tably worry about gain and loss, afraid that your actions will have a bad consequence on your lover and will unavoidably think too much.

He knew the truth for a long time and knew that it would not affect Qin Shi Yue, but it was only at this moment he realized how uneasy it was.

However, he was not that kind of sentimental person.
After a moment of depression, he was uplifted again.
He looked up and kissed his lover’s stubble.
His eyes shining, “Let’s go! It’s about to start! “

Qin Shi Yue tightened his arm, looked at the clock that was approaching eight o’clock, and kissed his lover’s red lips fiercely, only to let go of his beloved with a hint of regret as they walked out side by side.

Today was a special day and the first day, when ordinary people were able to stimulate their abilities to awaken.
It was inevitable that accidents would occur.
And so, went to watch over it.

“I have an ability! Ha ha ha! I’m strong!!! ” The young man came out of the machine, holding his hands up, in both tears and laughter.
There was a small whirlwind over his palms.
His eyes staring fixedly at his palm and was so excited he could barely restrain himself.

Ye Si Nian, wearing a white lab coat, looked kind and convincing.
He walked to the man with a smile, handed his ID card back to him, and waited for him to calm down, he said with a smile, “You just got the ability, and your body still has a bit of a fever.
If you feel unwell, you can go to the hospital for examination, which is also free.”

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