iscovered Ye Si Nian’s unusual behaviour and guessed that his purpose of participating in this charity auction may not be as simple as he thought, but even so, he still could not bear any slightest suspicion and doubt.


He was just only a little worried for now.
Since he stepped into this building, he felt that his heartbeat started to beat faster, and he also felt like there was something cold behind him.
His whole body was unconsciously tensed as if waiting for something bad to happen.

In the long, quiet and dark corridor, the lights were far away, casting large and strange shadows on the ground.
the sound of the leather shoes stepping on the ground also sounded weird at this moment, making people nervous.

Pei Xiuyuan licked his lips unconsciously, looking at a closed iron door not far away, and felt his heart suddenly contracted.

As they got closer to the rusted iron door, a strange sense of crisis suddenly came.
Pei Xiuyuan clenched his lips tightly, guarding very closely and stepping forward to keep Ye Si Nian behind.
“It’s okay, there’s no one in the building.” At least there were no living people.

Ye Si Nian lowered his eyelids and his face became complex.
If he remembered correctly, the building had been abandoned long ago.
Now it was a place where all sort was stored in the orphanage But ten years ago, it was the whole world in the impression of young Pei Xiuning.

He didn’t remember where he came from, and he didn’t know if he had any parents or relatives.
From the time he could remember, he had been living in a small cage in this building.
The staff gave them regular food and water as if raising livestock.
Don’t even mention drinking and eating warm food, they didn’t even know what it was like to be full and warm.

Probably because he grew up better, Pei Xiuning and several other good-looking children were selected and taken away.
The staff pushed the cage from the first floor to the third floor, where each of them began to have a small room.

The room was in actuality just a bigger cage, but for Pei Xiuning, who knew nothing at the time, it was the best thing in the world!
How wonderful! Here, he could finally lie straight and sleep, and what delighted him most was that he had a small window for ventilation, and he could secretly look at the outside world!

Although the so-called outside world was just a corridor where there was no particular movement, however, who could appreciate the happiness that overflowed from the bottom of his heart?

But the darkness was endless.
He still was unable to eat enough every day, and some people came to order him to pose in various painful postures every day, doing so in order to shape his perfect body so that he could sell for a good price in the future.

But what was the perfect form? What was a good price?

At that time, Pei Xiuning didn’t understand anything.
He only knew that if he did not follow the order, he would definitely not be able to bear the punishment later.

That day continued until he was six or seven years old.
He was suddenly taken out of the room.
In the past, he never fully noticed they saw him as a dead person with a charming face.
He was held firmly and roughly pushed into the arms of a middle-aged man with a horrible smile.

The man touched his back with a smile filled with evil that disgusted him and fuelled his nightmares for later years.

Fortunately, and in God’s care, they encountered a car accident shortly after leaving the orphanage.
The man who was extremely ugly and terrible in his impression died in a pool of blood …

Later, he was taken back by the people in the orphanage, but after seeing the outside world, how could he still endure the life that even pigs and digs were inferior to?

He escaped and later met his adoptive parents who cared for him.
He got rid of the nightmare life, but the fear was so profound that he never dared to remember it again.
Now it was time to uncover the scars and get rid of the shadows.

Ye Si Nian closed his eyes and took a deep breath, he suppressed the sudden writhing darkness in his mind to the extreme.
When he opened his eyes again, his eyes were already clear.

Pei Xiuyuan frowned upon hearing his words.
Ye Si Nian’s face was a little pale, but he walked out from behind Pei Xiuyuan and opened the door that made him recall the dark memory from many years ago.

The heavy iron door was pushed open, and a long “squeak” sound made people feel only creepy.
Weak light was thrown into the room through the window, and Ye Siyan narrowed his eyes.
He quickly adapted to the oppressive darkness and walked towards the interior.

Pei Xiuyuan followed him without a word and glanced over the infant specimens that were soaked in jars lined up in rows.
His eyes turned cold and were unbelievably and unexpectedly surprised.

Step by step, he saw, the more doubts he had accumulated in his heart.
Why did his brother want to take advantage of no one being here to come to this place? Why was he so familiar with this place? What did he want to do?

Gazing at his lover’s pale face that could still be seen even in the dim light, Pei Xiuyuan expression tightened as he continued forward…

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