Pei Xiuyuan stepped in and the smile on his face which had been holding up like a spring breeze was suddenly a bit stiff.

Ye Si Nian lowered his head and took a deep breath.
He tried to suppress the smile in his heart, gingerly moved to the sofa and quickly glanced at him.

“Xiao Ning.” Pei Xiuyuan beat the second personality that caused such a mess in his heart, trying to maintain a smile and sit down beside him, “this morning…”

“It doesn’t matter!” Ye Si Nian interrupted his explanation.
Under the half long black hair, the white face was dyed pink with naked eyes.
His voice was very low, but the tone was very understanding, “It will be fine, you don’t have to feel ashamed!” After all, Ye Si Nian also glanced at Pei Xiuyuan’s three inches under the navel with very obscure eyes, which meant something.


Pei Xiuyuan could not help but feel the urge to cover his chest and spit blood silently.

Thinking of the temporary agreement he had just reached with the second personality who specialized in creating disasters.
With a headache, he turned to hold his hand and said with a serious expression: “Xiao Ning, I want to tell you something.
After listening to it, you may feel it unbelievable or scared, but…But I will not let you go! “

Ye Si Nian quietly raised his eyebrows and nodded slightly with shy eyes.

“You… Have you ever heard of dual personality? ” Pei Xiuyuan unconsciously clenched his hand and showed a little uneasiness in his eyes.

Ye Si Nian’s heart moved as if he was surprised at why he suddenly mentioned this, and his eyes widened slightly.

There was only surprise and curiosity in those clear eyes, and no disgust he was afraid of.
Pei Xiuyuan could not help but relax a little, and tentatively said, “If someone around you has a dual personality, would you hate him?”

“Why hate?” Ye Si Nian clearly saw the complex emotions in his eyes and couldn’t help but say, “would he hurt me?”

“No, of course not!” Pei Xiuyuan saw a hint of surprise in his eyes, and continued to ask with unbelievable joy, “Then what if I have a dual personality? “

“You have a dual personality?” Ye Si Nian blinked.
Suddenly, he opened his eyes like in sudden enlightenment.
“Was that Qin Shiyue this morning?”

“Yes!” In his heart, he lamented that he had finally been wronged.
Pei Xiuyuan nodded “He is the one who has a more grumpy and simple character.”

“Ah!” Ye Si Nian sighed with approval and smiled a little embarrassed, “no wonder, he was very…Very shy! “

Very, very shy….
Pei Xiuyuan’s face abruptly fell into a trance for a moment.
When he opened his eyes again, those gentle and profound eyes had been replaced by sharp and willful ones.

When you speak of the devil, Ye Si Nian: “…”

Qin Shiyue frowned and received the memory of the main personality.
His eyes grew larger and larger.
He couldn’t help but glare at him: “Who are you saying is shy?!”


“… Me ” Ye Si Nian said without hesitation: ” You kissed me, I was shy.”

Qin Shiyue frowned and looked at the shy and stupid rabbit in front of him.
His first reaction was not to believe it.
But on second thought, he also liked to show his expressionless and solemn face when he was nervous.
Then he nodded and patted him on the shoulder with a somewhat comforting tone.
“Rest assured! I won’t laugh at you! “

But I might laugh at you! Ye Si Nian’s face was moved, and he could not help leaning passionately on him.
He held his arms tightly with his hand and a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes watched him blink, softly and intimately.

Qin Shiyue, who was searching for something else to say to comfort the poor fat rabbit, suddenly froze.
He puffed his mouth and looked seriously at the face of the stupid rabbit who was close to him.
The little man in his heart and banged against his chest.

When Pei Xiuyuan came out, he saw Ye Si Nian staring at his face with a pair of round phoenix eyes.

When he thought of what that stupid thing the second personality had done, Pei Xiuyuan stroked his forehead and immediately felt that the foreseeable future would be dark.


City B, in the hotel room.

Su Yibai frowned, opened his eyes wearily, and looked around bewilderedly.

His body was sore and wracked with a headache as if he had been run over by a wheel.
Su Yibai wanted to sit up, but accidentally pulled the wound behind him, and his face turned white with pain.

He was drugged! The manager just said that he could get the money if he had a drink with him, but the wine was drugged!

And… And then he and escaped.
He entered the room where there was no one.
Last night’s chaotic and dark memory suddenly came back.
Su Yibai finally remembered what happened.
His face was pale.
His thin fingers tightly clung to the bedspread under his body.
His naked body covered with traces trembled slightly, and his eyes were full of panic.
There was no one in the room.
The man who had violated and abused him in the memory had long disappeared.
There was still a musk smell in the air.
On the white bedspread, the red and white liquid was dazzling.

Tears fell desperately.
Su Yibai bit his lower lip tightly and suppressed the desperate tears, but still couldn’t stop the crying of despair.

