The next morning, the sun was warm and the breeze was gentle.
It was a fine sunny day.

Ye Si Sian was wearing a woolly rabbit-shaped PJs.
He laid his sleepy head on the table.
It was rare to see her little son look so disoriented.
Guo Lin, who brought the fish porridge thought to herself and her heart just about melted.
She secretly took a bunch of photos covering her chest, and then turned around to show off her friends.
The delicious fish porridge was put on the opposite side.
Ye Si Nian, attracted by the smell tried to pry his eyes open.
He stretched out his hand towards the bowl

Pei Xiuyuan, who was gracefully wiping his mouth shockingly slapped the hand aside.

Ye Si Nian, who was now awake, became extremely aggrieved and looked at him pitifully with now red hand.

“Cough…” Pei Xiuyuan clenched his fist and coughed softly.
He tried to press down his desire to hold the white hand and rub it.
His eyes locked on the sight of the pink pouted lips.
His tone was gentle, seemingly afraid of frightening the timid fat rabbit on the opposite side, “The pot is very hot.
Be careful, don’t touch it with your hands.”

“Xiao Ning, be careful not to burn yourself!” Guo Lin, who was satisfied with the generated envy of her old friends, had just turned around and heard.
She pretended nothing had happened and put her mobile phone back in her pocket.
As she walked to the kitchen, she told them, “Ah Yuan help your brother with his porridge!”

Pei Xiuyuan looked across at the youth with a wary eye.
There was shyness in his clear eyes, and he also had full trust and dependence on his relatives.
That is to say, there was no doubt in them.

The explanation that he had prepared for the whole night was not needed and his biggest secret seemed not to have been discovered.
Pei Xiuyuan could not tell whether he was more relaxed or disappointed.
He was in a complex mood and pulled the corners of his mouth.
He carefully filled a bowl of the fragrant fish porridge for the fat rabbit.

“So you quit?” Pei Yong asked.

“Well…” Ye Si Nian nodded nervously.
He held his head low afraid to look at him as if he were being scolded.
After listening to his younger son’s experiences in China over the past few years, Guo Lin, who felt that he had suffered a lot, was in great pain.
Th4e maternal love she had tried to control suddenly gushed out as Pei Yong’s question happened to be the bullet that hit it.

“It was long overdue to resign!” Guo Lin glared at her husband and patted he son on the shoulder tenderly, and said something like “That boss of yours really bullies people!”

“Boss Li is very kind to me.” Ye Si Nian retorted softly, “When I first arrived in China, people in the company took good care of me…”

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