Apocalypse counterattack Rebirth (Eight) 

The meeting ended unhappily after the vote for their plan to attack Yunfu city was overruled.


Yeliu purses his lips.
He feels defeated even when his heart was firm as his plan, which he had painstakingly thought out, was overruled.

After Qin Shiyue brought a horde of supplies back, not only has it relieved the shortage of supplies in the base, it has even ignited their hopes.

When the apocalypse suddenly outbreaks, the world was already in turmoil before they could take those large pile of supplies left in the city.
They didn’t hold any hopes for a chance to infiltrate through a zombie-filled city to collect the supplies, but the fact that Qin Shiyue was able to return safely let them see that hope.

When people heard the news of Ye Sinian killing a grade four zombie which would be threatening to many people, other ability teams were beginning to infiltrate into Qing Lan county, letting everyone benefit from the huge gain of supplies that they are planning to put their eyes on other cities.

Naturally, Yeliu wouldn’t let go of a chance like this because if they collect from other cities as well, they would gain a big profit from it.
This would also attract even more manpower to expand his influence.

He, by course, wouldn’t want to share this with any of his enemies, however, with those cities so full of zombies, it would be hard for him to get out unscathed based on his strength, don’t even talk about being able to search for even more valuable supplies then.

He was prepared for a daylight robbery (idiom) , yet he wasn’t prepared for his plan to be overruled by Qin Shiyue straightforwardly.

“According to the graphic projection from the satellite, Yunfu city has up to hundreds of third-grade zombies, with dozens of fourth-grade zombies, and six fifth-grade zombies, while there are at least a million low-grade zombies.
With the power on our hands, thinking about going to Yunfu is simply a laughable joke, no less than sending ourselves to death.”

Yeliu can still remember clearly the face Qin Shiyue made when he said that.
His face looked almost without emotions, but the overflowing ridicule he sensed was even more abhorrent.

He has prepared for so long, yet his information wasn’t even as detailed as the picture the other party casually tossed out, truly too humiliating.

“Uncle…” Li Feiyan follows behind Yeliu.
When he sees his tired face, he wants to speak but hesitates.

“Don’t worry, I’m alright.” Yeliu rubs his hair and comforts him, “You should go back first, I still have something to do.”

When Ye Sinian caused a ruckus on the stage, he has instantly lost many people’s trust as they believed if he is even willing to abandon his own son, his heart must be very cruel.
This caused people to be unwilling to join his team, leading to a decrease in his power when the armed forces under him were originally weak.
Also, with Qin Shiyue against him, it resulted in him being very hard to do something with his weak power, so that is why he staked his all in one throw to attack Yunfu city.

The intention to rip Ye Sinian is already there, but with the messy situation right now, he could only contact other forces in a sorry figure to seek cooperation to survive this temporary crisis.

He leaned towards his lover to kissed him and said, “We don’t have much time, your experiment…”

Hesitation flashes across Li Feiyan’s eyes.
He then said, “I will hasten it up so rest assure.”

“Okay.” Yeliu pats his shoulder.
When he sees his hesitation to speak he can’t help being concerned.
“Is there anything else?”

“…No.” Li Feiyan gives him a smile and shakes his head as he quickly cover up the disappointment in his eyes.


In a strictly guarded laboratory, Ye Sinian, wearing a white coat, is currently engrossed in researching the third-grade nucleus as he stands near the counter.

No matter if they are a zombie or an ability user, their brain all have one crystal nucleus.
This nucleus is their source of power so ability users and zombies can absorb those energy from the nucleus to replenish or advance to another level.
This means that the difference between ability users and zombies isn’t as big as what people think.

When ability users awaken their power, they would have a high fever while their nucleus is also forming.
It can be said that to unlock the secret to awaken their ability, nucleus is the most important key.
However, just the key is not enough.

Ye Sinian retrieves his gaze.
He massages his temple as he leans towards the counter tiredly.

With the information provided by the system and the rich experience and knowledge he has gained from reincarnating in hundreds of worlds, he has already comprehended about how to awaken that ability.

