ped an ability stimulator had spread to other bases.

What is the most important thing in the end? Food? Weapons? Or in life?

These are all very important, but only when one’s strength is improved, can we keep food, weapons and lives.

The news of Jing Cheng was like a winged seed, quickly flies through other bases, taking root and sprouting in everyone’s heart.

It’s better to fight than to wait for death like this!

Many people began to pack up their bags with this idea, and they formed teams to move to Jing Cheng.

Although ordinary people were not very strong in combat, they were the foundation of a base after all.
Having run out of people and with only have a few people left.
What are the base leaders? Who’s in charge? In the past, the base leaders who didn’t pay much attention to the ordinary people’s interests, now panicked.
While improving the treatment of the ordinary people, quickly sent personnel to Jing Cheng to try to buy back a set of two abilities stimulators.

Just as the envoys of each base went to Jing Cheng one after another.
Ye Si Nian smiled and watched the warehouse door close slowly, covering the huge fuselage[2].

[2] Main body of an aircraft

Having invested so many resources in the laboratory, of course, he can’t stand to watch Qin Shi Yue lose money.
Although Qin Shi Yue himself doesn’t care about it, after all, it was all the hard work of his wife. 

Touching the silver ring on his left hand that Qin Shi Yue had put on himself, Ye Si Nian’s eyes turned firmer!

He’s a family man!

Other high-level bases, sorry!

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