s eyes darkened.
The man’s reaction was very sharp.
He should be a virgin no doubt, but … has been living with people for so long? Or his teacher?
“It should be cohabitation …” the assistant carefully said, “I haven’t found out yet.
Do you want to continue?”

“…” Rong Buping looked down and thought, still nodded: “Send someone to monitor.”


“Xiao Su, look!” Huang Dezheng smiled and pulled out a sophisticated invitation from behind, he flirted with a bit of pride, and said, “The invitation for the charity auction held by the Love Home Orphanage, would you like to come with me? ”

Su Yibai was originally doing his homework bitterly, his eyes brightened from the words.
He looked at Huang Dezheng with big eyes full of expectation and said with surprise: “Really? I can go too?”
“Of course! It took me a lot of effort to acquire! I didn’t expect that this small charity auction would be so difficult to get!” Huang Dezheng half-sighed and half-flaunted: “The good thing is that I also met some people who are dedicated to charity, and I got this ticket from a boss who would not available.”

“So rare?!” Su Yibai was surprised.
Shouldn’t the orphanage be holding a charity auction to raise money? Why was the barrier to entry set so high?

“You don’t know!” Huang Dezheng shook his head humorously: “This love home orphanage is different from other orphanages, where all the facilities and conditions are very good, and there are many sponsors, but the mentality of rich people are unlike us, if anyone can go, they may not be willing to go! ”

With that, he frowned with scorn and disgust.
He had always despised those copper-smelling businessmen.
What use is there other than making money?

Thinking of businessmen, he thought of Pei Xiuning, who disappeared on a business trip after catching him.
Huang Dezheng’s face was a little poor.
He felt that as a businessman, the position of monetary interest was always higher than his feelings.
He shouldn’t have sympathized with that person!

Turning his gaze to Su Yibai, who was curiously examining the invitation, and Huang Dezheng’s mood became much better.

Only such pure and immaculate talents were worthy to stand beside him, and he could only say that he was really confused at the time!
Gently holding Su Yibai in his arms, Huang Dezheng pinched his thin shoulders and said distressed, “Didn’t you eat more? Look at you, so thin!”

“My dad has always been in bad health, so I was mostly in the hospital.
How could I spend a lot of money eating?” Su Yibai curled up in his arms and blushed, explaining in a low voice.

“Let me help you, okay?” Huang Dezheng said, “I still have 100,000 yuan in deposits and your father’s illness cannot be delayed.”

“How can this be!” Su Yibai widened her eyes in a panic and quickly refused: “How can I take your money ?!”

“Isn’t it also yours?” Huang Dezheng hugged him in amusement and said, “Don’t worry, anyway, I get paid every month, and I don’t spend much, and that money was also kept.”
“This …” Su Yibai looked at him with grief and guilt, his eyes soon filled with tears.

“Silly child!” Huang Dezheng was amused by his helpless response, a tug in his heart had him bowing his head to kiss Su Yibai’s lips.
Su Yibai was startled, and just instinctively wanted to push away, but suddenly thought of everything this person did for him, and the resistance in his heart with regards to the other’s touch disappeared without a trace.
His face and eyes became red…

The day of the charity auction soon came coinciding with the beginning of the Chinese lantern festival.
Ye Si Nian who was seated in the co-driver seat stared at the man next to him from time to time.
Perceiving this, Qin Shiyue couldn’t help but straighten his waist a bit, and his ears turned slightly red, as he looked over at him and said in a harsh tone: “What is there to see!”
Ye Si Nian immediately shook his head, “Nothing!”


Qin Shiyue sighed with annoyance, frowned and stepped on the accelerator.

The car quickly reached its destination.
Qin Shiyue could not help but ask, staring at Ye Si Nian questioningly, “Do you not want me to come out ?!”

Ye Si Nian paused in his seatbelt removal motion and looked up in surprise at the man next to him who fiercely stared at him.
“Why do you ask that?”

Seeing the undisguised surprise in the eyes of the stupid rabbit, Qin Shiyue’s long-accumulated irritability and frustration finally disappeared, but he raised his chin, “Then you say it! Which one do you like more? ”

It turns out that this is …

Ye Si Nian found this a little funny, this second personality with the same name as his lover in his last life was really cute, so he couldn’t help but want to make a joke out of it.

Pretending, Ye Sinian looked dazed, “What?”

Qin Shiyue eyes widened in anger at this stupid rabbit in front of him!

“Answer me !!!” Qin Shiyue suddenly held the person down, his red eyes staring at Ye Si Nian’s.

Ye Si Nian mocked in his heart.
He aggressively held his cheeks with both hands and blocked his mouth swiftly.
The soft tongue tip flexibly teased the man’s mouth open and enthusiastically wrapped around the stunned man’s, as the tongues became tangled fiercely in the mouth.
The twisting and twirling resulted in a silky silver thread running down the corner of the open lips.
After a long, fierce suffocating kiss, the two gasped and separated slowly.

Very good, this time did not escape, he seemed to really care about the answer!

But his face looks different, Ye Si Nian thought to himself.

The water in those phoenix eyes was dazzling, and the slightly raised ends of the eyes were a little red due to the hot kiss, which looked inexplicably drawn with an evil allure.
The red lips were moistened with saliva, that looked bright in the dim car.
Qin Shiyue was completely frozen, there was a devil in his ears saying Go on! Kiss!
Ye Si Nian smiled as he licked the ambiguous liquid on his lips and inserted his long fingers into Qin Shiyue’s hair, saying: Which one do you like more, huh?”

Ye Si Nian reached down and accurately stroked the huge, long **** that had reacted to the kiss just now.
He rubbed amusedly.

Huh! !! !! !! !!

Qin Shiyue was totally at a loss with the stupid rabbit who behaved completely differently than usual, but this time he suddenly didn’t want to hide back into the shell, so he resisted the shame in his heart and stopped his hands.

“What do you mean ?!”

“What you like!” Ye Si Nian pouted and kissed him.
“As long as it’s you, I like it!”

With her eyes widening suddenly, Qin Shiyue took a long breath, and his eyes almost became two peach hearts.
Under the gaze of the dazzling phoenix eyes, he could no longer endure the excitement.
His heart exploded heart and the villain in his heart screamed and smashed 999 times.

As for the charity auction?

What is that?

The big devil was KO again by the fat rabbit

KO (╯ ▽ ╰) ╭

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