e they like!

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got.
Qin Shi Yue suddenly stood up, angrily breathing, 

No way!

Must not let Si Nian know of Li Fei Yan’s delusion

He decided in his heart.
Qin Shi Yue walked to the door and adjusted his expression.
He was afraid that Si Nian would notice something wrong.
If Si Nian asked, he would lie in front of the**[1] person, but would he tell SI Nian that Li Fei Yan coveted him?!

[1] [Unsure of what it means.
It was there in the raws]

Of course not!

So, don’t let him find out!

Qin Shi Yue held the door handle taking a deep breath.


Feeling the thrust from the door, the stunned Qin Shi Yue took a step back.

Everyone knew this was his office.
Generally speaking, if nothing was going on, no one would come to him.
Few people could directly push the door in, except

“Si Nian?” Qin Shi Yue clenched the door handle and the yet to be adjusted expression made him look strange.

Fortunately, his mind was immersed in the joy of the successful experiment so Ye Si Nian did not notice this oddity. 

Qin Shi Yue let out a relieved sigh, quickly released the door handle and subconsciously grabbed him into his arms. 

The corner of the eye and tip of the brows were all smiles that couldn’t be disguised.
Ye SI Nian didn’t refuse this move.
He smiled and wrapped his arms around Qin Shi Yue’s neck saying, “guess why I came to see you”

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