Rong Buping? Why did he appear here?!!

Ye Si Nian frowned and examined the president’s hidden unhappy face.

Rong Buping was the protagonist of this world.
Naturally, he is not very old and looked very handsome.
He had been in a high position all the year-round.
Even if he tried to keep a low profile just like now, he would still inadvertently reveal his hand and show that kind of dominating momentum.

Gently raising an eyebrow, Ye Si Nian thought, sure enough, the president of Tianliang Wang started their attack! Must be due to a leak.

Glancing at the assistant in disappointment, Rong Buping frowned and observed Pei Xiuyuan who didn’t know who he was at all.

His line of sight collided, and Rong Buping was surprised to meet the phoenix eyes full of interest and scrutiny, that his heart suddenly moved.

It was completely different from what he imagined.
This Ye Tezhu[1] who was obviously close to Pei Xiuyuan, was not a girl.
On the contrary, although his features were exquisite and beautiful, the self-confidence and brilliance revealed in his eyebrows would not make people mistake his gender.

 [1] Special assistant that helps the head in managing the business.

It was obviously a man.

Rong Buping narrowed his eyes, as he became increasingly interested in Pei Xiuyuan.

After all, the change in character from apathy to being gay was still interesting.


Rong Buping eyes quietly swept their hands, and he suddenly revealed a slight smile.

He himself was a cold-blooded man and had lost count of the men he had gone through, but it was clear that those people had all kinds of purposes.
He may have been able to enjoy physical pleasure from them, but they couldn’t get his heart.

Su Yibai was the first person he encountered whom he had a physical relationship, but the person held no ulterior motive.
He was very interested in the simple child, but he had seen too many betrayals and darkness that he had no nope for the so-called love.

But now……

Rong Buping pushed his glasses, covering up the sudden anger and ridicule in his eyes.

How could Pei Xiuyuan get what he himself couldn’t get?

These two people, I don’t know what kind of interests are involved in them getting close to each other …

Thinking of this, Rong Buping smiled suggestively at Ye Si Nian who looked at him.

He suddenly felt that if he succeeded in grabbing the man who looked very attractive, he would definitely get more pleasure and accomplishment than annexing Pei.

Watching the man who once leaned in his arms lying under other men, Pei Xiuyuan’s expression would be very interesting at that time …

Ye Si Nian frowned oddly at the smiling Rong Buping, who was not far away and was stunned by thunder.

Is that person is really the president of Tianliang Wang Po who was so overbearing and cold? Why are you laughing so hard?! And in public.


He spat in his heart.
Ye Si Nian turned around and stared at Pei Xiuyuan next to him so that he could wash his blinded eyes with his lover’s handsome face.

But … he’s such a good-looking lover …

Pei Xiuyuan was in a good mood when he realized that Ye Si Nian was staring at him, his mood became even better.
He gave a charming smile.

Being caught staring, his face became flushed as he embarrassedly withdrew his eyes.

Seeing his lover blush at the neck, Pei Yuanyuan’s smile became wider, and he couldn’t help turning his head to kiss the corner of his lips.

“?!” The temperature on his face was getting higher and higher, and Ye Si 

Nian couldn’t help but glance at him.

Facing the angry eyes, Pei Xiuyuan only felt a ** in his heart, and almost couldn’t resist outright kissing him.

Not wanting to deal with this sperm-brained guy, Ye Si Nian rolled his eyes and sat upright, coughing solemnly, before glancing back to the stage.

He was here to do business!

The heart was full of regrets, but Pei Xiuyuan also knew that this was not the place nor the time for that, he could only helplessly sigh and clasp his lover’s hand.

“Ten thousand!”

The auction was still ongoing.
Huang Dezheng waited for a long time and found that the higher the bids became, the more he wouldn’t be able to save, as it was even more likely for him to spend more.
So he could only look at the spendthrift crowd and said in a sullen voice to Su Yibai: “Bid!” 

Su Yibai had been ready long ago, just waiting for him to speak! Hearing the words, he couldn’t help but be shocked, and said hurriedly, “Fifteen thousand!”

As soon as he heard that he added five thousand, Huang Dezheng felt a pain in his heart and couldn’t help saying: “Don’t add so much at once!”

Su Yibai turned around in surprise and looked at him puzzledly.

