y shining with water.

“Dad!” Ye Si Nian slammed forward and hugged Pei Yong, who was still stunned on the spot.
His vision became blurry and his throat felt swollen.

“Hey!” Pei Yong responded by patting his son’s back excitedly and happily complained, “Why didn’t you tell us when you came back? In that case, we would definitely have come to pick you up! “

“It’s the same if I take a taxi.” Ye snuffled and sheepishly let Pei Yong go.
He smiled with red eyes and said, “Mom’s not in good health, she needs to rest more.”

“You boy!” Aware of his little son’s shy and introverted character, Pei Yong patted him on the shoulder and said, “You haven’t been home for several years.
You didn’t tell us that you come back.
I’d like to watch once your mother wakes up and get rid of you!”

“Mom is so gentle, she wouldn’t get rid of me!” Ye Si Nian wrinkled his nose and retorted quietly.

“Hahaha! You’d better tell her that yourself!” Pei Yong looked at his little son with emotion and thought that it was a wise decision to allow him to return to China!

It must be the different living environment in China that has opened up his son’s sensitive heart! Sure enough, just like little seedlings, they have to take root in their hometown!
Pei Yong looked at his son’s tired face and guessed it to be because of the long-distance flight.
He took the bag in his hand, pushed his shoulder upstairs, and said: “Your room is as it was before.
Your mother cleaned it yesterday.
Go to have a rest!”

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