The laboratory has also gathered many experts and with some who has even succeeded in developing something to awaken that ability in the previous life

Even with all these to back it up, it wouldn’t be easy to quickly succeed.

Ye Sinian smiled when saw at a muscular man walking in from the laboratory door.

Qin Shiyue’s footsteps turns sluggish as he stares at the youth and his heart started to beat faster.

“Sinian.” A gentle smile lights up on Qin Shiyue’s face that has been expressionless all year round.
He walks towards Ye Sinian and naturally brings him into a hug.
Then he scrutinises Ye Sinian and touches his face in distress.
“Did you not eat diner again? Your complexion doesn’t look good.”

Ye Sinian innerly rolls his eyes and then slap his hand away.
He helplessly said, “I would be like this if I stay too long in the lab.”

“You doesn’t be too impatient so why not go outside for a walk? You have already been staying in the lab for a few months.
It might relax your mind and improve efficiency.
It’s just right that I have booked a place at Twilight Hues, shall we go then?” When Qin Shiyue sees his thin figure, he would feel overly pained .

Ye Sinian agrees that he has stayed too long in the laboratory.
He also cannot not give ‘someone’ no hope after rejecting them too many times.
With these in mind, he could only faintly nod his head.

Qin Shiyue was shocked as he was ready for a rejection.
He closely looks at Ye Sinian and speaks in a surprised tone, “You agreed?”

“What, you wished I didn’t?” Ye Sinian gently push himself out of his embrace and lean against the counter.

“How could I be!” Finding his embrace empty, Qin Shiyue’s heart missed a jump.
He quickly explain, “I’m only surprised! Right! Too surprised!”

Satisfied, Ye Sinian smiles.
He lifts his chin and said, “Why are you still standing there? Go.”


In a laboratory in the base, two women wearing white coats seemingly in a heated discussion stands in a deserted corridor.

The tall women glances left and right.
When she sees that nobody is around, she started talking in a jealous tone, “Did you know, the people under Young Master Ye have very good treatments! I heard not only are they provided food and a place to live in, they are given milk and eggs to eat everyday! Even the people in their family has been given jobs as well!”

“What! Really?” The women with a round face asked, astonished, “Every one of them has the same kind of pay?”

“This is only the lowest type of salary! The tall women said with envy, “You know my distant uncle is a doctor, right? He was nearly starved to death once, but now he has many shops opened in the base.
You see?”

“What? That can’t be!” The round faced women call out, “We’re all researchers, but why do they get better treatment than us?”

“It’s all to do with the person we follow!” The tall women point towards the sky with an unhappy expression, “He’s only Yeliu’s little lover but he thinks he’s amazing.
Isn’t only just using his looks? He doesn’t even have any ability but he’s still trying to seize everything.
See what he’s done with trying to kill the other researchers.
he should be satisfied now, talking in a one man show! (TLN: Meaning only one who decides things, no one can say otherwise.)”

Mochi’s Note

“Shush!” The round-faced women hastily slap her.
“You know his temper; the lab still has people locked up who has offended him before!”

“Don’t worry, he wouldn’t dare to!” The tall women smiled, “We’re people from Cao family after all.
Yeliu is still trying to fawn over our family, ne! I heard he even wants to connect by marriage with the third young mistress.
I think he’s going to meet the family head today?”

“Reasonable.” The round-faced women thought for a bit, then said, “But if Yeliu and third young mistress were to have a marriage, then wouldn’t that person…”

“He he, the third young mistress isn’t someone who’s easy to deal with, there would be fun to watch afterwards!”

” … “

Behind the corner, Li Feiyan grits his teeth tightly.
His expression was fierce as he clenches his teeth tightly.

He thought back to the day when he accidentally saw Yeliu and a beautiful women talking happily in the dinning room.
With his feelings in a deeper turmoil, Li Feiyan’s eyes was slowly tinting with red.

He was a person who has already died once.
He thought the only goal in his life was to get his revenge, but Yeliu walked into his life as his love as moved his heart.
However, what would it matter even when he was pledged undying love to him? He was only a traitor in the end!

