Qin Shiyue sat straight on the passenger seat, looking straight ahead with a blank face.
He seemed to be attentive and serious, but he was still in a daze.
He didn’t know how to process what had happened and the tip of his ear became redder.

Ye Si Nian laughed inside but outwardly looked to be nervous.
He firmly grasped the steering wheel with both hands, and said softly, “Brother, just now You… Don’t be mad… “

You dare to kiss me!!!

Finally, Qin Shiyue, who had come back to himself and glared at him with a red ear tip, and asked in an unpleasant tone, “Why did you want to stop me?”

His eyes full of interest flicked over the shy ears of the man with black hair.
Ye Si Nian pursed his lips and forced his smile away.
He hurriedly nervously said, “Since Manager Chen wants a plan, one can give it to him…”

“What a terrible idea?! You stupid rabbit! ” Qin Shiyue angrily interrupted him not bothering to conceal his anger, “I must strangle that bastard to death!”

Ye Si Nian raised his eyebrows fiercely, but now was not the time to tangle with the question of addressing him as rabbit, so he had to leave it behind temporarily and explain the plan to him helplessly.

The development of Yancheng port in A city was the pedal for the Pei company entry into the domestic market.
Pei took out tens of billions to develop Yancheng port into a mature international port, but in fact, the return it brought to Pei was not as big as others think.
Even in the process of development, it was involved in several cases of corruption and forced evictions of officials that caused a sensation throughout the whole country.
Although Yancheng port was still opened and well developed in the end.
Pei did not gain a good reputation in China, and the idea of seeking further development as a pedal had not been realized.
Strictly speaking, it was not worth the loss.

There were too many forces involved in the development of Yancheng port.
It was not suitable for Pei family, who had just stepped into the country but had not yet established a firm foothold.
Therefore, from the beginning, Ye Si Nian had no intention in going for it.
The Rong’s family had been working on Pei’s idea so long ago.
But now, if Pei intends to develop Yancheng port, Rong will try his best to trip it up.
As long as Rong steps into the trap, he will be sure to have a hard time!

Listening to Ye Si Nian’s plan, Qin Shiyue couldn’t help but squint at the red lips that were opening and closing, and then suddenly remembered the wonderful touch of the red lips that had just printed on him.
His ears were red a few times.
He felt in his heart that these cunning tricks were really incompatible with his temperament, so he pinched the hot earlobe, and gave up the control of the body.


Holding the bright red earlobes, after receiving the memory, Pei Xiuyuan’s elegant and gentle face finally cracked.

Ye Si Nian keenly noticed that the man beside him froze.
He knew that the stupid and cute second personality had only now reacted and hid.
The smile in his eyes suddenly increased.
He could not help but look back at Pei Xiuyuan expectantly and said, “Brother, what do you think of my plan?”

Pei Xiuyuan replied calmly, “This is also a good idea.”

“Really? Then you agree?! ” Ye Si Nian’s eyes widened slightly, as if very excited to be recognized by his loved ones.

“Of course, but…” Pei Xiuyuan suddenly turned sideways and narrowed the distance between the two people.
For the first time, the dark pupil faded away from the person’s habitual gentleness and elegance.
It looked very profound.
He closely watched Ye Si Nian’s eyes and his voice was full of magnetism, “But should we talk about that kiss?”

As the two came closer and closer, their noses came in close contact.
Ye Si Nian, who has no choice but to retreat, was a little confused about what he wanted to do, so he had to explain in a flurried way, “I was afraid that you would make a fuss! There was no other meaning to it! “

“Oh?” Pei Xiuyuan rubbed against the tip of his nose.
His jealousy came so strongly that he could not help but say something dangerous, “no other meaning?”

“Yes!” Ye Si Nian reached out his hand to place on his shoulder and tried to push him away, but he was Pei Xiuning now.
Pei Xiuning regarded Pei Xiuyuan differently and he wouldn’t dare to even use his strength.
It seemed as if he wanted to refuse but welcome it t the same time.

God knows what he really wanted to do now was kick this man out! Ye Si Nian inwardly rolled his eyes.

Pei Xiuyuan, of course, knew of his brother’s cautious attitude towards himself.
He was very distressed about this problem before, but now he thinks it was also very good!

Pei Xiuyuan slowly raised an evil smile that was totally inconsistent with his usual temperament.
Pei Xiuyuan reached out to hold Ye Si Nian’s hand on his shoulder and said, “are you scared of me?”

“No! No… Yes! ” Ye Si Nian quickly denied, breathing somewhat nervously and disorderly.

“That’s good.” Pei Xiuyuan’s other hand gently stroked the young man’s back neck, his long and powerful fingers were inserted into the soft hair, and he gently rubbed it.
He felt the young man’s stiffness, and the smile on his lips became more distinct.
He could not help lifting his chin slightly and kissing the tense red lips.


