Ye Si Nian leaned against the railing of the balcony with a glass of red wine amused as he watched the bustling scene of individual base leaders at the reception.

There were plates of delicacies on offer and the amount of food consumed was huge.
Before the apocalypse, it might not even be on the table, but now it was considered very luxurious.
People struggling may not have seen that much food for a long time.

But even so, many people don’t even bother to look at it.
At most, they frown and put it down after tasting it politely.
It seems that it was unpalatable.

Ye Si Nian’s lips rose more obviously, and he happily took a sip of wine.

It seems that the price could be raised further, after all, no fat sheep will be slaughtered for nothing!

It took Qin Shi Yue a long time to find his little lover in the corner of the hidden balcony, and he habitually took him into his arms.
Then said, “Why do you hide here?”

“I’m too lazy to entertain.” Ye Si Nian gave him a sidelong look.
“I don’t know how many people want to poach me.
Would you be willing?”

“They dare!” When he mentioned this, Qin Shi Yue’s heart filled with anxiety.
It’s fine to buy a power exciter.
What’s the matter of coming all the way to poach his lover!

Qin Shi Yue held his sweetheart tighter.
He licked his sweetheart’s red lips moistened with red wine and said in a soft voice, “You must not allow it! They are not good people! Don’t believe it! “

Ye Si Nian gave him a look, talk about a lover who has become stupid from love!
Looking at his disbelief, Qin Shi Yue was in a hurry.
He grabbed him by the waist and held him up to sit on the balcony railing.
He suddenly blocked what he might say with his lips and tongue.

Ye Si Nian was shocked.
He just wanted to frown and get angry.
When his mouth was neutralized, by a tongue’s random entry.
He felt the man in front of him was obviously upset and anxious.
Ye SI Nian also let go of his initial anger.
He rubbed his back neck gently while opening his mouth obediently in response to his kiss.

As the two kissed each other passionately and were hard to part, not far away came a chuckle.

Ye Si Nian’s sharp ears turned red.
He finally realizes that he was still in the middle of the party.
And the balcony was not a safe place at all, so he pushed away Qin Shi Yue, who had put his hand into his clothes.

Qin Yue kissed his neck and buried his face in Ye Si Nian’s shoulder, breathing heavily.

After a while, the two men returned to normal.
Qin Shi Yue adjusted Ye Si Nian’s clothes and turned around to see who bothered them.

A well-dressed lady walked out of the shadow with a smile.
Although she looked well maintained, her serene temperament clued that she was not young.

Seeing who it was, Qin Shi Yue’s face turned black and his heart leapt.
“Baby, is this your lover?” The demure and stylish lady said in a very intimate tone.

Sure enough…


Qin Shi Yue pursed his lips and turned black completely.

Baby… Baby?

For a few seconds, Ye Si Nian’s expression was strange.
He saw his lover’s face clearly and pretended not to hear him.

“How, after so many years abroad, you don’t even recognize your mother?!” A second ago, the elegant and demure lady saw him puckering his lips and not talking.
His apricot-coloured eyes stared, and his eyebrows stood up.

Qin Shi Yue rubbed his face in frustration, “Mom, why are you here?”

My daughter-in-law is stupid.
She’s dead.
Ye Si Nian gave him a pitiful look.

Sure enough, hearing his words, Mrs Qin’s eyes widened.
She said, “My son is here.
Can I not come?”

As a son-in-law and husband, Ye Si Nian hurriedly stepped forward and said with a smile, “Hello, Auntie Qin! I am Ye Si Nian, a friend of Qin Shi Yue.

“Not a lover?” Qin Ma looked up and down at her son suspiciously.
“You were so happy just now.
You are not too late to catch up are you, you son of a bitch?!”

Qin Shi Yue: “…”

Ye Si Nian: “…”

The mother-in-law, as a species, is really awesome!


Li Fei Yan politely nodded to the waiter, picked up a glass of wine and took a sip.
His eyes swept the whole court quietly.

Yang Jun had been following him and his eyes would occasionally fall on Li Fei Yan full of love.

Li Fei Yan looked around and eventually stops at a middle-aged man surrounded by many people.
Once again, Li Fei Yan saw that there was nothing wrong with the whole body.
Li Fei Yan satisfied and with a confident smile went to the direction of the man with his glass.

Behind him, Yang Jun smiled for a moment and watched as he left without hesitation.
Yang Jun slightly dropped down his head, holding back the complexity in his eyes.