After a while of embarrassment, Huang Dezheng secretly blamed himself for being polluted by Pei Xiuning’s businessman ways.
He even felt distraught because he had donated more money to the orphanage.
It really was not right! 

However, how could this sort of psychological activity be said that would damage his image in front of his lover, so he said seriously, “you are still young and don’t understand these hidden rules of interpersonal communication.
Others are adding one thousand slowly, and you add five thousand at once, don’t you let others lose face? Take your time, we’re not in a hurry! “

After listening to his words, Su Yibai’s face turned red, thinking in his heart that Mr Huang has always been so kind-hearted, and thinks of others first! How could it stop just because of money?!!

Sure enough, he was still very impetuous!

Nodding in shame, Su Yibai took a deep breath and sat upright, with a serious face, he re-entered into the bidding.

However, he has learned well this time, and the minimum amount is increased by 1,000 each time, for fear that too high a price will embarrass others.

Huang Dezheng sat and listened to the rising numbers, the chill in his heart became heavier, and the modest smile on his face became more and more rigid.

Countless times he wanted to tell him not want to add any more, but he was afraid that it would destroy his perfect image in Su Yibai’s heart.

“Forty thousand!” Ye Si Nian opened his mouth indifferently, glanced at the fragile boy who was flushed with excitement.

Exquisite and beautiful melon seed face[1], soft and weak voice, voluptuous wet eyes and a delicate body that looks weak and irresistible.

[1] See image at the end

It was indeed worthy of making a domineering president fall in love.
With such a look of pity, does it just arouse a man’s desire for protection?

But not every man eats that.

Pei Xiuyuan frowned and looked at those who were constantly struggling with his lover, saying unpleasantly: “What’s going on with this person? Adding up by a thousand, is it intentionally?”

Ye Si Nian and leaned back into the chair and said, “Forget it, let him have it if he likes it so much!”.

Give to others? How can I do this? !! Pei Yuanyuan frowned.

Seeing that the price was getting closer to his own bottom line, Huang Dezheng just sat up and looked around at Su Yibai from time to time, opened his mouth, and just wanted to persuade him that he would not take the favour of others so that he would stop bidding and let the painting go to others.
Others, a low-pitched male voice not far away sounded: “100,000!”

“101,000!” Su Yibai shouted reflexively!

But as soon as he said it, he regretted it, and finally realized what foolish thing he had done under his carelessness.
Su Yibai turned white and looked helplessly towards the omnipotent teacher.

Huang Dezheng was almost angry away at this time, but he could not vent his anger on his pure and immaculate lover.
He could only pat him on the back and whispered comfortably: “It doesn’t matter since the person likes the painting so much, he will bid again! When he makes an offer, you should not talk again! “

Faced with the threat that the deposit may become zero, Huang Dezheng could not care about any perfect image, and he spoke uneasily as he ordered him.

Su Yibai was already scared by his impulse and recklessness and nodded quickly in agreement.

The two waited stiffly for the bid, but only after the smiling host on the stage congratulated them loudly: “Thank you! Deal! Congratulations to this young gentleman! Sure enough, it’s true that heroes are young…” 

I spent 100,000 on one impulse! Su Yibai’s face suddenly turned pale, and was so guilty that he could hardly face Huang Dezheng!

At this time, Huang Dezheng did not have the mind to sort out his little lover’s mood.
He counted the little money he had left in distress and his heart almost bled! 

On the side, Pei Xiuyuan looked at Ye Si Nian incomprehensibly “Why did you stop me just now? Didn’t you really want that picture?”

Ye Si Nian shook his head, his eyes were filled with innocence: “I didn’t really want it! I just felt that it would be very shameless to sit here for a long time without speaking, so I just bid it! And since others really like it, then why should I win take it from them? “

With a glance of his shiny phoenix-like eyes, Pei Xiuyuan only felt that his heart turned soft and became a puddle of water.
He smiled and intertwined with his fingers, “If you don’t like it, don’t force it.
It’s already a great honour for us to show up!”

That’s right! Didn’t president Pei’s coming to this little-known charity auction in person give a lot of face?

Ye Si Nian nodded eagerly, and his troublemaking thoughts were suddenly satisfied, so why bother adding money to the sordid orphanage when you think of it?

If he really wants to help the poor children, he should do more than donate some money….

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