that we’re just fuck buddies having an affair.
Li Feiyan’s eyes are full of the pleasure of revenge, but his tone is regrettable: “Unfortunately, the Institute can’t do without me.”

“When the research is successful, we’ll be together forever!” Thinking of the bright future, Yang Jun was very excited: “At that time, you dumped Ye Liu, with a virus vaccine, no matter where there will be people trying to curry favor with us!” There’s no need to be bullied in this Jing City! “

“Yes!” Li Feiyan looked forward with a deep gaze and a mobid madness in his voice: “At that time, there will be no more holding back…”

Ye Liu… Yesnian…

One by one, he’ll get them back!


The curtains were closed, and in the dimly lit bedroom, groaning, sighing and body clashing sounds stopped at last.

Ye Sinian gasped and opened his eyes, pushed the man who was pressing on him, muttering hoarsely: “Heavy… to death…”

Qin Shiyue gave a low laugh, his face was full of vented relief, kissed his sweaty neck, touched his flexible waist with his big hand, heating everywhere he touched while murmured, “Once more, eh?”

“Do you want to kill me?” Ye Sinian stared at him.
His slender phoenix eyes were blurred by impassion tears and the upturned edges of his eyes were reddish.
His angry eyes were inviting.

“What a demon!” Qin Shiyue uttered a sincere exclamation, skillfully pressed and folded up the long legs, almost folding him in half, eagerly smashed the attractive red lips, exchanging a fierce kiss.

Ye Sinian grunted, enduring the strong impact of the man on his body.
His slender fingertips touched the man’s handsome features, his cold face was dyed with heat and infatuation.
It was obvious that he was very passionate.

Qin Shiyue looked deeply at his lover.
He never thought that he would love a person to this extent.

At the beginning, he was only interested in his character, which did not match the rumors.
Because he had a different understanding of the use of his abilities, he began to associate with him.
He wanted to figure out what his abilities were, so he distracted by observing him on his way to and at Qing Lan County.

After observing for a long time, you will find that his appearance is excellent, and when he laughs, his eyes seem to glow.
His brilliance makes people’s hearts skip a beat.
Occasionally, his disposition seems young, making people unable to help but shake their heads, laugh and feel happy.

He can still clearly recall the expressions and actions of the man when he killed the Level 4 zombie.
He was so strong and confident that he couldn’t help but grab the person who was shining and take it for himself.

But such a strong self-confidence, lets many people feel that they will never be afflicted by sadness, but finally only in his own arms, would his eyes redden and cry.

At that moment, he suddenly realized why he should strengthen himself, to firmly protect the frail young man in his arms, so that he would never be hurt again.

After close contact, every day his is always surprised by the youth.

If he lost him, he may go mad.

In Qin Shiyue’s eyes a trace of fear flashed, and his hands subconsciously tightly grasped the youth’s flexible waist.
The impacts became fiercer and the depth of penetration was deeper than before.

“Hey, bastard!” Ye Sinian shook his head impatiently, his lips opened wide and he gasped, his legs tightly twisted around Qin Shiyue’s strong waist.

Qin Shiyue gave a sultry laugh, his sexy jaw tightened, sweat slid down from his forehead due to the fierce movements, and dripped onto Ye Sinian’s forehead.

Ye Sinian raised his head sharply and bit him hard on the shoulder.

Qin Shiyue smile deepened as he caressed his lover’s back with one hand.
His movements became fiercer, almost lifting his lover up.

It’s like the two people were connected.

From afternoon till evening, Ye Sinian was then carried into the bathroom by Qin Shiyue.

Not only was it sex during the day, but it was also ridiculous to the point where the strong body of a person with abilities could not stand it.
Ye Sinian’s, whose face had already become thick, at this time couldn’t help blushing.

Looking hatefully at Qin Shiyue, who was smug and smirking, Ye Sinian couldn’t help saying, “Did you take the wrong medicine today?”

“It’s hard to get you out of the lab.
Of course, I have to grab the chance to eat enough!” Looking at the liquid flowing down between the thighs.
Leaking ambiguous traces of his lover, Yue’s eyes darkened and Qin Shiyue quickly retracted his sight.

“Tossing me till the now, I’m starving to death!” Ye Sinian kicked him and frowned.

After staying in the laboratory for so long, he planned to come out to satisfy his appetite, but he did not know that before he had finished his meal, he instead fed Qin Shiyue first.

Although it’s very pleasurable, it can’t be eaten as a meal.

“Rest assured, I heard Qin Ge say that Twilight Hue has added new dishes, I let him reserve a seat.” Qin Shiyue smiled and hugged his lover’s waist, stealing a kiss quickly.

Ye Sinian turned his eyes away, it was no wonder that this person had acted like a starving man.


Cao Jia, a beautiful young Cao Meng, pouts his mouth contemptuously and flips a pile of scattered pictures on the table with his slender fingers.

The photo is obviously a sneak shot.
On the large distinctive twilight hue bed, a tall man pressed the outstanding youth tightly under his swaying body.
Their postures were unrestrained and their expressions were very confused.
Just looking at the pictures made people’s heartbeat and blush.”He is only trash that is pushed down by people.
I thought he was a pure white lotus flower!” Cao Meng disdainfully retracted his hand.
“Ye Liu still regards him as innocent pure white moonlight in his heart! Today I’m going to tear off his mask.
I’ll see if he’s qualified to fight with me!”

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