ion was such that he didn’t care!

“What do you mean!” His sensitive self-esteem was suddenly stabbed, and Huang asked harshly.

“What do you mean?” Ye Si Nian puzzledly stared at the man with a thick red neck in front of him, “What did I say?”

“You!” Huang Dezheng had been relying on the identity of being a high-level cultural man for a long time.
Naturally, he couldn’t say that he was angry because he was ignored, so he can only flap his sleeve away in loathing.

Ye Si Nian went back to his bedroom and changed into an unworn suit and left the apartment without hesitation.

He just booked an early-morning flight to the United States.
He had no time to tangle with Huand Dezheng.

Pei was still a business tycoon.
At that time, if there was no insider information about the company sold by a traitor, it would not have been easily swallowed by Rong.
The traitor would have been included in the core of the group for a while, but since he came, the man would not have another chance.

But would this really go smoothly?

Thinking of the eccentric brother, Ye Si Nian pinched his eyebrow and felt a headache.
For a moment, the warmth of the jade was like a spring breeze, and as fierce as fire, which made people afraid to avoid it.

It was a fine point!

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