n or not?

Ye Sinian’s eyebrows slightly knitted together but very quickly smoothed out.

It’s the apocalypse right now.
The base has an innumerable amount of men getting together because of various reasons.
Even if Qin Shiyue is a straight man, wanting to bend him probably wouldn’t be too difficult right?

Besides, he does not necessarily have to be straight ne! Would straight men use that sort of expression to look at him? Would straight men become jealous for another man? Perhaps he wouldn’t have the need bend him at all?

Speaking of this, he saved his life ne!

He should devote his life to him, his lifesaver.
This is perfectly logical!

Oh, perfectly logical!

The Qin Shiyue totally oblivious of the fact that he had been taken a fancy by someone is, at this moment, utterly vexed.
He, who rarely change out of his uniform, changed.
With an expressionless face, he sat in a private room with dim lighting that gives off a hint of vague ambiguousness.

The private room’s door suddenly opened and a crowd of males and females strode in with captivating steps then stood in a row in front of the small tea-table like they were the same as displayed goods.

The leading young man has a refined, and seductive build, looking like a male or a female, making it indiscernible.
He faintly hooked up his lips as his peach blossom eyes practically said: “General Qin, is there any that you have your eyes on?”

“What are you doing with this?” Qin Shiyue swept his eyes across the men and women standing in a row then knit his brows as he looked at the young man and said in a gloomy voice.

“I’m helping you ya!” The youth covered his mouth, smiling.
He walked up towards Qin Shiyue and sat down beside him then pointed at those men and women with exceptionally beautiful looks and said “Didn’t you doubt your sexually? Isn’t this the best method to test it?”

“I am not interested in these people, let them leave.” Qin Shiyue’s eyebrows were tightly scrunched up together.
His strict and icy gaze is as if it’s a knife, carrying the baleful air aura of a massacre.
These men and women all have no ability, so how would they endure such look? Once they were looked at like that, everyone without exception was trembling and curling up with timidity.

“Then your sight is a bit too high!” The youth stood on his end, startled.
“These are all our Twilight Hue’s highest quality of goods!”

Mochi’s Note!

夜(Night) 色 (Color, appearance, sex) – Night, darkness Eh, I was gonna translate it to just ‘brothel’ but 夜色 seems to be its name.
So I am going to call it ‘Twilight Hues’.

“When I look at them they just cower and tremble.
These are called high-quality goods?” Qin Shiyue frowned, feeling disdain when he looked at those people rushing to escape out of the private room like they had just received a big amnesty.

“Uncle ah! Why don’t you think about what expression you made!” The youth rolled his eyes and he said, displeased “You’re2 this fierce, does grandpa and grandma now?”

Mochi’s Note!

 You – In a more respectable way of saying ‘you’.
你 You2 – Back to informal way.

“But I’m really curious ah!” The youth suddenly turned his head, looking at him with shiny eyes.
“Just what kind of beauty would be able to let my cold uncle suddenly open up? I must go seek some advice!”

“Qin Ge, put those little thoughts of yours away.” Qin Shiyue indifferently shot him a glance. “He has no interest towards me, and also didn’t seduce me.”

“What?!” Qin Ge is really astonished this time.
He opened his eyes wide, with a face full of disbelief.
“Then, you are secretly in love? The other person doesn’t know? Do you have to be this lame!”

Mochi’s Note!

挫 – To fail, oppressed, repressed, dampen, obstructed, to bend one’s back……

Qin Shiyue expressionlessly looked at him.

After carelessly blurting out the ridicule in his heart, Qin Ge’s excitement is immediately extinguished and with a stiff expression he forcefully laughed twice before stiffly shifting the topic elsewhere “Then you are here to…”

Mochi’s Note!

您 You – Switched to the respectable way of saying ‘you’.

“Teach me how to chase him.” Qin Shiyue, with an expressionless face and a matchlessly unperturbed voice, opened his mouth “You have rich experience in it.”

The experienced Qin Ge “……”

#The Iceberg uncle ruthlessly forced his pure nephew to chase his wife, the pure nephew’s heart is now left with a psychological shadow#

After appreciating enough of the male lead’s constipation expression, Ye Sinian changed his clothes and went out with a refreshing happiness from top to toe.

Destination – – Twilight Hue (The brothel)

During the apocalypse, the world’s laws have —all without an exception— crumbled apart, causing the darkness in human nature to magnify to the pinnacle.

In this precarious world of survival of the fittest, what those zombie hunters who have to have their alertness stretch tautly necessarily need is to vent out their feelings.

Alcohol, body, gambling…

The crystals in exchange to using your life outside of the base were as if it was running out like water and flowers.
It’s either you’re dead drunk, dripping with sweat, or throwing your money away recklessly as if only by these means can they prove themselves to have been living.

Receiving the demand is the market.

Among them, Twilight Hue is well-known.

The identity of the rumoured boss of Twilight Hue is very mysterious, and his methods to train his subordinates, ladies, and men are top quality.
Furthermore, their backing is sturdy, so even if it’s racking up money quickly, nobody dares to provoke them.

The scale of it is also not small as it looks like a small-sized European style castle from afar.
Under the dazzling bright light, gentle music could be heard from the distant, making people unable to restrain themselves from wanting to check it out.

It has proved itself to be the most famous money squandering establishment.

Styled in neat and tidy clothes, Ye Sinian had put on a long, black coat and a pair of leather boots that made him look strikingly handsome and by just standing on the street, he had attracted many people’s eyeballs.

Faintly lifting up his eyebrows, Ye Sinian sized the brightly lit up street filled with a boiling cauldron of voices of those joyish activities —and he suddenly felt an indistinct emotion of that he had returned.

Mochi’s Note!

人声鼎沸 – a Boiling cauldron of voice (Idiom) – A racket, lots of noises, hubbub….

When he was a frivolous youngster, he had also appeared as a little prince of a nightclub for a period of time ne~

His mouth rose into a smile and after silently scratched those segments of his memories did he took strides with his long legs towards that scene of red lanterns and green wine.

Mochi’s Note!

灯红酒绿 – Red lanterns and green wine – feasting and pleasure-seeking, debauched and corrupted environment.

Twilight Hue……

This was the original owner’s final everlasting place.

This place was where the original owner had finally died.

Don’t know if how that bastard who confined the original owner in Twilight Hue and tyrannized him until death is getting by with life right now?

Twilight Hue’s boss —is it?

He licked his lips as his heart suddenly stirred up by a weird emotion.

  3  [Chapter 4>>]

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