The expression froze for a moment, and when Pei Xiuyuan came back to his mind, he clearly felt the hand pressed under his body.

Silently digesting the complex mood, Pei Xiuyuan closed his eyes and just wanted to take down the person while taking advantage of the pursuit.
He saw Ye Si Nian smiling and took out the invitation letter, shaking it in front of him.

Pei Xiuyuan forced down the irritable impulse in his heart, and moved the naughty hand away, leaning back in frustration, and said, “Don’t play with fire!”

Ye Si Nian blinked and sent an innocent look, “Brother, what’s wrong with you?”

Pei Xiuyuan pinched his nose angrily: “Go back and clean up!”

“I don’t know who’s cleaning up who!” Ye Si Nian shrugged his nose, lifted his phoenix eyes slightly and gave him a sidelong glance with a wanton smile. After, he opened the door without waiting for him to say anything, and went out.

Pei Xiuyuan breathed a sigh of relief, reluctantly calming down the hotness that was evoked by the smile.
He had the mask-like elegant smile back on his face, and got out of the car behind him.

Love Home Orphanage was far from the city and the location, relatively remote.
Few people came here on weekdays, but now it was currently full.
There were a lot of expensive cars parked at the door.
The men and ladies dressed beautifully walked together and followed the reception staff into the orphanage.

Ye Si Nian observed the orphanage calmly, perhaps because of his preconceptions.
He didn’t like how it looked here.
The huge playground and neatly trimmed lawns didn’t impress, they should be children’s entertainment facilities, and at first glance, there was noticeably, no children.

A good-looking young girl was the one responsible for receiving them.
She proudly introduced the orphanage’s history whilst leading the way.

Ye Si Nian glanced at her slightly trembling fingers hidden on her side and glanced away in icy sarcasm.

Unsure whether it was due to the charity event, but the whole orphanage was brightly lit, and Ye Si Nian followed expressionlessly next to Pei Xiuyuan.
The two soon arrived at the auction site.

It wasn’t a big hall and was quickly filled with people.
The lights gradually dimmed and a middle-aged man with a straight suit walked onto the stage with a smile.

“Good evening everyone! I am the director of the Love Home Orphanage.
Thank you all coming..”.

Pei Xiuyuan looked unhappyly at the arragont director who was on the stage, he reached out and quietly caught Ye Si Nian’s hand, and complained dissatisfied “How can this man talk so much! He thought he was giving a eulogy?

Ye Si Nian glanced at him, knowing that he was dissatisfied at this moment, so he didn’t expose him, just quietly hooked his fingers and wrapped his big hand.

The smile on Pei Xiuyuan lips suddenly became a bit real, and he took the opportunity to hold his lover’s hand tighter.

Fortunately, the positions of the two were relatively covered.
Even if their fingers were entangled underneath, not many people would know.

Not far from them, Rong Buping, who had kept a low profile, flashed a hint of interest in his eyes, and his profound eyes swept over their close backs, raising his eyebrows meaningfully.

Rong had long coveted Pei.
He naturally paid a lot of attention to the current Pei’s ruler.
According to his understanding, although Pei Xiuyuan was warm and elegant on the surface, his character was actually uncertain and irritable in private.
So, for so many years, he had been alone, and he has been guessing that he may truly have a cold personality…

But now … was this a Ye Tezhu[1]?

[1] Not sure what is means.
But something along helper.
If someone knows, please notify in the comments section.

Rong Buping notified the assistant beside him and said, “Notify Chen Rong and let him find out the details of this Ye Tezhu.

The assistant was immediately shocked and nodded ,”Yes! Boss!”

Rong Buping glanced at him, frowning: “What are you doing?”

“Hmm …” The assistant quietly looked at his expression and confirmed that he was in a good mood.
Then he faltered and said: “I saw Su Yibai just now …”

“What?!” Rong Buping raised his voice sharply, “how did he come here?”

The assistant flinched: “His teacher boyfriend.
I don’t know where they got an invitation….”

Rong Buping’s face sank, and he turned to look at the assistant’s glance from time to time.

In the corner, Su Yibai sat shyly next to a middle-aged man.
His curious eyes swept across the crowd from time to time, and it seemed that he didn’t care much about the director on the stage.

Seeing his cute and curious appearance, Rong Buping’s heart became less grumpy, and a smile of determination rose to his lips.
His body was slowly straightened.

Huang Dezheng looked so self-assertive and listened with appreciation to the prestigious orphanage director on the stage giving a speech.
He only felt the sincerity of the words, this really spoke of his heart!

Wiping the tears from the corner of his eyes, Huang Dezheng turned his eyes to the expectant Su Yibai next to him.
He had just wanted to sigh with him about his longing for this noble profession and his compassion for the poor orphans.
Yi Bai leaned over in excitement and grabbed his arm, holding back his joy and lowering his voice, “Teacher! I see Sun Tianwang! He is so handsome!”

