e[3]!” “It’s a success!” “It’s a success!”

[3] Long live (the king, the revolution etc)!

The smile on Ye Si Nian’s face became wider as he watched the usually old serious scientist unable to restrain themselves in the laboratory. 

After nearly a year, he watched as the laboratory developed and grew, watched as the talented people gathered.
Watched as difficulties were overcome, until now, he finally succeeded!

Ye Si Nian at this time, his heart was full of joy and ecstasy.

He couldn’t help but look for someone to share them with.

His slender fingers unconsciously stroked the ring.
Ye Si Nian stopped the little assistant with tears on his face whose phoenix eyes seemed to shine and said: “going to find General Qin?”

The little assistant cried more excitedly, choking: “Well… Ye Shao[4], thank you! Thank you!”

[4] Young.
[I am also confused as to why a young assistant would call Ye, young also]

Funnily patting the child.
Ye Si Nian looked at the celebratory crowd and hesitantly said: “Do you want to stay and play?”

The assistant hesitated for a moment, unwilling to lie in front of his idol he said loudly: “Want!”

Ye Si Nian looked slightly embarrassed but the need of wanting to share his feeling with his lover in person overcame the shamefulness of his action on cajoling the child.
He touched the tip of his nose and said, “well, I happened to be looking for General Qin so I will go for you!”

The little assistant’s eyes lit up!

“Go and play!” Ye Si Nian patted his head and smiled as he saw him run towards the crowd. 

Turning around and striding out of the lab, Ye Si Nian imagined Qin Shi Yue’s possible reaction and his smile became more and more brilliant.

It’s a little exhilarating to share one’s joy with your lover

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