s naturally could not let go of this opportunity, So they wanted to take the opportunity to raise prices, thinking about draining Pei’s liquidity, but did not expect …

Obviously, the price has not yet reached the bottom line on the plan, Pei’s person in charge actually withdrew from the competition! Who was the person that wanted to win Yancheng Port at all costs?! He turned out to be acting?!

Talking, the young man on the other side of the phone was also angry!

The price had been raised higher.
In the end, only the two of them were competing.
How could he have imagined that the person would withdraw at the last minute!

It cost a lot of money to win the bid! Also getting involved in that muddy water!

To make matters worse!

The man on the other side of the phone was still unwittingly shrugging off his responsibility.
Rong Buping squeezed the phone tightly, shaken by the shock of the news, his trembling body became unbalanced and had to sit down in the chair behind him.

Suddenly, he seemed to see Rong’s utterly defeated future.

What happened? Obviously, this should not have been the case!

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