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Beware: slightly disturbing chapter

On the other side of the orphanage, different from the simple decoration on the outside.
The huge space interior was exquisite and magnificent, and the gorgeous crystal chandelier emitted a bright light, giving a dignified look to the dirty and dark transaction below.

Many of the faces that have just left, clearly reappeared.
It was completely different from the barely maintained demeanour at the auction site.
Almost everyone here no longer struggled to conceal their desires.

Their eyes greedily and explicitly looked up and down at the children performing on the stage.

Mingming, obviously only ten years old, it should have been the most innocent pure and immaculate age.
At this time, he was holding a stiff smile with a numb expression and wore poor clothes with little cloth on the stage.
Posing one after another on the stage to fan the people’s desires.

The sound of saliva swallowing echoed one after another, and a balding man with a flushed face stared at the stage with an unwilling glance at him and said with a rough voice: “Boy in the middle with blue clothes, I will give a million!”

“1.5 million!”

“2 million!”

“3 million!”


Listening to the following quotations getting higher and higher, the competition was getting fiercer.
The two people in charge of maintaining order on the stage looked at each other unscrupulously, their eyes were full of excitement and contempt for the upcoming dividend.


F**k! This group of people usually look dignified and formal, but they prefer this sort of thing! What’s so good about such a small boy? Really f**king pervert!

Although they did feel a bit uneasy at the beginning of their work here but wasn’t it that the way the world worked, and things are? Money can make the world go around.
A teenager could net millions if they are sent out to play for them for a few months.
If they don’t die, then they can be sold later.
Even f they don’t come back alive, the cornea and kidneys can still be sold.
Whatever you think about it, it was like a quick bargain!

As for morality? conscience?

What’s use was that stuff?

As the atmosphere was getting more intense, a phone rang, and the bald man with a thick red neck who was shouting a price had his voice almost choked by the ring tone!

As he answered the phone, preparing to yell, he heard the woman’s shrill cry, even in this noisy and chaotic environment, one could hear her panic and despair.

The bald man’s heart jumped and he shouted, “What happened?!”

The woman screamed incoherently and uttered the truth of the matter, and heard clearly what happened.
The bald man looked pale, cold sweat on his forehead streamed down, as he shivered for a long time.
The weak legs then stood up and staggered out to the door …

As soon as he took a few steps, he heard another phone ring.
Watching the man pull out the phone impatiently, he returned to his senses and chased by a ghost, he rushed out.
He was almost turned over several chairs in a panic.

“Lao Zhang’s wife gave birth? Why do you look scared witless?” He ridiculed his old acquaintance who was next to him as he picked up the phone.
Staring disdainfully at the bald man running fast.

But soon, all the expressions on his face froze after hearing what was said on the phone, and his brain was buzzing for a moment, and there was only one sentence left in his mind: “Come back! The orphanage thing is exposed !!! ”

At this time, it was the peak time of surfing the Internet at 8 or 9 pm.
There were a lot of people surfing the Internet at leisure.
People who browsed the web aimlessly watched videos and played games.
Everyone was having fun.
Then a small window popped up on the computer screen suddenly appeared.


Many people naturally thought it was an ad and chose to close it without looking at it, but there were also some people who were attracted by the seemingly weird title above.
“Love Home Orphanage Hidden Secrets Video?” What was this?

Many people open the video out of curiosity or inappropriateness, but when the video was actually opened, everyone’s face changed.

The cruelly beaten children on the screen, the pair of numb eyes, the dirty trades that made people shudder even across the screen …

People’s first reaction was disbelief, but when it was discovered that such videos were overwhelming on the Internet, the initial suspicion instantly turned into rage.

When some finally people responded and wanted to delete the evidence on the Internet, they found that it was too late.

As long as one person has watched such a cruel and inhuman video, the raging flood can no longer be contained.
It was sent from one to a hundred.
The clear evidence of the crime exploded like an atomic bomb

Such a cruel video of dehumanising behaviour with the transaction records of all those high-ranking officials ad rich people became famous on the internet in an instant! People’s boiling anger could no longer be suppressed! In today’s society of legalization and equality for all, how could such a dark and cruel thing happen where everyone was equal under the rule of law!

Those were still children! How could they, how could they bear to treat them cruelly?


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