Seeing his eyes lit up, Qin Shi Yue quickly stole a kiss from the red limbs and tightened his hold on the man’s waist.

Ye Si Nian was momentarily speechless before he said, “Guess again!”

“Hungry? It’s ok.
We have fixed seats tonight.” Qin Shi Yue was not too disappointed.
It was good to steal a kiss once given the chance.
Besides, Ye Si Nian doesn’t usually come out of the lab and he was afraid he wouldn’t be and to steal one. 

It was pitiful to say, but he had been a virgin for most of his lie and finally, he met the right person.
Once they moved in together, he was very happy.
However, he didn’t expect that he would be in an empty room most of the time.
His wife was very enthusiastic, and the object of enthusiasm was the cold crystal nuclei in the laboratory.
He really wanted to cry once he thought about it.

In his mind, the sad feeling of sleeping with the quilt in his arms every night made Qin Shi Yue hold SI Nian tighter.

Ye Si Nian glared at the ceiling and grabbed Qin Shi Yue’s tie with one hand. 

Suddenly he leans forward, and Qin Shi Yue who had not yet fully retreated was stopped in his tracks. 

 The slippery tip of the tongue was thrust into his mouth and wrapped around his tongue causing Qin Shi Yue to be surprised.

At this time, he snapped out of his daze and lifted Ye Si Nian by his waist, pushing him hard against the door.
Fiercely kissing him.

Ye Si Nian was obviously very excited, his long legs wrapped around Qin Shi Yue’s strong waist and passionately combed the man’s hair as he became engrossed in the act. 

Two hours later, they were lying on the sofa, their bodies tired and the room filled with a slightly musky scent. 

Qin Shi Yue played with Ye Si Nian’s fingers and lowered his head from time to time to place kisses on his shoulder.
His face, full of satisfaction after love-making.

Somewhere behind him was obviously hotter than elsewhere, making Ye Si Nian move uneasily.

“Uncomfortable?” Qin Shi Yue reached out to turn him over and check.

“It’s okay.” Ye Si Nian adopted a comfortable position and shook his head, rubbing his cheeks against Qin Shi Yue’s chest. 

**His voice was hoarse, but it didn’t sound too bad.
Qin Shi Yue was relieved, he caressed Ye Si Nian’s stomach and gave lingering kisses to his neck and ears. 

Feeling something hard under him caused Ye Si Nian’s back to being stiff and he remembered what he initially wanted to do.

Poking his elbow into the man’s chest: “Forgot to tell, the experiment was successful.”

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