Li Fei Yan walked into the conference room in a trim suit. 

Since his rebirth, he had been planning on his revenge against his enemies in the previous life.
Although there were some setbacks in the middle, at last the Emperor does not bear the hardships![1]

  [1] Heaven will not disappoint the person who tries (idiom).
If you try hard, you’re bound to succeed eventually.

These days, Ye Liu’s power was nearly gone under his and Yang Jun’s revenge.
Ye Liu himself was still paralysed in bed.
It’s said that he could only rely on a nanny to take care of him every day and live on without dignity.
However, Miss Cao who was originally determined to be with Ye Liu is now someone too shy to avoid him.
One of Ye’s family at Nuo University has long been thoroughly defeated by him. 

With a sense of thrill upon the success of his revenge, Lin Fei Yang exposed a mocking cold sneer. 

Of course, he knew that Ye Liu was frantically looking for someone with healing abilities like him, but he had no idea of helping. 

It was more enjoying to watch the betrayer gradually rot in the mud, watch as he struggles to survive until all that’s left I despair.
This pleasure was more exciting than outright killing. 

Walking gracefully to avoid forming wrinkles on his clothes, Li Fei Yan approached the conference table step by step, the smile in his eyes becoming deeper and deeper. 

Taking the account of his last life, it was only Ye Si Nian that was left. 

He wants to see that arrogant Ye family young master beg for mercy in front of him, and then push him into the abyss. 

The darkness in his eyes became thicker, and Li Fei Yan gave a determined smile.

Qin Shi Yue glanced at Li Fei Yan and frowned impatiently.

Li Fei Yan seemed to not have noticed his impatience and took his seat glancing at the assistant behind him.

The eyes were full of tension and the assistant quickly handed him the exquisite box that had been held all day. 

Li Fei Yan gently pushed the box towards Qin Shi Yue and smirked.
“I think General Qin has already known that our institute developed a safe zombie vaccine yesterday.”

Qin’s eyes darkened as he looked at the box in front of him.
In a cold voice, he said: “What do you mean?”

“We are willing to provide you with vaccines.” Li Fei Yan could hardly conceal the smugness in his voice. 

“What do you want?” Qin Shi Yue looked at Li Fei Yan who had a ferocious look on his face. 

Licking his lips excitedly, Li Fei Yan clenched his elegant hands saying, “It’s very simple.
I only want one person.”

Qin Shi Yue looked deeply at the crazy Li Fei Yan and his voice seemed to contain ice: “You want Ye Si Nian?”

In his mind, he was frantically planning how to carry out the experiment in Ye Si Nian.
He still hadn’t noticed the changes in the man opposite him and excitedly said: “Yes! I want him!”

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