Ye Si Nian had no intention of making a mockery of himself.

“Are those the conference materials?” Chen Rong greeted with a sincere smile.
“Manger Chen” Ye Si Nian smiled politely and distantly as if he could not see the infectious smile on his face at all.

Chen Rong’s eyes flashed with a hint of darkness and quietly scanned the thick pile of documents in Ye Si Nian’s arms.
Suddenly, he smiled wearily and sighed, “The company’s been doing so much this time.
In the words of the boss from the top, we, the people below, need to almost break our leg running errands just to keep alive…”

“Not really.” Ye Si Nian pushed his glasses, perhaps he felt that he met people with common topics, the frosty detachment on his face finally faded a little, showing a little tired expression, and with a trace of complaint, “It’s just a mainland market! There are so many meetings in succession these days.
Just sorting out the meeting materials almost killed me! “

The smile on Chen Rong’s face became more sincere when he successfully got the answer he wanted.
He patted Ye Si Nian’s arm with the same feeling, “But soon! We’ll be free in a few days! “

“That’s right!” As soon as Ye Si Nian’s eyes brightened, he saw the elevator door open just when he wanted to say something more.
He had no choice but to sigh and resume his cold and polite expression.
He nodded to Chen Rong and walked out of the elevator holding the document.

Since Rong started to hammer nails into Pei’s interior so early, it was obviously premeditated.
It was only a matter of time before the two big shots come in contact.
The market was like a battlefield.
Since you are not benevolent, don’t blame me for being merciless.

The prey has already fallen into the trap.
Next, it’s time to uncover the camouflage of the prey in front of another hunter.

Ye Si Nian slowly raised his lips, and an interested smile was expressed from his phoenix eyes.
It was not until the elevator door closed that Chen Rong put aside the smile on his face and thought about something with no expression.
According to the information he inquired about these past few days, Pei’s plan to march into the mainland should have been determined.
As long as he steals the plan and hands it over to Rong Buping, Pei’s destruction would be inestimable.
Even if Pei’s step into the domestic market can’t be completely blocked, Rong can still bite off several pieces of meat on it.

Thinking more about it got Chen Rong even more excited.
He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Qin Shiyue impatiently tapped on the steering wheel.
After waiting for a while, he couldn’t help but frown and dial the number marked “fat rabbit”.

“What are you dawdling for!” Qin Shiyue’s impatience was tempered by the fat rabbit’s profile image, but his tone was as bad as ever.

Through these days of getting along with each other, he had seen through this man’s strong and grumpy outside and his stupid and quick temper inside.
Ye Si Nian didn’t care about his bad tone.
He held his voice and whispered pitifully to his mobile phone: “My key is missing…”

“Really!” Irresponsible rabbit!

Qin Shiyue said angrily, “Stay there! Wait till I come to you! ” After that, Ye Si Nian hung up the phone without waiting for a reply.

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