Apocalypse counterattack Rebirth (Seven) 

The thick fog slowly disperse.
The spectators can finally clearly see everything on the stage; it was a sight that made all quiet.


They saw Ye Sinian expressionlessly standing in the same place with both hands inserted in his pockets.
Rather than saying he was competing on the stage, it looks more like he is watching a boring movie being played.

On the contrary for Yang Jun, they saw the strong ability user has been unknowingly blasted to the fringe of the stage.
laying half dead in a pool of water, spurting out blood nonstop.

Qin Shiyue’s position was very close to the stage.
His pair of glistening eyes closely stares that the youth on the stage with admiration brimming in his heart.

He knew he was strong all along, but he never knew he was strong to this extent! With only a few gestures, he was able to defeat one of the strong fighters easily, simply unimaginable!

Instantly, something seems to be filling in his heart.
It was indescribable; he could only gawk stupidly at that perfect side view of the youth.

He must have that person!

Qin Shiyue deeply breathed, his eyes burning with determination.

There were originally people who were still doubting Ye Sinian’s ability, but now, who would dare randomly say a thing?

The audience was briefly quiet, suddenly, world-shaking cheers erupted

The judge turned startled.
His eyes glance at Yang Jun lying half dead on the stage with shock and looked at Yeliu below the stage who has an ugly expression on.

He was only a tiny, tiny worker.
Although his strength his okay, when he is faced with this kind of situation, he doesn’t have the confidence.

Thus, he would naturally request for Yeliu’s opinion.

However, how would Ye Sinian give him the chance?

He glanced at the judge, and blandly asked him, “Can you announce the result now?”

“Of, of course!” The judge’s whole body grew cold because of that his expressionless eyes, so didn’t dare to harbour any ideas again.
He hastily nods his head, then announced loudly, “End of competition, Ye Sinian wins!”

The whole crowd once again screams in piercing cheers.

Yang Jun bitterly smile.
Thinking about how he was extremely proud when he mentioned the bet before has made his face burn in scorching heat as if someone had viciously slapped him a few dozen times.
Truly life is better than death.

Ye Sinian stared at Yeliu’s direction, his lips suddenly raised.

Meeting his gaze, Yeliu and Li Feiyan’s heart rapidly beat as sudden bad premonition grew.

They wanted to prevent this, but before they could, they saw Ye Sinian gradually taking out a piece of paper.

He opened it, and various different reactions came from the spectators

He opened it, and the active spectators all quietened down.

He gestures for everyone to be quiet and the active spectators all quietened down.
The stage has now regained its silence as they all stared at Ye Sinian who obviously has some words to say.

“This is mine and Yang Jun’s betting contract.”

Ye Sinian slightly shakes the piece of paper.
The words he said are even more terrifying, “The one who loses has to leave Ye family, forever not returning.”

He paused, kindly let the people have enough time for some reaction time, as the smile on his lips is growing brighter, “Since I have won……”

“Shut up!” Yeliu suddenly stands up and glares at Ye Sinian with eyes that seem as if he would come up and bite people.

Standing next to him, Li Feiyan’s chest was heaving heavily, clearly having being angered too much.

“This contract is clearly written on a paper.
Is father deciding to let Yang Jun shoulder this humiliation for not abiding by the agreement?” Ye Sinian raised his eyebrows in surprise,

“Assistant Yang has worked his hardest for Ye family so how can you do something as immoral as this!” Li Feiyan severely criticizes him as if he had done something gravely unacceptable.

“This contract was prepared by this Assistant Yang who worked his utmost for Ye family.” Ye Sinian ridiculed as he looks at him, “He wanted to kick me out of Ye family, but why would I let an outsider do that?”

“As if Yang Jun is an outside!” Li Feiyan is simply too furious.
He hated it the most when he sees this Ye Sinian always calling him an outsider while wearing that taunting smile of his.
How could always bear it? So he exploded with the new hatred added to the old hatred that he simply forgot where he is.
He points his finger at him while hurling curses at him, “You’re the outsider so what rights do you have to say others!”

Ye Sinian immediately freezes, foolishly opening his mouth without much of a response.
He looks at the furious Li Feiyan with disbelieve, then at the indifferent Yeliu.
The rims of his eyes start to turn red.

Qin Shiyue gripped his hand tightly, too tight that it crushed the crystal nucleus he habitually held to powder.
However, he was unaware of this, only gnashing his teeth while looking at the stunned youth, looking at him trying hard to badly conceal his emotions, looking at his deep red eyes filled with loss and helplessness.
His heart boils with unsuppressible pain.

