In the dark and narrow space, Ye Si Nian struggled to support his body and kissed the lips of his lover, whose temperature had gradually cooled.

Long after the of the world, they grew old that even simple kissing became very difficult.
Fortunately, they were together for all their lives.
Under the resentment and dissatisfaction that the system can’t object to, we spent our whole life together.

The more he thought about it, the more satisfied he was.
Ye Si Nian slowly closed his eyes, and a happy smile tugged at his mouth.

Back in the system space again, the sad and depressed soul finally slowly recovered its peace.
Ye Si Nian opened his eyes, stood up indifferently, and walked slowly to the corner of the room.
There stood a huge hourglass, which was almost full of golden sand.

But it was just almost there.

Ye Si Nian stood in front of the hourglass and frowned to see that there was almost no more golden sand in the hourglass.

What about the points for completing the world’s mission?

The slender index finger stroked the silver ring, and Ye Si Nian was just about to open the control panel, but his hand suddenly twitched.

Somehow, there was a leaf pattern on the smooth ring surface.
The small and delicate leaves were slightly pointed at the tip, apparently still.
But at first glance, it looked full of vitality and playfulness.
Very unique.

As his fingertip grazed the little leaf, Ye Si Nian’s frown slowly unfolded, and his depressed soul had suffered a lot since he left the world of Qin Shi Yue.

Subconsciously smiling, Ye Si raised his left hand and kissed the leaf.

He closed his eyes and didn’t notice the faint light the little leaf emitted.

In a good mood, he opened the control panel.
Even when he saw that the integral column was completely grey, Ye Si Nian didn’t stop smiling.

If there was no mistake in his memory, the number was the same as before he entered the apocalyptic world, and there was no change.

His phoenix eyes swept through the display and finally found a small tree in the corner of the small control panel.

Before that, this position was clearly where the button was located.

Can one not go back?

Ye Si Nian slowly lowered his eyelids and his curly eyelashes cast two shadows on his face.
His mood was a little complicated now.
After struggling for so long, his wish was to get rid of the control of the system and return to the real world.
Now, seeing that his hope of many years was bust, he should be angry or even mad.

But in fact, the decades he spent with Qin Shi Yue didn’t make him so obsessed with returning to the real world.

Originally, he wanted to be out of the control of the system, but now the system has become his tool.


Originally, he wanted to have the freedom to live and age, not to mention that he had already smoothly lived in Qin Shi Yue’s world.

Was it really necessary to go back to reality?

Ye Si Nian sighed slightly and just wanted to turn off the control panel, but his index finger accidentally touched the little tree.

Vigorous green energy poured into his soul and the soothing feeling which almost made him moan.

Feeling the pure energy that swept through, Ye Si Nian closed his eyes and tried to raise his head.
His white neck stretched out like a swan.

At this moment, the green tree on the virtual panel suddenly flashed, a branch turned into gold slowly stretched out of the control panel, touched the silver-white ring on his left hand, and carefully rubbed around his waist across the air, and made him reluctant to return to the green shape of a small tree.

It took a while for Ye Si Nian to slowly open his eyes and felt the vigorous energy in his body, and he began to smile.

Gently touching the now hot ring, Ye Si Nian’s right hand’s finger pointed on the control panel, and his handsome figure disappeared instantly.

When he opened his eyes again, Ye Si Nian was sitting in the car, with a dozen crumpled cans beside him, full of alcohol.

Outside the window was the sound of waves, the sea breeze full of water vapour, and the glass was misty.

In the early autumn evening, it was a little cold.
There was no air conditioning in the car.
Ye Si Nian gathered up his wrinkled suit, frowned and opened the control panel.
He looked at the dense words on the introduction of the original owner and the world.

The original was Pei Xiuning, a 24-year-old and currently the marketing director of a listed company.
He was busy with his work and had a high-income salary.
He was also an accomplished high-level white-collar worker in the city.
It was reasonable to say that he would not normally drive to the seaside in the middle of the night to drink in such a dispirited way.

However, the original owner had a boyfriend who could not be described in words.
It was a university professor named Huang Dezheng, who was ten years older than the original owner.
He was unmarried, without a car or a house.
He had a very compassionate personality.
And has donated more than half of his salary every month to help his colleagues, students, friends and relatives.
He had a reputation for being kind.
The original owner was an orphan.
He was adopted by his parents when he was seven or eight years old in the orphanage.
Although his adoptive parents gave him a lot of love, he had seen too much suffering and darkness.
He had heard about him by chance and was immediately attracted to him.
After a long pursuit, they finally got together.

Today was the second day they were officially together.


Ye Si Nian licked his lips and continued reading this world’s story.

Finally, with the pure and beautiful embodiment of his heart, the original owner can be said to serve Huang Dezheng everywhere.
However, Huang Dezheng’s character was not suitable for modern human society at all.
Although he had a good reputation, his life was still very bitter.
After he got together with the original owner, he had a good life.
On the one hand, he was satisfied with the original’s unreserved love for him, but on the other hand, he had an inevitable self-inferiority, after all, he didn’t earn as much as the original.

Because of his noble character’s high temperament, it made him unable to stand this kind of life as if he was being taken care of.
Also, he was ostracized by his colleagues at work, so his attitude towards the original was worsening.
He would vent his anger on the original and dismiss the stench of the businessman he was covered with.
However, the original’ brain seemed to have been covered with shit, instead of being angered he continued to comfort…

Ye Si Nian sighed in silence, shook his head and read on.

As he expected, the resignation of the original not only didn’t wake Huang up but also made him more and more ambitious.
He was not satisfied with the original.
The original was usually extremely tired because of his busy work and frequent business trips, the two couldn’t get together for a long time.

