Watching his cheerful and warm smile, his eyes became unconsciously soft.

Inadvertently glancing at his face’s profound expression, the smile on Ye Si Nian’s lips suddenly paused, the eyes looked at him with some uneasiness.
He quickly took back his eyes, lowered his head and dared not look at him again.

Pei Xiuyuan looked at the young man’s lowered head. 

Are you afraid of yourself?

Pei Xiuyuan frowned with a headache when he thought of the second personality running away scared.

Brother is afraid of his grumpy second personality and the second personality is afraid of his brother’s sudden intimacy, what is this called?

The little brother rabbit, who was considered to be timid, lowered his head and playing with his fingers under the table. 

His task was to carry out the counterattack of the cannon fodders.
If he wants to counterattack, he must completely change the fate of the original owner.
The first goal is to save the Pei company and prevent them from being swallowed by Rong.
So the most important thing at present is to destroy the insider ways of promotion and remove the cancer inside the company.

But the original owner refused to enter the company and went back straight to China to fight after graduation.
He had no interest in the Pei company.
If he told Pei Xiuyuan that the man was the nail that Rong had hid, Pei Xiuyuan might believe him, but unsurprisingly, would not be surprised. 

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