company’s process, and then tell me which position he wants to go to.”

The company was now preparing to enter the domestic market, and there was no shortage of talent.
Xiao Ning has worked in China for several years, so he must be more familiar with the domestic situation.
If there was no big mistake at that time, he would not need to appoint outsiders.
After all, he was his brother, which was definitely more convenient and reliable to use.

Habitually analyzing the pros and cons, Pei Xiuyuan smiled and looked at his brother secretly from the side.
He became very pleased.


Ye Si Nian walked into the elevator with a light smile and nodded politely to the meticulous young man inside.
The black-rimmed glasses obscured the flash of cold in his eyes.
Chen Rong, Rong Buping’s half-brother, was one of the numerous illegitimate children of the Rong family and one of the nails to the Pei’s family downfall.

Chen Rong responded with a smile as bright as the summer sun.

As the protagonist of the world, Rong Buping had a very skilful domineering personality.
He had long been established the position of the leader of Rong’s family.
His father’s illegitimate sons and daughters had been fixed by him for a long time.
Chen Rong was different.
Unlike his siblings who were raised as incompetent, he had strong abilities and was highly valued by Rong Buping.
He could almost be regarded as his right arm.
Such a loyal little wolf-dog, Rong Buping was willing to let him out so early.

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