hrough surveillance, although the means were a little indecent. 

It was undeniable that there was indeed a similar strange feeling…

Ye Si Nian withdrew his gaze as if he had not seen him and took Qin Shi Yue’s hand as they walked away.
He had no interest in provoking the middle-aged man who had just been given a green hat[1]

 [1] Cuckold. 

Qin Shi Yue’s eyebrows shook and his expression was also eerie, given that he just met father-in-law who was now wearing a green hat.
Strictly speaking, it was a very awkward meeting. 

Holding the hands of his beloved, Qin Shi Yue pursed his lips and chuckled. 

Although knowing that the two would not know what was going, still caused Ye Liu to be embarrassed to the extreme, Fortunately, his determination to maintain his normal expression without showing too much emotion had been firm.

Looking at their clasped hands, Ye Liu’s eyebrows wrinkled further and he was reminded again of the scene he had just seen and his face couldn’t help but be blackened again.

Lover cheats, now his son sells dog-food!.

Ye Liu took a deep breath and barely managed to suppress the anger in his heart.

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