His lover in front of him was taken by surprise, the slender phoenix eyes were round, looking at himself in surprise.

Seeing his rare expression of loss, Qin Shi Yue felt more alarmed in his heart.
He pursed his lips, stretched out his arm to pull his pale jade hand close and caress the sliver white ring.
The colour of his eyes became darker and darker, seeming to be brewing a silent storm.

What kind of special significance does wearing a ring in such a special position signify?

Qin Shi Yue’s eyebrow was furrowed as his panic grew.

Feeling the strength of the ring being rubbed, Ye Si Nian was startled and uncertain.
Looking at the man in front of him with his head hanging down and wondering what he was thinking, he asked tentatively, “Qin Shi Yue?”


The man in front of him was holding his hand with his head down.
His voice was low and full of loss? His broad shoulders seem to have collapsed.
The whole man seems to be wrapped in a low mood.
He looked like a big cat who had been abandoned by his master.

Ye Si Nian’s heart ached as if it had been stung by a needle.

His left hand was covered by the big hand.
And the other stroked his short hair.
Ye Si Nian smiled and kissed his forehead in his arms.
He asked: “Where do you want to go?”

Warm hands gently rub the back of his neck.
The arms were long and the warm body his lover, the breath full of refreshing taste his lover.
Qin Shi Yue slowly unfolds his eyebrows.

Under his palm was his man’s stubble.
Ye Si Nian’s expression became softer.
He pulled his ear and murmured, “this is not what you think!”

“Not from someone else’s?” Qin Shi Yue’s voice was muffled and his tone carefully probing with a hidden uneasiness.

“Have you ever given it?” Ye Si Nian turned his head and breathed onto Qin Shi Yue’s neck.

“…No”, the voice low and even the look in his eyes seemed to be rather dark.

“That’s not it!” With a helpless grip on his shoulder, Ye Si Nian he tried to open the distance in frustration, but his arm was sharply tightened by the keen Qin Shi Yue.
He could only keep the posture of being thrust into his arms.
He said angrily: “If you didn’t give it to me, who else would dare give it? This is my own thing.
It’s just fun to wear.”

After receiving the answer, Qin Shi Yue’s mood became better.
He still clung to Ye Si Nian and buried his head in his neck, his heart sweet and sour.

Beauty was in the eyes of the beholder.
In his eyes, Ye Si Nian was naturally good and he thought, how couldn’t someone love Ye Si Nian?

Men and women all over the world are rivals, ah! So when he saw the ring on his hand, it caused him to have such an alarm.

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