He has worked day and night in the laboratory to help Yeliu.
Yet what has he done for him? He has been flirting with a women when he wasn’t there! He even wants to marry that women! He has betrayed his trust!


If not for Yeliu’s betrayal, he wouldn’t have drank alcohol with Yang Jun, and then wouldn’t have done that together with…

When Li Feiyan heard sounds of footsteps, he fiercely opened his eyes filled with hatred.

Ye! Liu!

You were the one who betrayed me first!


The night curtains falls, and lights shine extravagantly in the dark.

“Boss, why are you staring at me?” Ye Sinian put down his chopsticks and look at Qin Ge who has been sneakily looking at him nonstop.

Qin Shiyue fiercely glare at the unwelcome Qin Ge as their two person world has been destroyed.

Sensing this, Qin Ge froze.
He lightly cough and grasp a cup while smiling idiotically, “Nothing, I’m just a bit curious…” What kind of person has melted the thousand years old ice in his uncle’s heart.

“Curious?” Ye Sinian look at Qin Shiyue, “What’s to be curious about?”

“Ahem… Its, I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time so I feel excited when I finally see you!” Qin Ge subconsciously take a glance at his uncle.
He knew there would be bad consequences for him afterwards.
“Do you know about the matters between Yang Jun and Li Feiyan?”

“What matter? Say!” Ye Sinian can sense the undercurrent between them so he impatiently kick Qin Shiyue’s leg under the table.

Qin Shiyue never talks about matters related to Ye family as he was afraid of making Ye Sinian unhappy.
He stare daggers at Qin Ge.

Qin Ge: ” … ” Granddad, grandma, help me! QAQ

“Ahahah, I suddenly thought of something I need to do.
I wouldn’t bother you guys then!” Qin Ge suddenly stand up and go for the door as he speak.
He even forgot to put the cup down.


 ” … ” Qin Shiyue glare at the door as if he was disappointed that iron didn’t turn into steel. (Idiom: feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations+impatient to see improvement.) He then meet with Ye Sinian’s gaze, seemingly wanting to say something.

“Don’t want to say?” Ye Sinian narrow his eyes and raise his chin.

“Of course not!” Qin Shiyue immediately explains, “Gin Ge found out Li Feiyan and Yang Jun had a night together at Twilight Hues, so he told me.”

“Really?” Ye Sinian widen his eyes in surprise, “Are you sure? And not Li Feiyan and Yeliu?”

“Certain.” Qin Shiyue frown in conflict.
However, he did not feel ashamed for selling out his nephew, but feel that this matter is slightly awkward.
“That’s why Qin Ge told it to me.”


Ye Sinian also feels conflicted, “Li Feiyan made Yeliu wear a green hat?” But that’s not supposed to happen!

According to the original world plot, Yang Jun and Li Feiyan may appear slightly ambiguous together but most of it were only from Yang Jun’s one sided love towards Li Feiyan; Li Feiyan and Yeliu should only be the true pair!

How could they possibly get together?

In the past life, Yang Jung was strong but not as strong as Yeliu.
How could he still be able to be with Li Feiyan when his ability has been crippled?

…Could it be that Li Feiyan like the weak type?

Main characters are hard to understand after all!

Aware that he has imagined some incredible things, Ye Sinian hiss as if his teeth ache.
He quickly drink from the red wine to relief his jolting mood.

Qin Shiyue accidentally glances at his lips and his heart nearly jump out.
Ye Sinian’s lips which moistened with the red wine.
The ambiguous light reflecting on it seems to be trying to lure him to bite it.

Ye Sinian snaps out of his thoughts and wanted to change the topic to something better when he feels an intense gaze that made him stop and smile.
He stuck his tongue out and lick the wine off his lips.
He watches Qin Shiyue with half-open, seducing eyes.

Damn it!

Qin Shiyue cursed inside when he felt his lower body starting to tighten.
He quickly drinks a mouthful of wine to somewhat suppress the dryness in his mouth.

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