Ye Sinian gawks blankly at his own father leaning close to his little lover to comfort him.
Yet, he was completely disregarded, not even giving a glance at his own son.

He gnashes his teeth in grief, “I already knew you didn’t see me pleasing to the eyes, but I never knew you actually think of me as an outsider!”

“Who do you think you are!” Because of that pair of taunting eyes, Li Feiyan was angered to death.
He didn’t care about Yeliu trying to prevent him and shrieks, “You’re just merely a vile thing born from that whore! Uncle never cared about you!”

Ye Sinian’s pupils shrink.
He looks at Li Feiyan hugging Yeliu with disbelief, however, he seems as if he has finally understood something clearly, making him purse his lips as the hope and expectation in his eyes diminished.
Suddenly, he murmurs with realization, “Father, it can’t be that this contract was set by you……”

His voice was getting lower and lower. The youth on the stage lowers his head vacantly as if he was a child who couldn’t find his way home.
It was a sight that made people feel sore.

Yeliu simply did not hear clearly what Ye Sinian had mumbled as he was focused on tightly hugging his lover who was struggling nonstop.
However, this doesn’t mean that others didn’t hear clearly; they heard him no doubt.

Although they couldn’t quite hear what he said at the end, what these people, who have the attitude of watching the commotion, didn’t lack was imagination. They have, of course, naturally patched it with a big drama rich in gratitude, grudges, and hatred.
Only thing was, they hated how they couldn’t speed back home and let this bomb out on the forum to properly let them have their fun.

Even if some of them were not to watch the bustle, they are also deeply feeling pity for the apparently sad youth on the stage.
On the contrary, they feel dissatisfaction to this heartless person who was an unsympathetic and extremely cruel parent.

Yeliu comforts his lover while quickly thinking of a way to solve this problem.

Li Feiyan can forget about his place.
but he can’t.
He was unwilling to destroy the reputation he has painstakingly built, so this matter has to be properly settled.

Since Ye Sinian and Yang Jun has signed the contract, he can ultimately only leave behind one person.

Everyone knows Yang Jun is his trusted aide.
Regardless of the consequence.
in the people’s eyes, he can’t abandon him.
Otherwise, wouldn’t the subordinates under him lose their loyalty?

Luckily, he doesn’t have any feelings for this child.
Although the display of his ability is out of his expectation, compared to the power gathered from his subordinates, this couldn’t be counted as much.

After making his decision, Yeliu’s face turns cold.
His burning gaze looks at the broken-hearted Ye Sinian and coldly speaks, “Ye Sinian, do you know your wrongs?”

“What wrongs have I done?” Ye Sinian dully raised his head.
HIs eyes were red and his heart was turned to dust.
“Father, you are merely making an excuse to drive me away…….”

Yeliu was stumped.
He was surprised how Ye Sinian knew his intention.
He saw the pale youth tugged his lips into a distressed smile, “Since it is like this, I will be ashamed if I hang on to here and not go away.
Don’t worry, Mr Ye, I will immediately leave Ye family, forever not bothering Mr Ye and Li Feiyan’s life for two.”

With this, the sorrowful youth closed his eyes, a few tears silently fall down.

People have a more good impression on people who look good.
and towards weaker people, they would treat them with bias.
When they saw the good-looking youth is depressed, how could they stand it?

The head of Ye family was too ruthless! He actually forced his own son out of the house for his own lover!

The image of Ye Sinian easily defeating Yang Jun is still vivid in everyone’s mind.
Who doesn’t want a son as filial, good-looking, and strong as this? However, Yeliu wants to kick him out of the house?

Although the darkest of all era is the apocalypse, most people were only forced to be cruel, yet, Yeliu isn’t even willing to raise a child when his influence is great.
Does he even have human nature left in him?

The endless whispers of the spectators transmit to Yeliu’s ears, instantly making his face turn even uglier.

Just as he was about to take actions, his lover tugged at his sleeves.

“Let him leave!” Li Feiyan’s eyes were very red.
His eyes were filled with determination as he looked at Yeliu.

Yelu knew his lover and Ye Sinian doesn’t get along harmoniously.
Although he only wants to save his own image, with Li Feiyan’s mood right now, he wouldn’t gain any benefits if he says anything.
With this in mind, he didn’t speak.

The pale youth persists as he walked off the stage, seemingly heartbroken, he was even wobbling as he walks.

Suddenly, a big figure appears beside him.
He wraps Ye Sinian up in his embrace carefully as if he was holding the most precious treasure.

