Ye Liu’s expressionless and ineffectual face swept through his private parts, the tone unimaginably clam: “It’s not what I think it is? Isn’t the person who was high just now, not you?”

Li Fei Yan’s face was blank for a moment, his eyes filled with tears, shaking his head as if he was heartbroken: “ It’s not like that…”

Yang Jun, who was stunned, came back to his senses, hurriedly dragged the sheets to cover his frightened lower body.
He looked unsightly and scared: “Ye Liu…It was an accident…”

Ye Liu’s eyes were cold and sharp like a knife.
Yang Jun’s subconscious lie was getting lower and lower.
He has been with Ye Liu for many years, he has long understood the man’s ruthlessness.
Unfortunately, Li Fe Yan’s experiment was yet to be successful, so it wasn’t the right time to break away.
He couldn’t help but regret it.

However, since the matter has come to light and no explanation would be helpful, Yang Jun confronted Ye Liu’s face and hugged the crying Li Fei Yan.

“We are in love”.

“Oh?” Ye Liu sneered as if he just heard some big joke: “I didn’t know when you became true love”.

“It’s my fault”.
Liu smiled sarcastically and looked at the two people on the bed with disgust.
This shocked Li Fei Yan.

“My lover and my assistant rolled together and I didn’t even know.
I have truly been negligent.
By the way, it seems this has been going on for some time right? Why didn’t someone tell me? If you met me in a good mood, I’d probably give you a gift!”

After that, Ye Liu ignored Li Fei Yan was staring at him with a gaze, with a vicious voice he said, “You really disgust me!”

“ Liu!” Li Fei Yan stared in disbelief at Ye Liu’s back.
Tears fell as he felt an indescribable panic in his heart.
He looked at Yang Jun at a loss: “What to Liu doesn’t want to do…”

“You still have me!” Yang Jun expression was dark as held Li Fei Yan and gently comforted him: “It would have discovered sooner or later.
It’s just this time it was a bit ahead of schedule, it’s okay”.

“But Ye Liu doesn’t want me!” Li Fei Yan pushed Yang Jun away, shouting uncontrollably: “It’s all your fault! If you hadn’t seduced me, he wouldn’t have abandoned me!”

“Wake up!” Yang Jun snapped and slapped the demented Li Fei Yan and fiercely said: “He’s already done with you! I thought you wanted to get back at him! Now you’ve succeeded!”

Li Fei Yan sobered back to his senses and slowly calmed down, muttering: “ was the one that betrayed me first.

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