Since the apocalypse began, Jing Cheng has never been so lively.
Before dawn in the early morning, there were several long queues in the centre of the base that one couldn’t see the end.
Countless people with thin-skinned yellow clothes were waiting.

In a world where life can’t be guaranteed and there were crises everywhere, equality of all people has almost become an empty word and all of the previous laws could no longer be maintained in such a broken world.

The life of ordinary people was much difficult than those with abilities.
In this cruel broken world, there was no love or care without reason.
It was the heart o other people that brought more shivers than the thought of zombies.

These are ordinary people.
They may have had a decent job, maybe not happy but at least a good life before the apocalypse came.
Now everything was subverted.

It had been more than 2 years since the breakout of zombies.
In the beginning, there was still hope that the disaster would soon pass, but with the passage of time, they grew accustomed to the indifference and cruelty of the world of now.
Their hope like sand in an hourglass that is slowly lost.

There are countless dead people, those that died in the hands of zombies, enemies and companions, but the most chilling ones were those desperate enough to commit suicide.
This was because they could not tolerate the sufferings in this broken world.

But now everything was different.

The handsome young man smiled softly in the video and said he would provide free services for base residents to activate their abilities and that everyone has the opportunities to become an ability user.
He said that they would overcome all obstacles and the world would return to its peaceful times.

Yes, if everyone had abilities, could they defeat the zombies and reclaim their homeland? Could the world be filled with laughter and joy again?

How long have has it been that the good memories of the past were reminisced about?

It had truly been a long time.

Ye Si Nian stood quietly by the window, looking at the square not far away.
Qin Shi Yue gently placed his quiet lover in his arms.
“Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

Finding a comfortable position in the broad arms that encircled him, Ye Si Nian nodded, “I know, the machine is working perfectly.”

“What are you worried about?” Qin Shi Yue kissed his ear’s tip.

“I’m just a little emotional.” Ye Si Nian sighed turning to bury his face in Qin Shi Yue’s arms.
“This world is not easy for anyone.”

Yeah, it’s not easy.

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