Qin Shiyue was startled and raised his arms in a daze.
He wanted to push away his brother, who was too enthusiastic to squeeze into his arms.
However, as soon as his hands touched the young man’s soft and smooth shoulders, he was so hot that he suddenly shrank back.
He was overwhelmed.

Ye Si Nian buried his face in the arms of a tall man, and showed some intimacy, “Good night, brother…”

Ouch, ouch, he called me brother.
He called me that for the first time!!!

How can he be so passionate and so coquettish!!!

Qin Shiyue’s expression on his face changed rapidly like a psychopath, but he finally sighed with frustration.
He held his brother in his arms, his voice was quite angry, “OK! Let go! “

“Oh…” Ye Si Nian let go of Qin Shiyue, like a child who finally summoned up the courage to get close to his brother but was cruelly refused.
He looked pitiful with his head down.

Qin Shiyue frowned discontentedly and glared at the pitiful fat rabbit, “Don’t be coquettish all the time!”

After that, he left without waiting for his reaction.

Ye Si Nian stood at the door for a long time, lingering until he couldn’t see his back.

As soon as the door was closed, Ye Si Nian fell on the carpet and had a belly laugh.

Fck that person’s so pure, ha ha ha ha!!! A good-tempered grumpy and violent personality!!!

Pfft! haha ha ha!!!

The almost scared to death Qin Shiyue slammed the door, rashly jumped on the bed, angry.
“Brother is really too flirty! Do you think you can just jump over and hold me?! Do you think I can’t find trouble for you if you look at me with such pitiful eyes?!!” He lost his temper and crumpled the pillow.

Qin Shiyue’s vent was over.
He closed his eyes and fell back onto the bed.
Forget it, what a mess or leave it to that hypocritical guy! Anyway, he’s good at it! After he opened his eyes again, the second personality was successfully summoned.

Pei Yuan’s former smile could not be maintained any longer, and scolded severely in his heart! How blind would he be if this son of a btch could keep the secret of his split personality?

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