“Mr Qin.” Li Fei Yan stood quietly outside the crowd for a while.
He walked up to them during the conversation and raised his glass to the big middle-aged man with a smile.
The man called Mr Qin looked back at him.
Although he didn’t know him, he nodded politely.

Li Fei Yan, who received the response, smiled brighter.
As soon as he wanted to step forward, he heard a voice with a smile saying: “Old Qin, look who I found!”

The polite and faint smile on Qin’s face instantly became real.
He nodded apologetically and then walked towards his wife.
His sharp gaze noticed the handsome young man with a gentle temperament beside his wife.
But when he saw his wife’s hand tightly holding his arm, he immediately stopped.

“This is?” Old Qin, smiling, walked forward and dragged his wife into his arms.

Seeing his movements clearly, Ye Si Nian was amused inside.
Like father like son.
Even this jealous little action was the same.


Qin Shi Yue was very dissatisfied with his family’s love being robbed.
He immediately grabbed Ye Si Nian’s waist with full possessiveness.
He turned his head and nodded to his father: “Dad.”

“Well.” Old Qin glanced at him and looked at the youth with red ears at his side.
He relaxed his voice and said, “you are Si Nian? Not bad.

Ye Si Nian smiled shyly, but secretly raises eyebrows in his heart, thinking if he had passed the customs? Isn’t it said that the father-in-law is not usually pleased with his son-in-law?
“I chose him, of course, it’s not bad.” Qin Shi Yue proudly brought his arms around him.

“…” Ye Si Nian was incredulous.
He really wanted to shake his shoulder and force him to give up his usual wit and high intelligence.

They were busy making an introduction.
Li Fei Yan, who heard their conversation almost broke his glass in anger!

This Ye Si Nian was really his nemesis! He never stops!

Li Fei Yan reluctantly suppressed his anger and pulled Yang Jun, who was talking to others on the other side, to the corner.
“Why didn’t you tell me that it’s Qin Shi Yue’s father?!” he asked
“What? Isn’t he from the Qin family in the capital? How could he be Qin Shi Yue’s father? ” Yang Jun’s eyes widened, unbelievably.

Squinting at him for a few seconds, Li Fei Yan was sure that the surprise in his eyes was genuine.
Li Fei Yan slowly released his hold on his collar, his tone was gloomy: “It seems that the capital can’t be relied on.”

“It’s all right.
I just contacted the person in charge of Qianjiang base.
He is very interested in our vaccines! I’ll take you to him! ” Yang Jun had no idea about his behaviour just now.
He even held his hand excitedly and happily told him the good news even though his collar had not been fully released.

Li Fei Yan lowered his eyes and just quietly nodded.

Yang Jun adjusted his collar to cover the mark on his neck and excitedly led him to the place.

“Mr Qian, this is who I told you about, Li Fei Yan.
He developed the vaccine!” Yang Jun pushed Li Fei Yan forward, proudly introducing him to the older looking man in front of him.

Mr Qian assessed from top to bottom the handsome young man who was pushed in front of him.
He glanced at the young man’s beautiful face and waist and buttocks outlined by the suit and gave a satisfied look to Yang Jun in an obscure way.

Yang Jun showed a tacit smile, but the smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes.

Looking at the contract in front of his eyes, Ye Si Nian asked Qin Shi Yue, who was looking for a reward.
His long fingers rubbed his back brain and boasted, “well done!”

Qin Shi Yue contentedly withdrew his gaze, reached out to Ye Si Nian’s left hand and gently kisses his ring finger.

Feeling like his heart was scratched by a feather.
Ye Si Nian’s right hand pulled him closer and kissed him.

Qin Shi Yue smiled more softly.
Holding hands as they exchanged a tender soft kiss.


“ Knock, knock “

The room was filled with pink bubbles.
Qin Shi Yue, who was in a good mood to see off his parents, was interrupted by a knock on the door.

Ye Si Nian smiled and rolled back to the sofa.
He kicked him and said, “Someone is knocking.”

Helplessly catching his lover’s white feet.
Qin Shi Yue brushed the tender flesh in his feet with the palm of his hand.
Ye Si Nian shrinks sensitively, but found that he couldn’t, and glared at him.

Qin Shi Yue regretfully kissed the back of his feet and stood up and bending down to put his lover’s cold feet into the blanket, saying, “I’ll be right back.”

“Go.” Ye Si Nian waved.
He decided to pick up a tablet and go onto the net.

Qin Shi Yue opened the door impatiently and immediately raised his eyebrows when he noticed the man behind his assistant.