Huang Dezheng frowned with dissatisfaction, and said, “Pay attention to the occasion!”

Su Yibai, who was pleased to see his  favourite star, was stunned by his reprimand, and withdrew his hand with some grievances: “Oh …”


Seeing that his pure and immaculate lover was no longer frivolous, Huang Dezheng nodded with satisfaction and ran a hand past his back, whispered to him his lofty ideals and the tender heart of a compassionate man.

Pei Xiuning, who sought benefits could be moved by his love, then Su Yibai was so pure and kin-hearted, he would certainly love him even more after listening to his words!
The lengthy speech by the director finally ended and the auction officially began.

It was a charity auction, so in fact, the items auctioned cannot be of much value.
Most of them were gifts, and a large part, paintings of children in the courtyard, just like the first auction items being pushed onto the stage.

Ye Si Nian looked expressionlessly at the large area of ​​sunlight and grass in this painting.
His eyes swept over the children who were laughing and flying a kite on the lawn, and the coldness in his eyes grew stronger.

Sunshine, warmth, laughter, freedom …

What a beautiful picture … However, contrary to everything in the painting, the children in this orphanage have never owned these things.
All they have is endless darkness, cold, hunger, pain and bullying.

Thinking of inadvertently seeing online users’ questions about why they did not recruit volunteers, Ye Si Nian’s lips drew a cruel sneer revealing a cold irony.
With so many secrets hidden, how could they dare to let people in to volunteer?

The scene was not fierce.
After all, everyone, on the surface, came to do good deeds, and the atmosphere had always been peaceful.

After being scolded by the teacher, Su Yibai looks at Huang Dezheng expectantly.
He felt that the children in these orphanages were pitiful.
He wished to immediately take out huge sums of money to help them and the orphanage!

But he didn’t have the money himself, his family background was not good, his father was often hospitalized, and he lost his original part-time job.
Even currently, he had to rely on Huang Dezheng, so he could only sigh with regret and looked to his Saint-like Teacher Huang …

After all, an auction is an auction.
Even if the atmosphere was not intense, all the people who received the invitation letter were wealthy.
Since they came in the name of doing good deeds and donating money, naturally they can’t be too shameful, so even a child’s graffiti is often sold at the price of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.

Huang Dezheng’s face was a little red.
He was just a poor teacher.
He couldn’t even afford to buy an apartment or Pei Xiuning’s apartment.
Speaking of which, his savings were the money he used to buy a house, but now he has a place to live, so he can use it for other purposes!
He just promised to pay Su Yibai’s father’s medical expenses.
Naturally, this cannot be reversed! All in all …

Thinking of this, Huang Dezheng was a little bit embarrassed, but when his eye met Su Yibai’s eyes full of trust and expectation, he suddenly felt how he could care so much about the obstruction!
And his image has always been to devote himself to the cause of love and spare no effort to this end.
How can he shrink back at this moment?

Huang Dezheng felt fierce for a while, and patted Su Yibai’s back with a smile, and said, “Which one do you like? Let’s also take one to ease the difficult situation of the orphanage!”
Su Yibai glared in front of her eyes: “Really?”

“Of course it is true!” Huang Dezheng looked at him and pinched his hand, and said, “How can I still lie to you?”

Su Yibai’s pretty face turned red, and he gave him a look of anger.
Blushing, he looked away from him.

“One hundred thousand!” Pei Xiuyuan looked at the painting on the eye stage with admiration.
He thought that he would not do well to not participate in the charity auction, and he really liked the picture of the child sitting on the grass with a blank face, so he offered a price with a smile.

The painting with a reserve price of 1,000 was instantly raised to 100,000.
Anyone can see what the bidder thinks about the painting, anyway, it was not a masterpiece, and most of the people present were at high positions.
They were also unwilling to offend each other, so the rest did not compete.

“200,000!” Rong Buping smiled and suddenly felt how the painting looked good.

Pei Xiuyuan frowned and glanced in his direction, but he deliberately put on his glasses and changed his hairstyle today.
He did not look like the arrogant President Rong’s, and Pei Xiuyuan did not recognize him.
Thinking that he just met someone who also liked the painting, Pei Xiuyuan didn’t care, and said quietly: “Three hundred thousand!”

“…” Rong Buping pushed his glasses, and just when he wanted to raise the price, he was held by a messy assistant around him: “Boss! You promised not to attract anyone’s attention!”
Rong Buping frowned at him and shook his hand away uncomfortably, and settled back into the chair.

“One time for 300,000! Two times for 300,000! Three times for 300,000! Deal! Congratulations to this gentleman …”

Ye Si Nian raised an eyebrow and turned to look back.

That person is not …

Ye Si Nian narrowed his eyes, his pupils suddenly contracted, and the cold light flashed through his eyes.

Rong Buping!

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