Yang Jun anxiously wiped his face and looked at Li Fei Yan, who was standing in front of the mirror, checking his appearance carefully.
Finally, he couldn’t help saying, “Fei Yan, shall we not go?”

Li Fei Yan glanced at him scornfully, carefully arranged his bow tie, and said in a faint tone, “If you don’t want to go, I’ll go myself.”

“But those people come to Jing Cheng for Ye Si Nian!” Yang Jun stood up abruptly, walking back and forth impatiently.
He frowned, “Do you think they will be interested in our vaccine?!”

“They don’t know that there’s a vaccine.” Li Fei Yan’s tone was still faint, but his eyes had darkened: “When they know the existence of the vaccine, what would Ye Si Nian think?”

“But the vaccine will make the ability disappear.” Yang Jun stopped and looked at him with disapproval, “Even if someone wants to, how much can they pay?”

“Shut up!” Li Fei Yan’s eyes finally turned sour and looked at Yang Jun with disgust.
Saying with disdain, “Don’t look at my vaccine with eyes that haven’t seen the world! Have you forgotten your identity? You’re nothing more than a cripple that I support on my own! “

Thinking of the people who have been pushed away because of their dissatisfaction with this man, the malice in Li Fei Yan’s eyes almost overflowed.
If it weren’t for him, he would still be Ye Liu’s favourite! The power in his hand would not disintegrate so fast! How could he fall into the awkward position of today!

Yang Jun’s eyes flashed violently, but he quickly changed into a sad expression as if he was deeply hit.
He looked at Li Fei Yan incredulously and said, “Fei Yan, you are so pure, how…How could you say that! And I love you so much… “

Pure your sister!

Thinking that the current situation was not suitable for quarrelling with Yang Jun, Li Fei Yan took a deep breath.
After some time, he reluctantly suppressed the resentment and impatience in his heart and waved his hand perfunctorily.
“I’m sorry, I’ve been under too much pressure recently, and my emotions are out of control.”

“It doesn’t matter.
I know what you’re talking about!” After listening to his explanation, Yang Jun was relieved.
He took Li Fei Yan into his arms.

Li Fei Yan leaned in his arms and nodded softly.

Yang Jun gently rubbed his hair.
What Li Fei Yan could not see, were the supposedly loving eyes slowly turned into that of dark murderous meaning.

Cripple… Huh?

If not for you, how could I have ended up a cripple?

Kissing the top of the person’s hair gently, Yang Jun slowly raised his eyes and showed a strange smile to himself in the opposite mirror.

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