t they would have a future.

Ye Si Nian held the man’s broad back as he suddenly filled with guilt.

Love is a mutual matter and unrequited love is too sad.

Is that why he’s so upset? It was just that his uneasiness was hidden under a strong self-confident exterior that he had not been aware of it, until now, when it abruptly hit him.

Thinking, Ye Si Nian patted Qin Shi Yue’s shoulder so that he could let go of him.

Qin Shi Yue while unwilling to let go, eventually and obediently did let go.

With his eyes, a bit moist and his ears turned red.
Ye Si Nian took off his ring and put it in Qin Shi Yue’s palm.
Coughing softly: “put it on for me.”

Qin Shi Yue dazedly stared at the silver ring in his palm.

“Hurry up!” Ye Si Nian angrily kicked him.
Staring at him threateningly with wide eyes.

The body was faster than his consciousness as Qin Shi Yue hurriedly grabbed Ye Si Nina’s left hand and puts the ring on his ring finger.

“All right” Ye Si Nian raised his chin slightly and glanced at his left hand with reserved eyes, it seemed no different but yet there was something different.

Qin Shi Yue responded and held Ye Si Nian’s hand again, his heart full of joy, he was also at a loss.
After calming down, he devoutly bowed his head and gave the ring a light kiss.
Ye Si Nian pursed his lips as he observed his movements, feeling the ring warmed by the man’s kiss.

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