Qin Shiyue frowns deeply as he softly speaks, “Don’t be sad, you have me.”

Ye Sinian powerlessly leans into his embrace, burrowing his pale face into his shoulder.
Everyone would feel distressed when they see him like this.

Qin Shiyue’s heart squeezed tightly as he felt hot tears landing on his shoulder.

He fiercely glares at the two hugging each other, Yeliu and Li Feiyan.
Qin Shiyue restrains the desire to kill as he softly pats Ye Sinian’s back while softly saying, “We are leaving this place.”

Ye Sinian weakly nods his head while staying in the same position of hugging his neck.

Seeing how a people strong, willful and full of confidence is now as dejected as this is making him feel anger and distress.
Qin Shiyue only hates how he couldn’t slowly cut off the flesh of the people who have harmed him.

However, he is not a reckless person.
He knew he can’t do anything when people are watching.
He could only support the person and bring him out while he suppresses the bloodthirst for now.

Yang Jun, who was lying in the bloody pool, once again spurts out blood.
His ability has been crippled so he is now in a very vulnerable state.

Despite this, he struggles to turn his head and move his bloodshot eyes, his sight landing on the two, Yeliu and Li Feiyan, hugging each other with their back facing him.

He can only face it that his ability has been crippled.
If he was to be rejected by the Ye family, his future would only be very miserable!

He must leave Ye family if he wants to live nicely.

Yang Jun vomits out blood again, making his face even more ashen.
His eyes that was once filled with gentleness is now flowing with darkness.

“General Qin, what’s the meaning of this!” His voice is flowing with extreme anger even if he was trying his best to suppress it.

Yeliu’s gaze gloomily focuses on Qin Shiyue sitting opposite him at the conference table.

“What what meaning?” Qin Shiyue’s dark eyes deeply bore him into Yeliu.
His said with a dull tone, “This is the best plan for the base.”

“We were already preparing for that long, yet why are you not agreeing!” Li Feiyan, who was sitting in the secretary seat behind Yeliu, couldn’t resist asking.

He really doesn’t see this Qin Shiyue pleasing to the eyes.
Before, his impression of him was that he has the pure personality of a soldier, never had he thought this person can be this sinister because of a person.
Not only did the shelter that homeless dog, he even swallowed a big part of the base’s power, added that he originally has troops under him, it made him stronger than them.

Li Feiyan’s face turns malicious when he thought about Ye Sinian.

He originally thought that if he doesn’t have Ye family’s protection, his days would be very miserable afterwards.
Perhaps he might even die in a pile of zombies someday.
Yet! Never would he imagine

He originally thought that if he doesn’t have Ye family’s protection, his days would be very miserable afterwards.
Perhaps he might even die in a pile of zombies someday.
Yet! Never would he imagine that Ye Sinian would join hands with a person who never meddles in the base’s affair—Qin Shiyue! Every day, he’s just holed up in a heavily guarded laboratory.
He’s even living better than before now!

He was reborn to take his revenge, but his enemy is now living his days nicely, how can he endure his anger?

He only needs to succeed in his vaccine research and the whole world would revere him in gratefulness.
After that, what does Qin Shiyue in a tiny Jing city count as?

Qin Shiyue indifferently sweeps Li Feiyan a glance while suppressing his emotions, only that his wicked intentions are still leaking out.
He cruelly smiles inwardly.

Yeliu is growing more degenerated the more he lives.
He shoved his good son away and instead, exhaust himself to fawn on this poisonous trash.

This trash keeps using excuses of slaughtering ability users to eliminate enemies while catching those who have offended him to be test subjects.
Is this really as the rumours had said?  A simple and good person?

Yeliu has been blinded by beauty that he is not able to clearly judge his partner.
Serves him right he doesn’t even know he has been wearing a green hat.

When he thought of the scene he accidentally saw on a certain day, his mouth hooks into a malicious smile.

Yeliu must’ve never thought the lover he loves dearly is together with his very much loyal confidant, right?

Yang Jun is a ruthless person too.
Even when Sinian has crippled his ability he is still able to stubbornly hang on to life.
Although he has become a normal person, his methods are quite impressive as he is still Yeliu’s assistant.

Although it seems like Yang Jun used underhanded tricks at the start, what does it matter even if there are ulterior motives since they are already together? Moreover, they have already given the ignorant Yeliu the green hat many times.

It is still Ye Sinian who is better!

Qin Shiyue lifted the teacup to hide the insuppressible smile on him.

A house with a wife means no regret.
The ancients truly have not deceived him.

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