When the original was exhausted, the teacher encountered the designated male protagonist, who was deeply attracted by Su Yibai’s purity and innocence.
He not only generously supported Su Yibai, whose family was in poor condition but also cared for him.
He even took him back to the original’s house to live as Su Yibai was unable to stay in the dormitory because of his part-time job.
However, Huang Dezheng was afraid of scaring the pure Su Yibai and worried that the original would be hurt by stimulation, so he dared not confess his love.
He was oppressed and could only be twice as good to him.

Su Yibai, who worked in the nightclub, also met the man who was the destined male lead, Rong Buping, the leader of Tianliang Wang Po’s international financial group.
Su Yibai was accidentally taken into the hotel by a malicious guest.
He was able to injure the person and escaped.
He inadvertently fled into the lead’s room.
The drug which had been injected into him finally began its effect and he began to feel dizzy.
Rong Buping, who was drunk, thought that it was the person sent by his subordinates.

He was unable to stop all night.

When Su Yibai woke up, the person who humiliated him was no longer there.
He returned to his original home and was comforted by Huang Dezheng, who was extremely distressed.
He seemed lifeless.
He said with a vigour that he didn’t mind! Su Yibai felt extremely dirty, and at the same time, he was shy and moved.
Under the teacher’s expectant gaze, the two sweetly confirmed their relationship.


Rong Buping, who came back from the business meeting, was very confused when he saw that the delicious little man disappeared.
He called his assistant and told him to find out the information about the man.
He couldn’t explain how he felt.
Anyway, he was fond of the man and just consoled himself.

The more the investigation, the more the love, the deeper his desire to get closer, the kind of pure and innocent child who had seen the attraction of too many dark protagonists.
In short, a bully president fell in love.

After finishing his work, the exhausted original came back and waited for his lover’s breakup message, but he still loved Huang Dezheng, so all his anger was vented onto Su Yibai.
All kinds of traps were made to make Su Yibai’s life difficult.
Soon, Rong Buping sent people to protect Su Yibai who found out and reported the situation to Rong Buping.
The man he was pursuing was being bullied! It was a slap to his face!

Rong Buping became angry.
He took Tianliang Wang Po’s momentum and suppressed the company where the original worked.
The original was then dismissed by the helpless president of the company.
He lost everything and finally died in a car accident after being drunk.

But Rong Buping, who saved Su Yubai increased some good feeling between themselves.
In addition, Huang Dezheng had a bad life without the original’s support.
After Su Yubai broke up with Huang Dezheng, he threw into Rong Buping’s open arms.
Hurriedly sweeping through the sweetness the two men left behind, Ye Si Nian frowned back.

Sure enough, although the death of the original was not remembered by these people, it deeply stimulated the adoptive parents and elder brother Pei Xiuyuan who lived abroad.
The business tycoons, Pei and Rong started an endless fight, but Rong Buping and Su Yibai were the sons of fortune in the world after all.
Finally, Rong succeeded in annexing Pei and achieved incomparable glory.

Ye Si Nian reclined on the seat and breathed deeply.

Because of a man who was not worthy, it cost not only his own life but also affected his family’s.
If the original knew, would he regret it?

Now that the body has been taken over by him, he will not let himself go that far.

He was not going to kill himself over a middle-aged uncle!


“Why are you here?” Huang Dezheng walked out of the study in his pyjamas and looked discontentedly at the drunk Ye Si Nian.

It’s my home.
You seem to have moved in today and made yourself comfortable.
What kind of questioning tone is this?

Ye Si Nian pushed his glasses.
The ordinary black-framed glasses obscured his eyes and his slight frown.

A middle-aged man, average figure, average height, average appearance, poor tone.
He was speechless in the heart of the original’s aesthetic taste.
Ye Si Nian hid his impatience, throwing the car keys to the tea-table while walking to the bedroom saying softly: “Get some things.”

The original’s feelings were very reserved.
Even if he did many things for others, he was unwilling to say anything.
Even in front of Huang Dezheng, he was calm and indifferent.
So, his performance did not make Huang Dezheng notice anything unusual.

Hearing his words, Huang Dezheng became dissatisfied and frowned, coldly said, “Travelling again?”

His back to Huang Dezheng, Ye Si Nian nodded taking the necessary documents and wallet, “I will not come back anytime soon.”

Huang Dezheng frowned at his words.
His hatred of being chased by and now that he has finally said yes, but this man’s reaction was such that he didn’t care!

“What do you mean!” His sensitive self-esteem was suddenly stabbed, and Huang asked harshly.

“What do you mean?” Ye Si Nian puzzledly stared at the man with a thick red neck in front of him, “What did I say?”

“You!” Huang Dezheng had been relying on the identity of being a high-level cultural man for a long time.
Naturally, he couldn’t say that he was angry because he was ignored, so he can only flap his sleeve away in loathing.

Ye Si Nian went back to his bedroom and changed into an unworn suit and left the apartment without hesitation.

He just booked an early-morning flight to the United States.
He had no time to tangle with Huand Dezheng.

Pei was still a business tycoon.
At that time, if there was no insider information about the company sold by a traitor, it would not have been easily swallowed by Rong.
The traitor would have been included in the core of the group for a while, but since he came, the man would not have another chance.

But would this really go smoothly?

Thinking of the eccentric brother, Ye Si Nian pinched his eyebrow and felt a headache.
For a moment, the warmth of the jade was like a spring breeze, and as fierce as fire, which made people afraid to avoid it.

It was a fine point!

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