“!!!” Ye Si Nian’s eyes widened sharply, and he was about to step back for a moment.

“Don’t move.” Pei Xiuyuan using his palm to firmly press and hold his head back, his thin lips still stuck with him, said vaguely, “I like you very much, don’t refuse me.”

Suddenly, there was a sensation of heat on his ring finger, causing Ye Si Nian’s heart to leap, and amidst his struggling action, an incredible guess emerged.

The idea came out so suddenly and naturally, as if it were the secret that he had been waiting to discover.
He was so incredibly surprised that he couldn’t help believing it subconsciously.

“What is this?” Perceiving the wandering thoughts of the man in front of him, Pei Xiuyuan just wanted to knead his hand to let him come back to his mind, but his fingers stumbled on a hard thing.

He blinked in surprise.
He was used to all kinds of unexpected plots.
At this time, he could not help but feel uneasy.
He carefully looked at the man who was frowning at his ring finger.
Ye Si Nian was amazed and terrified.
It all seemed like an illusion He hesitated and asked: “You…know…this? “

“It’s like I have seen it somewhere, but it seems that there is no such pattern.” Pei Xiuyuan frowned and stroked the delicate leaves on the ring, it felt familiar and as if they were close to each other.
He tried to recollect them.
After a while, he shook his head in disappointment and said, “It’s a pity, I don’t remember.”

Ye Si Nian’s nose turned sour and his eyes were getting red.
He smiled and shook his head to show that it doesn’t matter.
He looked at the man in front of him tenderly and nostalgically.

Only he knew how reluctant he was to leave the world at that time.
Now, his lover has come after him?

Pei Xiuyuan looked at the young man who was laughing and crying in front of him.
He only felt that the feelings in his eyes were so heavy that they suffocated him.
He subconsciously reached out and put him in his arms.

The scorching tears of the man in his arms soon soaked his shirt, as if it had fallen on his heart, his heart was so painful that he could not restrain himself.

Pei Xiuyuan gently kissed the top of his beloved’s hair.
The satisfaction he never had seemed to have finally found the missing piece.


The next morning, Qin Shiyue opened his eyes and closed them, lazily receiving the memory of the hypocritical guy.

His tired eyes abruptly opened, his eyes widened with a sharp breath, as he unbelievably recalled last night’s memory.

They even kissed!!! Embracing each other!!! Also said to return home with others!!!

It’s a mess!!!

He turned over and sat up.
The more he thought about it, the angrier he was and the more jealous he got!

Qin Shiyue didn’t suppress his ideas at all.
He kicked Ye Si Nian’s door open and strode towards the bed with red eyes.

Ye Si Nian, who found his lover, was thrilled last night and didn’t fall asleep until very late.
The sound of the door being kicked open failed to wake him up.
His lips held a gentle and sweet smile.
He was obviously dreaming about something lovely.

Qin Shiyue angrily lifted his quilt, jumped into bed, and pressed the fat rabbit that finally woke up!

“What’s wrong?” Ye Si Nian who not awake yet asked.
He looked at his angry, red-eyed lover.

What? You also asked me what’s wrong!!!

“You, stupid rabbit!!!” Qin Shiyue was so angry that he wanted to bite the fat rabbit to death.
He thought about it and did it.
He bowed his head and blocked his mouth.

“!!!” His lower lip was hurt by his teeth.
Ye Si Nian finally woke up and struggled violently after he realized what happened.
He hid and shouted: “Pei Xiuyuan!”

You! Dare! Call! Pei!!!

Qin Shiyue’s eyes were red with rage.
He suppressed the struggling fat rabbit and shouted, “Fuck you! Who’s Pei Xiuyuan! Watch it! I’m Qin Shiyue!!! “

After that, the fat rabbit was stunned and stopped struggling.
With a strong hand, Qin Shiyue tore the fat rabbit’s pyjamas.

Qin… Qin Shi Yue?

Ye Si Nian was completely shocked.
When he came back to his senses, he saw the man who had nibbled on him at him awkwardly paused.

Ye Si Nian didn’t know what kind of expression to put on.
He moved his body hesitantly.
Just when he wanted to ask what the name was, he saw that the man who had been so angry and violent abruptly jumped up as if pricked by a needle.
His face was red, and he stared at the obvious bulge of his lower body.
He shouted angrily, “You wait!”

After shouting, he ran out like he was on fire.


Wait, wait? In this case, wait?

Ye Si Nian stood up with strange expression with mars littered over all his body, unconsciously turning his ring finger as he recalled the expression of the man looked so embarrassed enough to cry.

It’s not… It can’t be true?

Thinking of the personality that would turn red when he was poked and run to hide.
Ye Si Nian felt that he was probably right.

A feeling of resignation and amusement rolled into his heart and Ye Si Nian shook his head in tears and laughter.

But he said he was Qin Shiyue, didn’t he…

Did Old Qin follow him to the world and get divided?

Worried about him.

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