long time.
He felt his heart stinging: “Eat more, you are thin again.”

“…” Inexplicably, he was off-topic.
Ye Si Nian wanted to roll his he couldn’t help the sweetness overflowing in his heart.
Under Qin Shi Yue’s distressed eyes, he finally lowered his head to eat the whitefish in the bowl.

Qin Shi Yue lip’s twitched as he picked up another piece of fish concentrating on removing the bones.

My wife likes to eat fish, but he’s too lazy to pick the fish bones so he has to do it instead.

These little things gradually found out during daily life are obviously very he enjoys doing them.

As long as he could make this person smile, then no matter what the price, he would try his best.
What a fool!

Qin Shi Yue secretly scolded himself, but he smiles a little bit more in his eyes, carefully picking out every fishbone

Even if he was faint, he would still do it.

Suddenly, his finger became hot Ye Si Nian to blink in surprise as he raised his hand in suprise.

The simple silver-and-white ring was quietly around his ring finger, without any abnormality, just like his illusion just now.

What was going on?

“What’s that?”

Qin Shi Yue stared at his ring finger and revealed the sense of impending crisis.
The surprise in his eyes was even more obvious and he couldn’t help blurt out with some speculation already in his heart: “Can you see it?!”

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