Trembling Su Yibai got out of the bend, grasped the clothes thrown on the ground and endured the sharp pain on his body.
He put them on one by one with his teeth clenched.


Standing at the door of the room, Su Yibai turned his head to look at the room with blank dull eyes.
If…someone knows…

No, Don’t let others know!

I can’t go back to my dorm! With the way he looked like this now, others will see something!

Thinking that others would look at him with different eyes, Su Yibai shook his head in horror, and his fingernails almost pierced his palm.

But without going back to the dormitory, where could he go? Su Yibai reached for his pocket.
His wallet and mobile phone were lost in the struggle last night.
He was broke now and couldn’t afford to go to a small hotel!

A gentle smile suddenly appeared in his despairing mind.
Su Yi’s eyes brightened, he shivered, tidied up his wrinkled clothes, and walked out, clutching the wall helplessly.

Teacher Huang! Teacher.
Huang was so kind to him, he will help him!

Huang Dezheng stood at the door of the bathroom with an iron face.
He could hear the suppressed cry of the person in the bathroom through the sound of the water.
It felt like a knife twisting in his heart.

He always liked the shy and clean student.
He could not help but pity him when he knew that his family’s condition was not good.
He even took him to his home without informing Pei Xiuning to live.

This child was so beautiful! So beautiful that he couldn’t help but yearn.
And couldn’t help taking him into his arms and using everything to protect him! But he can’t! His confession will certainly frighten such a pure student, so he can only suppress his feelings!

But now!

Thinking of the traces on the boy he had just accidentally seen, Huang Dezheng was so distressed that he couldn’t help falling into tears.

Thinking that Pei Xiuning would have to break up with him when he returned, Huang Dezheng wiped his face, shook his hands, carefully pushed the door open, and walked into the bathroom with pain.

“Don’t come here!” Su Yibai looked back swiftly and covered his body in fear.

“Don’t be afraid! The teacher likes you! I won’t hurt you! ” Huang Dezheng hurriedly took a step forward and hugged the boy who had just stood under the water with no strength and had let the hot water wash his body.

“You don’t like me, I’m so dirty!” Su Yibai finally stopped struggling under the comfort of Huang Dezheng and burst into his arms as he cried loudly.

“It doesn’t matter! Its no problem! I don’t mind! ” Huang Dezheng reached for the thin back of the boy in his arms.
For a moment, he had a certain sense of pleasure.
However, he was used to it.
He returned to his mind after a moment of daze.
He carefully held the boy in his arms and comforted him in a low voice.

“Promise me, okay? I will take good care of you! “

Su Yibai was silent for a moment, thinking of his concern for himself and his experience.
He finally nodded.

Huang Dezheng was so excited that he hugged his sweetheart more closely.

As for Pei Xiuning…He would definitely understand him.



Chen Rong stood in a rather grim-faced position, watching at Pei Xiuyuan forcefully pull of Ye Te Zhu into the elevator, and closed the elevator door in front of him.

He had been investigating for a long time and failed to dig out the details of the sudden appearance of Ye Te Zhu and Pei Xiuyuan had hidden him tightly.
Recently, Pei Xiuyuan has been keeping him close to him for a while, let alone being to steal the plan book.

And tomorrow, they were to return to China.
When they did, his plan would fail completely!

Thinking of his boasting in front of big brother, Chen Rong turned black again.

In the elevator, looking at the big hand on his waist, Ye Si Nian rolled his eye in his heart and couldn’t help saying, “What are you doing?”

Pei Xiuyuan possessively held the person in his arms and naturally said, “Go home early! Pack your bags and return home tomorrow.

“And you go with me?” Ye Si Nian frowned disapprovingly and said, “What about the company?”

“There’s a phone that can video, and those tumours are almost pulled out.
What’s the matter with whether am here or not?” Pei Xiuyuan praised his eyebrows, “Don’t you want me to go?”

“Love not to go.” Ye Si Nian rolled his eyes.

Seeing his younger brother become more and more relaxed in front of him, these small and casual movements are more and more.
Pei Xiuyuan was only extremely happy that he wasn’t as distant as before. 

Smiling, Pei Xiuyuan touched the ring on his ring finger and looked at his empty left hand.
Suddenly, he felt something in his heart.

Maybe It’s time to order a ring…


It was already afternoon; the heavy curtains were tightly closed with no light leaking out and the room was dark.

The man who had been sleeping in bed suddenly opened his eyes and turned over to sit up.

They just got off the plane this morning.
The stupid rabbit was in the next room.
He must still be asleep now.

Qin Shiyue thought about it, but he didn’t get out of bed.
Instead, he poked his hand out and took out his computer from his bag.
He solemnly logged on to the forum he often went to.

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