ssed his habits.
In his rage, Qin Shiyue frowned and tried to get rid of the stupid rabbit who didn’t look at people’s faces.

I didn’t expect this guy to be impulsive and grumpy to this point.
Ye Si Nian also had a hard time, so he had to press and hold him desperately, and at the same time lowered his voice, “Don’t be impulsive! Listen to me! “

How can Qin Shiyue listen to others? Now he just wants the traitor to pay!

But in the end, he still remembered to pay attention to discretion, for fear of hurting Ye Si Nian, so he didn’t dare to struggle too hard.

In this way, he couldn’t hold down the man using the pressure of his own body.
Ye Si Nian’s became furious, so he took a big move mercilessly!

Feeling the warm touch of his lips, Qin Shiyue’s eyes widened and his pupils shrank, nearly fainted by his actions.

Fuck you! Why! What! You! Yes! Here! Yes!!!

This! Yes! I!! First! Kiss! Ah! First! Kiss!!!

Confirming that he won’t make the act of beating the grass and startling the snake again[1], Ye Si Nian just rolled his eyes and let go of him.
He said in a low voice at a fast speed, “Don’t disturb the traitor, let’s leave first!”

  [1] To inadvertently alert an enemy

Where does Qin Shiyue remember why he was angry before? He was so frightened that he even forgot to hide in his shell.
His neck became red in shame.
Letting Ye Si Nian drag him by his hand.
They left the company quietly.

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