“Mr Ye.” With his hand on the door, Qin Shi Yue stared coldly at Ye Liu in a wheelchair.

How long has it been? How was Ye Liu already so aged?

“General Qin.” Ye Liu nodded at him, adding several deep wrinkles to his original handsome face.
He did not have the mature charm as in his early thirties.
He looked like an old man in his fifties or sixties, probably because of his poor health.
His whole body was gloomy and cold, and his eyes were cold.

“What can I do for you?” Qin Shi Yue looked at him puzzledly.
Si Nian had left Ye Liu’s house long ago.
Ye Liu had never looked for Si Nian before.
What was the purpose of looking for him now?


“And Ye Si Nian?” Ye Liu frowned and looked at the closed door behind him.
“When your father comes, he will hide?”

“Father?” Qin Shi Yue’s eyes turned completely cold, “If I remember correctly, you drove Si Nian out of your house.”

“So?” Ye Liu looked at him with sinister eyes and showed a proud stiff smile.
“He has my blood in him.
As long as I live, he can’t help but recognize me as his father.”

“State your purpose.” Qin Shi Yue frowned at him, “You didn’t really come to Si Nian to reminisce about the past.”

“Help me find Li Fei Yan.” “He’s gone,” said Ye Liu with a calm face.

“You dream!” The door was opened abruptly, and Ye Si Nian stood barefooted.
He looked up and down at Ye Liu, who was in the wheelchair.
He scorned, “Why? Do you still remember your little lover? You’re not afraid he’ll get you some more colourful hats? “

“Shut up! I want to get revenge myself! ” Ye Liu’s chest was constantly heaving with his words, “You rebellious son!”

“Farewell!” Ye Si Nian was no longer in the mood to be entangled with him.
He gave Qin Shi Yue a look and turned back into the room.


He was worried that his man would walk on the floor with cold bare feet, and Qin Shi Yue was also not in the mood to deal with the guest.
He gave the assistant a signal and hurriedly went in, closing the door behind him.

The assistant smiled at Ye Liu, who was so angry that he was about to faint.
“Mr Ye, our general Qin said yes, but we have to start an investigation first, and we will send you the news as soon as possible!”

The man smiled and his words made people unable to start.
Ye Liu could only swallow his words forcefully, taciturnly nodded and motioned to the guard behind him to push him away.

Inside the dimly lit room, Li Fei Yan tremblingly opened his eyes, and found was relieved to find that no one was in the room.
The pain in his body could not be tolerated any longer.
It made several beads of sweat to pop up on his forehead.

Li Fei Yan gasped for a while, working incompetently to treat the wounds on his body including whiplash and scalds as he recalled what happened before.

At the party, he had a good talk with Mr Qian.
He agreed that he would produce vaccines for them and that they would give him enough human and material resources to kill Ye Si Nian and Qin Shi Yue after their success.

But he didn’t expect that the man promised happily, just to get him drunk, and finally brought him here….

Yang Jun!

Thinking of the man with smiling and cutting into his meat, Li Fei Yan shuddered.

What a pervert! The previous gentleness was false! He’s the devil!

That Mr Qian is the liar he invited! They’re colluding well!

Thinking of the means that the man used on himself, Li Fei Yan trembled, even more, biting his teeth to speed up the movement of internal power in his body.

He wants to get out!

He shouldn’t have gone through it!

Yang Jun walked out of the shadow with a blank expression, holding a syringe full of colourless liquid, and approached Li Fei Yan who was leaning against the corner.

Hearing the footsteps, Li Fei Yan fell into despair.
His ability was indeed powerful, but he spent a lot of it to save his life when he was beaten last night.
Now it was too late to recover!
His eyes were red staring at the approaching Yang Jun.
Li Fei Yan’s face was still covered with dried blood.
He shouted ferociously, “Why?! Why are you doing this to me! “

Yang Jun crouched down in front of him, gently pulling up his right arm that was hanging on one side and said softly: “Because I love you! Since you regret it, I will have to leave you in another way.”

Li Fei Yan shuddered as the sharp needle was thrust into his arm and closed his eyes in hopelessness.
= = = = = = = = = = = =
Ye Liu looked at the picture in front of him without saying a word.
The guard behind him looked over his head carefully but could only see pieces of ruins.

What blew up this? The guard shrunk his head, startled by the scene.

Tired from closing the folder, Ye Liu sighed, “Burn it.”

When people were gone, even if there were all kinds of grudges, it could only be counted.

However, in the midst of it, he always felt that it should not have been like this.

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